World Mission Sunday – 30th in Ordinary Time

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every Catholic Parish around the world supporting missionaries in different parts of the world alongside communities that are poor or in need. You can read more in the Mission magazine .There are some envelopes with the usual fund raising details or you may find it easier to make your gift on line Each year we support the Missions in the following ways:

  • World Mission Sunday Collection
  • The Missio Red Boxes
  • The annual appeal from one of the Missionary Orders
  • The Diocesan Missionary Endeavour Collection

There are some ted boxes if you would like to take one. They are emptied every quarter

The Relics of St Bernadette

These are in the Diocese until Monday afternoon. Live streaming available.

Sacramental Preparation

Application forms for Holy Communion and Confirmation are in the entrance to the church.

Art Exhibition

There is an art exhibition in our hall on Saturday 29th October from 1030. All are welcome.

Happy Half Term!

Happy half-term to all families and school staff!

Changing Times

Please remember that the clocks go back one hour next weekend at 2am next Sunday 30th October.

Mass Schedule

  • 23 October Mission Sunday Mass 10am
  • 26 October Wednesday St Chad & St Cedd Mass 9.30am For George Walker
  • 27 October Thursday Funeral Mass for Fr Michael Perry 12noon St Joseph’s Guildford
  • 28 October 9:30 am Friday St Simon & St Jude Int – Peter Hayhurst RIP
  • 30 October Sunday 31st in Ordinary Time Mass 10am

From Psalm 33

The Lord hears the cry of the poor
Blessed be the lord.
Let the lowly hear and be glad,
The lord listens to their plea
And to hearts broken he is near
for he hears the cry of the poor