Bishop Richard’s Podcast 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Arundel and Brighton – Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

The Mass for the diocese on the 28th July was not screened live because of a technical issue. It is now available by following this link.

Face Coverings At Mass

From being encouraged last Sunday (26th July) the wearing of face masks becomes mandatory from Saturday 8th August – enforceable by law. This is another way we are being responsible for not receiving or spreading the virus.

Social Distanced Seating

Now that more people are returning to Sunday Mass the number of chairs has been increased. You will find that they are carefully arranged in groups of one, two, or three at measured distances. Please do not rearrange them.


The Catholic Bishops responsible for Healthcare and Life issues have released a paper providing clarity and assurances on the moral issues surrounding vaccination and to encourage Catholics to commit to protecting the most vulnerable in society. More information on this important subject can be found by following this link.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 2nd August 10 am – for the people of the parish
  • Tuesday 4th August 10 am – (St John Vianney) – Terrence Sweeney RIP (Foundation Mass)
  • Thursday 6th August 10 am – (The Transfiguration of The Lord) Charles Bernard Hull RIP
  • Friday 7th August 10 am – (St Cajetan) – The Holy Souls
  • Sunday 9th August 10 am (19th Ordinary Time)

100 + Club

Members are now being invited to join this parish fundraising activity for the 2020-21 year. The subscription is £30 per annum. During the year there are normally some social events when the draws take place. Please make your cheques payable to STM 100+ Club. They may be brought to church or popped through the letterbox of no. 14 Church Close. Thank you for joining.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (26th July 2020)

Arundel and Brighton Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

This is usually the time when the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes happens. Please visit the special website created for this event.

You will see from the list of Events how you can take part Bishop Richard celebrates the opening Mass this Saturday evening at 7pm. On Sunday there will be Rosary at 2 pm and Mass from the Grotto at 4 pm – this will be repeated each day. You will read in the programme events for young people and also some for primary age children. It is a good time to bring your intentions in prayer.

New Directive – Face Coverings

We have been strongly advised to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces where there are people we do not normally meet – such as a church. Masks should now also be worn in shops.

Caritas Social Action Network

This network known as CSAN is the national Catholic agency which brings together 48 Catholic charities. Their website (click here) provides material and information on a wide range of social ministries and introduces the roles of charities. Please take time to visit their website.

Useful Websites

Please do take time to visit this section of our website (click here). Your attention is drawn this week to the Pray As You Go website which provides a daily 10 minute prayer and reflection.

This Week’s Masses

  • Wednesday 29th July – 10 am
  • Friday 31st July – 10 am
  • Sunday 2nd August 10 am

Saints of the Week

  • St Martha – with Mary and Lazarus close friends of Jesus (Wednesday 29th July)
  • St Peter Chrysologus – Peter of the Golden Words and believer in short sermons (Thursday 30th July)
  • St Ignatius of Loyola – founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuit Order) and prayer guide for so many -please do remember to visit Pray As You Go (Friday 31st July)
  • St Alphonsus Ligouri – moral theologian founder of the Redmptorist Order and author of our Spiritual Communion Prayer (Saturday 1st August)

Parish Finance

Our diocesan church family, in the care of Bishop Richard Moth, includes 74 parishes across Sussex and Surrey with 91 priests and 81 schools. We are very grateful for your support. When donating through the diocese’s Just Giving web page please remember to include the name of our parish with your offering.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (19th July 2020)

Arundel and Brighton Virtual Pilgrimage

See this page for the different activities that are taken place during this year’s unique virtual pilgrimage.

Mass times for the forthcoming week

  • Sunday July 19th – 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday July 22nd – 10 a.m.
  • Friday July 24th – 10.a.m.

CAFOD / Disasters Emergency Committee Coronavirus Appeal

Please visit the website and consider making a donation to some the most vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saints of the forthcoming week

  • Wednesday 22nd July – Saint Mary Magdalen – The Apostle to The Apostles, witness to The Crucifixion and The Empty Tomb
  • Thursday 23rd July – Saint Bridget of Sweden – mother of eight, founder of a religious order, worked for the return of the papacy from Avignon to Rome
  • Friday 24th July – Saint Sharbel (Charbel) Makhlouf – Lebanese monk and priest.
  • Saturday 25th July – Saint James the Apostle – son of Zebedee and one of the inner group of three apostles along with Peter and John

Our Gratitude

St Bernadette’s bids farewell to Sarah Clayton as she concludes her time as Interim Headteacher and returns to St Mary’s Portslade. Children and parents thank her for her energetic and creative contribution to the school.

Dr James Kilmartin, Principal of Cardinal Newman Catholic School, retires from this post. He has been exemplary in his contribution to Catholic Education over many years. We all thank him for his strong leadership , commitment and witness to the Church’s Mission to the education of  Young People. The motto of the school – Caritas -Loving Service – expresses what he has endeavoured to achieve. In the words of the Latin phrase – Ad Multos Annos

May you enjoy your retirement for a long time!

BBC Radio 4 to broadcast ‘A Word for All Seasons’

As the ‘God Who Speaks‘ Scripture initiative is extended through 2021 to take into account the cancellation of many non-digital events planned for this year, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme (19th July 08:10) comes from Yorkshire and focuses on a special Bible-focused service “A Word for All Seasons”.

Our Diocesan Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic this year’s actual pilgrimage to Lourdes has been cancelled. Read about the virtual pilgrimage that is taking place by following this link.

Dominic Dring and Simon South talk about their ordination to the Permanent Diaconate this coming Tuesday (14th July)

Read more on this story by following this link.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (12th July 2020)

Ordination to the Priesthood

This Saturday afternoon Bishop Richard will confer the Holy Order of Priesthood on Deacon Tom Kent in Arundel Cathedral at 3 p.m. This will be a unique moment in that you will be able to participate by following the live-stream on YouTube (click here) or the Cathedral’s website (click here) and witness the call to serve as priest in the Church of Arundel & Brighton. We pray for Deacon Tom, his parents and those who have accompanied him to this moment. You can read his own thoughts by following this link.

Mass in St Thomas More’s

24 parishioners attended Mass last Sunday following the new directives. There will be Mass for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time this Sunday 12th July at 10 a.m.

This Week’s Other Saints

  • Saint Henry – Holiness is possible in a busy life. It is in doing our work that we become saints.
  • Saint Bonaventure – Franciscan, theologian, known as the ‘Seraphic Doctor‘ i.e. a spiritual guide with the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi

Our Website

If you are reading this then you already know about our website but please share it with family and friends as much as possible!

For those who are sick

Please hold in your prayers those who are unwell at home or in hospital – Rita Smith, Mgr. Barry Wymes, and Fr. Tony Collins.

Fr John Healy RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr John Healy who was parish priest of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid, Selsey. Fr John was found dead by one of his parishioners. Please also for those who mourn him especially the parishioners of Selsey.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for today (5th July – the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time)

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter for Mass – Sunday 5th July

Please click below to read this pastoral letter. We will be able to view a video of this from Saturday afternoon.

Notices for the week beginning Sunday 5th July

  • Sunday – Mass at 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday – Mass at 10 a.m.
  • Thursday Mass for NHS workers and those who are sick from Liverpool Cathedral 7 p.m. Click here
  • Saturday – Mass at 10 a.m.

Saints for the week beginning 5th July

“Apply for settled status as soon as possible!” Bishop urges European citizens who have made their home in the UK.

Please click here to read the whole of this article.

Guidance For The Celebration Of Mass Based On Government Guidance And Present Directives

There will be Mass at our church at 10 a.m. on Sunday 5th July. To maintain Social Distancing the seating in the Church has been modified. Chairs are grouped in 1s or 2s and otherwise for families. Stewards (under 70s) will direct you. At the end of Mass you are asked to place the chair on the floor so that the cleaning team can disinfect them. Placing the chairs more closely would require the wearing of face coverings.

  • No Mass cards or other items which can be picked up are available
  • The reader is to wear single use gloves, not to touch the lectionary except to turn a page
  • There may be a brief Homily.
  • There are no Bidding Prayers
  • Your Offering may be placed in the basket on the table. There is no Offertory Procession
  • Remain standing until after the Consecration, Bow and sit down after the Acclamation
  • As the priest is about to receive Holy Communion he says The Body of Christ to which all reply AMEN
  • Similarly with the Chalice The Blood of Christ and all answer AMEN
  • Approach single file socially distanced, stretch out your hands to receive the host (We will already have made our Prayer Amen)
  • Please depart immediately after the dismissal so that the church can be cleaned

Bishop Richard’s Podcast on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Our church will be open for personal prayer

  • Tuesday 30th June 10 am – 11 am
  • Friday 3rd July 10 am – 11 am

Archbishops’ Letter on Resumption of Collective Worship

Please read this letter which can be found here.

From Fr. John

Celebration of Mass Directives have now been received enabling us to celebrate Mass on Sunday 5th July. By happy chance this is the Sunday we observe the the dedication of our church and our patron Saint Thomas More. The celebration will begin at 10 am. There will be detailed instructions next week. May I invite you to spread this through your social networks?

Help Needed

Of necessity we need to reconfigure the seating in church and this means stacking chairs and kneelers to comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements. Could we have a team to meet in church this Wednesday (1st July) at 7pm? Thank you.

Fr John

Mass for the sick and their families, NHS and other healthcare professionals

This Thursday 2nd July Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop John Wilson from Saint George’s Cathedral in Southwark at 7 pm. Please visit this link shortly before it starts.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – 12th Sunday of the Year

Day for Life – Sunday 21st June

This Sunday is the annual Day for Life in England and Wales. You can visit the official website for this event by clicking here. Bishop John Sherrington recently made a statement about this year’s event which is discussed on this web page.

Opening of Our Church for Private Prayer

It is hoped that consent will have been given for the church to be opened this Friday 26th June between 10 a.m and 11 a.m. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel has been arranged for social distancing and you will need to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving. Since cleaning has to take place after the session you are requested to stay within the limited area and not touch any statues or furniture. The hall and toilets are closed. If you have any symptoms (coughs, etc.) please continue your prayer at home. Further opportunities will be added when stewards can be appointed.

Mass for the sick and their families, NHS and other healthcare professionals

This Thursday’s Mass comes from Norwich Cathedral and will be celebrated by Bishop Alan Hopes at 7pm. Please visit this website shortly before 7pm.

Vulnerable Families

If you are aware of any who are struggling please phone Fr John on 01273 563017 – a charitable trust is making supermarket vouchers available.

Saints of the Week

From Fr John

This Sunday is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of of Our Lord and we would normally be celebrating with Mass and Holy Communion. For a little longer we can make our Spiritual Communion by which we meet up with Jesus. Hopefully, it will not be much longer before we can meet up for our Sunday Mass. Sometime next week the church will be open at set times for private prayer once a number of requirements have been met. We have a four page set of directives to follow before we can open e.g. stewards, cleaners, risk assessments, provision of markings etc.! Please do email me with your suggestions for times when we could open for prayer. Be assured that at Mass, which I celebrate every day, I pray for you and your families. In particular, this Sunday, we give thanks for our fathers and for our schools which will be partially opening on Monday.

God bless,

Fr John

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for Corpus Christi

Thursday Mass for the Sick and the NHS 7pm 18th June from Birmingham Cathedral

This Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Longley. Please click here shortly before 7pm.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols celebrates Mass from Westminster Cathedral

This Sunday at 8:10 am. Please click here.

This Week’s Feasts

Tuesday – St Richard of Chichester – Patron of Sussex

St Richard’s Prayer

Thanks be to thee, O Lord Jesus Christ for all the benefits thou hast given us. For all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us. O Most Merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother, may we know thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, and follow thee more nearly, day by day. Amen

Friday – The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for Trinity Sunday

Bishops stand in solidarity with US sisters and brothers as they challenge the evil of racism and the brutal killing of George Floyd

Please click here for further details

Thursday Mass for the Sick and the NHS 7pm 11th June from Nottingham Cathedral

Please click on this link shortly before 7pm on Thursday.

Saints of the week

Tuesday -St Columba (Colmcille) -native of Donegal,Monk of Iona.

Thursday -St Barnabas . Associate of St Paul and introduced him to St Peter

Saturday -St Anthony of Padua -Native of Lisbon,he became a Franciscan, inspirer of the St Anthony’s Bread Fund for the Poor, invoked as the finder of lost things

Trinity Sunday

Christian Revelation has discerned the very essence of God – a Trinity of Persons whose relationship is love itself, and that love spills over into creation and invites all who recognise it to share in that very life of love. Do read Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word and follow the live-streaming of Mass.

Firmly I believe and truly

God is three, and God is one,

and I next acknowledge duly

manhood taken by the Son

Hymn of St John Henry Newman

Sunday Lectionary – Year A St Matthew’s Gospel

Weekday Lectionary -Year 2 Week 10

Fr John writes…

A Joyful Pentecost filled with energy and faith as we experience the Gift of the Holy Spirit!

Hymn to the Holy Spirit

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Melt us, mould us , fill us, use us.

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – Pentecost Sunday

In times of darkness

This prayerful, meditative reflection comes from Fr James Hanvey SJ, former Master of Campion Hall, Oxford and currently serving in Rome at the Jesuit Curia.

National Rosary Rally – Pentecost Sunday (31st May)

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to pray the Rosary in their family homes during the month of May, especially when the Pandemic is making us aware of the value of our families and making it possible for us to pray together in lockdown at home. Our diocese has been chosen for the first slot which begins at 9 a.m. More information can be found here.

Masses for the Sick, Families, NHS Staff and Care Workers

Next Thursday, Mass will be celebrated by the Bishop of Salford, Bishop John Arnold at 7 pm. Please click on this link shortly before 7pm.

Our parish is so grateful for your continued support

Without a weekly collection taking place you can continue making your regular donations using the diocese’s Just Giving Page – when donating please remember to specify St Thomas More, Brighton as the intended parish. Please click here. Many thanks to those parishioners who donate by Standing Order – this is much appreciated

Pentecost Novena – between Ascension and Pentecost

For more information, please click here.

Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. on the significance of Pentecost

A Message From Fr John

Dear Parishioners,

These in-between days from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost Sunday give us an opportunity to be alert and ready for the renewal of the Holy Spirit. To help there is a Novena with ideas for each day (please click here). Pray for a reawakening of Faith for our lives and continue to pray for each other.

May God bless you,

Fr John

Masses for the Sick, Families, NHS Staff and Care Workers

Next Thursday (28th May) Mass will be broadcast from Middlesbrough Cathedral at 7pm. Please visit its YouTube channel here just before 7pm.

The law is changing about organ donation

The Bishops of England and Wales have issued guidance on this issue which can be found here.

World Communications Day 2020

This Sunday is World Communications Day, the theme this year is ‘That you may tell your children and grandchildren’ (Exodus 10:2) More details can be found here.

Deanery Clergy Zoom Meeting

The last meeting went well and there will be another one this Tuesday

Recommended viewing

From Sussex Heights in Brighton Peregrine Falcons and chicks

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 6th Sunday of Easter – 17th May 2020

Thursday 21st May – Mass for the NHS at 7pm

This Thursday is the feast of The Ascension – Mass will be livestreamed from Shrewsbury Cathedral and be celebrated by Bishop Mark Davies. Further details can be found by clicking on this link.

Cardinal Nichols on the re-opening of churches for private prayer

Cardinal Nichols was interviewed recently on Radio Four – the transcript of this interview can be found here.

Laudato Si recently turned five

Pope Francis has invited people around the world to participate in Laudato Si’ week 16th -24th May, and take action to care for our common home. Visit the diocesan website at 2pm on Monday to find out what steps our diocese is taking to combat the climate crisis. Click here.

In other news

The clergy of the Brighton and Hove Deanery recently met on Zoom!

Monday marks the feast of Saint Dunstan, monk of Glastonbury, Archbishop of Canterbury Patron of Goldsmiths and Metal workers.

On Friday we celebrate the feast of Saint Rita of Casica – ‘with Christ and like Christ, goes to the cross always and only through love’ – St John Paul II.

In memoriam – please pray for the repose of the soul of Dom Bede Hill of Worth Abbey who passed away on Sunday 10th May. You can read more about his life by clicking on this link here.

Thursday 14th May – Pope calls for this day to be a day of fasting, prayer and good works for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic

Bishop backs Pope’s call for day of prayer

See the full article here

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 5th Sunday of Easter (10th May 2020)

Praying the Rosary during May – a reminder

Pope Francis has encouraged all Catholics to pray the rosary during the month of May as is traditional but has also asked for special prayers to be added. More details on Pope Francis’ request and the extra prayers please follow this link. For more information on saying the Rosary you can follow this link.

Weekly Mass for those who are sick at this time and carers

This week’s Mass will be from Newcastle Cathedral and will be at the usual time of 7pm on Thursday. Please follow this link at this time.

Please pray

Please pray for the repose of the souls Fr Douglas Perkins and Fr Chris Sexton who have both recently passed away. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

This week’s saints

St Erconwald, founder of Chertsey Abbey and subsequently Bishop of London and Saint Matthias – the replacement Apostle

A message from Fr. John

Dear Parishioner,

Seven weeks! Is the end in sight? We hope there will be some reduction in regulations before too long. Did you enjoy V.E. Day? In Church Close we gathered in a circle, listened to The Queen and sung ‘We’ll Meet Again’. May you and yours be safe and healthy!

Fr John

Weekly bulletin from around our diocese

The bulletin can be found by clicking on this link. Local schools including our own Cardinal Newman Catholic School get an honourable mention.

Pastoral Message from Bishop Richard – Good Shepherd Sunday (today 3rd May 2020)

Please follow this link

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 4th Sunday of Easter (3rd May)

Catholic Bishops of England and Wales recognise the pain of the faithful who can not pray in church or receive the sacraments

The full text of this message can be found here

This coming Sunday is Vocations Sunday

More details can be found here.

Pope Francis urges the faithful to recite the rosary during the month of May

Please follow this link for further details

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Mass from Arundel Cathedral this Thursday 7pm

Mass will be streamed from Arundel Cathedral at 7pm on the diocesan YouTube channel (please click here). This Mass timed not to interfere with the 8pm applause is offered for NHS workers, Social Care workers, all those who are sick and their families. More information can be found here.

Cardinal Nichols’ recent homily at Mass for health care workers, the sick and their families

The full text for this homily is available here (please click)

Covid-19 Toolkit for Catholic Parishes and Caritas Diocesan Agencies

The Caritas Social Action Network and the St Vincent De Paul Society have released a new toolkit to help Catholic parishes and groups develop safe, local responses to people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. The toolkit can be viewed here

St Bernadette’s School – New Head Teacher

We are pleased to announce that from September 2020 the new Head Teacher will be Mrs Claire Smith who at present is Assistant Head Teacher at St Joseph’s, Haywards Heath.

Cardinal thanks all those caring for others during this time also announces regular Masses to be streamed at 7pm each Thursday

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the Second Sunday of Easter

Please pray

…for the souls of Fr Gerald Flood (RIP) brother of the late Canon Eric Flood, and John Austin (RIP) who passed away on 25th March. John accompanied Frances to Sunday Mass so please for her too at this time.

Spiritual Communion – Prayer of St Alphonsus

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you
now and forever.

Retreat by Monsignor John Armitage 19-26th April

Please follow this link here for further details of how to join in with this online retreat from Walsingham

Fr. Anthony Quinn – RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Anthony, retired Parish Priest of Heath End, Farnham who recently passed away.

Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi – Easter Message 2020

Please click here

Easter Sunday Mass from Arundel Cathedral

Please click here at 11:15 am

An Easter Meditation – Noli Me Tangere

Please click here

Easter Greetings from Fr John

Wishing you the joys and hopes of Easter! Easter Mass will be offered for all of you,

Father John

An Easter Card from Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard’s Easter Sunday Podcast

Please click here

Bishop Richard’s Holy Saturday Podcast

Please click here

At the foot of the cross, The Pietà – a Holy Saturday Meditation

Click here for further details

Stations of the cross at 12pm with Cardinal Nichols

Please follow this link

Good Friday Liturgy from Arundel Cathedral at 3pm today

Please follow this link here at 3pm

Bishop Richard’s Podcasts for Holy Week

These podcasts can be found here

At the foot of the cross

Please follow this link for a meditation on Jesus’ crucifixion

Wintershall Passion Play to be livestreamed at noon today

Please follow this link – click here.

Please pray for all those who have died recently

Especially for:

  • Rosmarie James (RIP) – and her son David and family
  • Harriet Costello (RIP) – her sons and daughters and their families
  • Fr Geoff Nixon (RIP) – Fr Nixon was a retired priest and had taught Fr John Greek

A message from Cardinal Nichols – Pray for Priests

Bishop Richard’s Holy Week Podcasts

These podcasts can be found by clicking this link

Pope Francis – Palm Sunday Homily

This homily can be found by clicking here.

Holy Week 2020 – A Message From Fr. John

Dear Parishioner,

We commence our celebration of Holy Week when we recall the events which resulted in the Passion and death of Christ.Try to reflect on the Last Supper and the events of Good Friday.On Palm Sunday we read the Passion according to St Matthew and that of St John on Friday. There will be many Live Streaming opportunities to participate in as you will see in the following item – click here. It will be strange celebrating the Liturgies without you. Be reassured that you are remembered in my daily Masses. May this be a grace-filled time for us all.

Fr John

Pope Francis speaks to us ahead of Holy Week

Our parish is so grateful for your continued support

Without a weekly collection taking place you can continue making your regular donations using the diocese’s Just Giving Page – when donating please remember to specify St Thomas More, Brighton as the intended parish. Please click here. Many thanks to those parishioners who donate by Standing Order – this is much appreciated

Important Announcement on Easter Duties from Cardinal Nichols

Update from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and WalesTuesday 31st March


  • Homily for funeral Mass of Archbishop Peter Smith
  • Novena in thanksgiving for re-dedication of England
  • Questions about funerals and Coronavirus
  • Adoration, prayer and blessing from Pope Francis
  • Live Catholic Mass online
  • Reading the Gospel of Matthew in Lent

Please click here to read more

Fr Denis McBride on yesterday’s Gospel reading

Sunday 29th March

Please follow

This is the 5th Sunday of Lent

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Josie Evans who died on Thursday and for her son, Neil. Josie had been a patient at St Clare’s in Ditchling and had been one of the flower arrangers at St Thomas More.

If you are in touch with other parishioners, please give them details of our website:

To help us pray, this Sunday we have a message from Bishop Richard. This message can be found by following the following link – please click here. Once you have opened the page scroll down to find Bishop Richard’s message and press the ‘play’ button.

Tomorrow (Sunday 29th March) England is being re-dedicated to Mary and we are invited to pray The Angelus at noon.

Keep fit and well,

Fr John

The full text of Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi message – Friday 27th March

The full text of Pope Francis’ message can be found here (please click).

You can watch the message (with English translation) below – press the play button in the middle of the screen.

Bishop: Catholic charities need our support through the pandemic

Bishop Terence Drainey, Chair of the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) has made a public statement urging Catholics to keep the poor, vulnerable and isolated members of our community at the forefront of our minds at this difficult time – read more here

Cardinal prays the Our Father and reflects on the Annunciation

This event took place yesterday on the Feast of The Annunciation – follow this link here

Cardinal Nichols: Closing churches is the right thing to do

Important Notice

Please note that with immediate effect due to current covid-19 crisis our church will be closed until further notice. Please read the following message from Bishop Richard

Keeping In Touch

During these days you can keep informed of what is going on by following the website of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Follow this link here.

On Wednesday 25th March, at 11 a.m. Pope Francis has called on the world’s Christians and everyone of good will to say the Our Father. More details can be found by following the link above

Bishop Richard reflects on the readings for the fourth Sunday in Lent

Finding Us

Our Church is at the bottom of Braybon Avenue (at the junction of Braybon Avenue and Carden Avenue) in Brighton. There is a bus stop right outside which is served by the 5B bus.

Our diocese is the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton- click here.