Fourth Sunday of Lent

We are at the midpoint of our Lenten journey to Easter and there is the spring like feeling of rejoicing with those approaching Baptism and our renewal of commitment. The Gospel picks up the light of seeing things in a fresh light. The Old Testament portrays David with whom the promise of a Messiah originates.

Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard is leading a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and will be giving us his Video Podcast next week.

Love the Stranger

The Bishops of England and Wales have published a Document about asylum seekers and refugees. Please click here. This is exemplified in the case of a pupil of Cardinal Newman Catholic School whose family are threated with return to the Sudan. A Petition has been organised and signatures are being sought – please follow this link.

Flame 2023

Young people gathered for a National Gathering . Read the Pope’s Message here.

Young Helpers for Lourdes

Please encourage your sons and daughters to sign up.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Monday The Solemnity of St Joseph Mass 9.30am
  • Wednesday Lent Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Lent Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • 5th Sunday of Lent Mass 10aam

Mothers’ Day

We thank our Mothers for their love and sacrifices and pray for God’s Blessing on them.

Ten Years of Pope Francis

As the Holy Father celebrates ten years of his papacy a look at ten defining moments is available here.

Saviour you came to give
Those who in darkness live
Healing and sight
Health to the sick in mind
Sight to the inward blind
Now to all humankind
Let there be light.

The Third Sunday of Lent

This Sunday marks the First Scrutiny – a short series of prayers for those preparing for Baptism with the Gospel passage -the Samaritan woman at the well and the image of Water. It marks a step in the journey to Easter. That like the woman of Samaria we may review our lives before Christ ,acknowledging our sins and being freed from what deters us from following Christ. In the days of this Third week the Apostles Creed is presented to the Catechumens and with the help of their sponsors and fellow parishioners they are supported in their believing. We must pray that that we may welcome new members in the future.

Mass Schedule

  • Third Sunday of Lent Sunday Mass 10am
  • Weekday Masses at St Mary’s
  • Fourth Sunday in Lent, Mid Lent. Sunday Mass 10am (For those that died during the week – Patrick Duncliffe and Sean Smith)

The Word Who Is Life

Bishop Richard met with the clergy to explore the Pastoral Document and how the Church in Brighton and Hove might develop through participation and collaboration. He is to meet with parishioners from parishes on Friday 21st April at 7.30pm

“Divine Renovation” – a name give to a process for parish renewal will be presented at St John the Baptist ‘s Church Bristol Road on Saturday 18th March. See the noticeboard to book in.

Be Prepared To Vote

An act of thoughtfulness to help those who may not have photographic identification. See noticeboard for details .


Helen Costello is now the Parish Representative for Safeguarding for Adults and Children including DBS clearance. Her contact details will be on a new poster on the Noticeboard.

CAFOD Envelopes

These may be returned and there is a box marked Lenten Alms for the Refugee Fund.

Normal Service…

…will be resumed after Monday with the kind assistance of chauffeurs

Lenten Services of Reconciliation

A list of places in the Deanery where there will be a number of Priest Confessors will be available next week end .We will be combining with St Mary’s on Friday 31st March – 3 priests

O let all who thirst
Let them come to the water
And let all who have nothing
Let them come to the Lord

The Second Week of Lent

Transfiguration Sunday

The mountain experience of the three close associates of Jesus echoes Moses on Mount Sinai and is understood not only as a moment of identification but also as a reassurance that what is to come is part of the Father’s plan. It is a moment of manifestation or revelation similar to the Baptism by John at the Jordan. It is a reminder to us to be involved in the Journey of Lent.

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent highlights personal and ecclesial ‘transfiguration’ as the goal of the ascetical journey of Lent, and similarly of the synodal process. The Message, signed on the Solemnity of the Conversion of St Paul, is called ‘Lenten Penance and the Synodal Journey.’

The Pope has taken inspiration from the Gospel account of the Transfiguration;
“Lenten penance,” he writes, “is a commitment, sustained by grace, to overcome our lack of faith and our resistance to following Jesus on the way of the cross”. This requires effort, sacrifice, and concentration, which are also requirements for the Synodal Journey. Pope Francis continues “our Lenten journey is synodal since we make it together along the same path, as disciples of the one Master. Both in the liturgical journey and in the journey of the Synod, the Church does nothing other than enter ever more deeply and fully into the mystery of Christ the Saviour.”

Mass Schedule

  • Second Sunday of Lent Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Lent Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Lent Weekday Mass 9,30am
  • Third Sunday of Lent Sunday Mass 10am

Arundel Cathedral

The Diocese is celebrating 150 Years of our Cathedral Church. There is a poster with details of the events during the year.

Thank You

For the return of the Lourdes Fund envelopes. CAFOD envelopes may be returned this week.

St Bernadette’s Relic Tour

This video is well worth a watch!


The minimum age for marriage in Civil & Canon Law is now 18 years. For voting at the next Council Election on May 4th you will need to produce photographic identity eg. Passport, Driving Licence or some other means.

This Week

  • Thursday Lent Day of Recollection for clergy Worth Abbey.
  • Friday Bishop Richard meets the clergy of the Brighton and Hove Deanery to explore The Word Who Is Life -the pastoral plan

Growing Up Catholic

The group meets next Sunday after Mass

Walk With Me

A journey of prayer through Lent 2023. Price £1.

The Word of Life

The March leaflet (free) is now available for prayerful reflection during the month.

Shining on the face of Jesus
And O how his beauty transforms us
The wonder of Presence abiding

Hymn No. 711

The Journey of Lent

We take this journey to Easter – 6 weeks to “Repent and follow the Gospel” identifying ourselves as followers of Jesus. It commenced with our being marked on Ash Wednesday and is to be a time of awakening to his presence in our minds and hearts. There is a trio of ways to guide us – prayer, self-denial and generosity. We begin with the ways we are tested hearing of the Garden of Eden and how a relationship with the Creator God was damaged and then of the ways Jesus was tempted as he spent time in the wilderness. He stands firm in the light of the tests by responding with words from the Scripture. He stands firm by prayer and fasting. It is up to us to make the time beneficial in strengthening our bond with Christ by using the spiritual exercises and becoming alive and alight.


Walk With Me – a journey of prayer for Lent. A helpful booklet for use each day based on Scripture. Price £1

Daily readings from John’s gospel. Please click here.

Self Denial

Friday is suggested as a Day to Fast i.e. to limit what you take and make a donation for the work of CAFOD.


Traditional Lenten Almsgiving may be put in the wall box in the Entrance – “without attracting attention”

Mass Schedule

  • First Sunday of Lent Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am Feast of St David
  • Friday Lent Weekday Mass 9,30am
  • Second Sunday of Lent Mass 10am

Church Cleaning

An opportunity to give some time for Church Cleaning on Saturday March 4th from 10.30am


Would you care to become a Reader? Simple training available on use of microphone and the lectionary.

The St Bernadette Relic Tour Team release a fantastic new legacy film to commemorate 2022’s hugely successful visit

Thank You!

Thank you for your donations to the Lourdes Fund. See the Posters in the Entrance.

St David Patron of Wales

His last words –
Be joyful and keep your faith and your creed. Do the little things that you have seen me do and heard about.
I will walk the path our fathers have trod before us

Guide me O thou great redeemer
Pilgrim through this barren land
I am weak but thou art mighty
Hold me with thy powerful hand
Bread of heaven Bread of heaven
Feed me till I want no more!
Feed me till I want no more!

Seventh Sunday In Ordinary Time

The times they are a changing! A new season dawns! A time to take a fresh look at the journey to Easter. Some effort is needed to throw off the stereotype of Lent which becomes an excuse to ignore it. The negativity of gloom and doom can descend at a time of waking up. As Bishop Richard put it – the days are lengthening, new growth appears and there is Spring happening. In his message he speaks of the three pillars – prayer – keeping in touch, you are what you eat, diet and time for generosity, reaching out to others “walking with them” and unselfishness. It begins with the dust of the past on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. Mass with Blessing and imposition of Ashes 9.30am Evening Mass with imposition of Ashes 7.30pm

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Ash Wednesday Mass at 9.30 & 7.30pm
  • Thursday Funeral Mass for Anal Bahim RIP 9.30am
  • Friday Funeral Mass for Mary Liz King RIP 1pm
  • Saturday HMP Lewes Mass 8.30am
  • First Sunday of Lent mass 10am

Lent – Walk With Me

A short reading & prayer for each day of Lent. Price £1.


During this week we are asked to pray for peace in Ukraine.

The Synod Process

The Continental phase completed In Prague.

You can read their statement here.

Lourdes Fund Appeal

Envelopes for your donations will be available for return next week. Helpers are need for the Pilgrimage. See the Posters and follow this link.

Earthquake Appeal

Thank you for your generosity in paying by card to the appeal. Please see noticeboard.

Transformers Structure

Repairs have been carried out by UK Energy. Thank you

Bother, sister, let me serve you
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I may have the grace to
Let me be your servant to

Hymn 186

Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time

The Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The loss of life, destruction and the plight of survivors has preoccupied the news these last few days and the response by way of practical help and generosity has been heart-warming. We have been praying for those who have suffered. Pope Francis has led the way along with many other leaders.

You will have heard the Appeals on TV and responses can be made to the Disasters Committee or CAFOD. Please click to make your donation to DEC or CAFOD.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for Mary Hayhurst & Deacon Jim McEwan RIP
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am Intention for Christopher Hall
  • Friday Mass 9.30am Intention for the Holy Souls
  • 7th Sunday Mass 10am

World Day For The Sick

February 11th when we pray for those who are unwell, those who care for them and all the Medical Staff. Pope Francis’ Message may be read here.

The Diocesan Pilgrimage To Lourdes

Details are now on the Noticeboards in the Entrance. Because of the Earthquake Appeal the collection for the Lourdes Fund will be postponed for a few weeks.

Half Term

A happy half term to all!

Deanery Clergy Conference

Tuesday at St John the Baptist new Community Hub.

Old Palm Crosses

If you have palm crosses/branches from previous years please bring them along next Sunday so they can be burnt for Ash Wednesday.

Repairing The UK Energy Area

The first stage – to repair the grating over the transformers, damage by students jumping on them has been completed – with reroofing to follow.

For poor, sick, afflicted
Thy mercy we crave
And comfort the dying
Thou light of the grave

Lourdes Hymn

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday is described as RACIAL JUSTICE SUNDAY with the theme “All are included in the mission of Christ and His Church. Let us walk together and work together “.It is help us reflect on the role each of us must play in promoting the mission of Christ and His Church. There are resources to discover here.

You will find 3 video reflections, discussion points and power point presentations for Primary and Secondary Schools. The latter can be used at any time of the Year in RE assemblies and classes. We will pray the Prayer for Justice at Mass.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the people of the Parish
  • Wednesday St Cuthman of Steyning Mass 9.30am Int .John Joyce RIP
  • Friday St Scholastica ( sister of St Benedict ) Mass 9.30am Int. Peter Sanger RIP (foundation Mass)
  • Saturday World Day for the Sick )
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the repose of the Souls of Mary Hayhurst and Deacon Jim McEwan RIP

Pope Francis and His Pastoral Visits to D.R. Congo and South Sudan

You can find information about these visits via useful websites (The Holy See and on YouTube

Diocesan Pilgrimage To Lourdes

You will find on the noticeboard material about the Pilgrimage and a call for Helpers. Next Sunday the Annual Appeal for the Lourdes Fund will be taken.

The Word of Life Leaflet

The February Leaflet is now available in the Entrance. The purpose is to give us some reflections to stimulate our prayer during the Month.


UK Energy who have two active electricity transformers in the area which is in the front of our property will be maintaining the area this week. It is used as a playground by local students

Anti-Social Behaviour

We are being plagued by irresponsible actions relating to our buildings For example, last Monday there were 14 students ‘rampaging’ between 3.30 and 4pm in the front. 4 had climbed onto the roof and one was walking around and throwing pebbles off the roof .Their rubbish, cans bottles cigarette butts etc had to be cleared up. Parishioners walking their dogs would be welcome to come along around that time!

We have a dream
that one day we shall see
a world of justice
truth and equity
where children of the slaves
and of the free
will share the banquet
of community.

Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey

Pope Francis makes a visit first to the Democratic Republic of Congo and then to South Sudan in the company of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Please keep them and the People of those countries in prayer

Readers’ Rota

Mass Schedule

  • Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Thursday. February 2nd The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
  • Mass and Procession 9.30amCandlemas .
  • Friday St Blaise Mass 9.30am
  • Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass 10am

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Please follow this link for more details

Racial Justice Sunday

This will be observed next Sunday. Do visit Useful Websites CBCEW

Thank You

For putting the crib away and church cleaning.

The Beatitudes

Matthew 5 gives us the first account of Jesus preaching his mission. In the “Sermon on the mount”. It is as Jesus is like Moses giving the way of Love. We are not prepared for the list of those who are Congratulated/Blessed/declared/happy as the different translations describe. Try reading them to discover the wisdom in these contrasts and ask yourself whom you would “congratulate”.

The Canticle of Simeon

At last all-powerful Master
You give leave to your servant to go in peace
According to your promise
For my eyes have seen your salvation
Which you have prepared for all nations
The light to enlighten the Gentiles
And give glory to Israel your people

On Candlemas search for Snowdrops…

3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

This Sunday is called the Word of God Sunday reminding us of the purpose of reading the scriptures from the Bible. It is in our participation in the Mass that in the first part we listen to God speaking to us through words, stories and in instructions. A reminder of the pattern –

From the Old Testament

The Psalm – one of the 150 in the Book of Psalms

From the New Testament – an instructional Reading

The Gospel of St Matthew

The Homily

Bidding Prayers

A reminder to all who read at Mass that we are called to minister the Word for the People to help them be nourished by what they hear. To discover more go to Useful Websites – click CBCEW see What’s on and find God who speaks. As Bishop Richard describes in his video Podcast, reflecting on the Scriptures is a powerful way to pray – a way described as Lectio Divina -reading, reflecting and responding..,

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This week has the theme “Do good. Seek Justice” – a strong motive to pray and work for unity. The Week ends on Wednesday on the feast of the Conversion of St Paul.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Friday 27th January marks the Memorial Day as we recall the deaths of so may. Remember to offer up your self-denial by prayer or actions.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Int for the people of the Parish and the Readers
  • Wednesday The Conversion of St Paul Int for Alister Mass 9.30am
  • Friday St Thomas Aquinas Int for Joan Hatton RIP Mass 9.30am
  • Sunday 4th Sunday Mass 10am .Racial Justice Sunday

Lourdes Pilgrimage

Booking for the Diocesan Pilgrimage is now open 28thJuly- 3rd August. Click here for further details.

Diocesan Justice & Peace Assembly

This is next Saturday. Please see poster in the church entrance

Growing Up Catholic

Session 4 next Sunday

Thank You

Fr Rod Jones OSB is celebrating Mass this Sunday. He is the Catholic Chaplain to Sussex University and serves the Students in their Practice.Fr John had a Cataract Op on Thursday and is enjoying a temporary blue haze on everything

O the word of my Lord
Deep within my being
O the word of my Lord
You have filled my mind

The Second Week in Ordinary Time

Peace Sunday

In England the Bishops ask us to celebrate this Sunday as a Day to reflect on Peace with the background of Pope Francis’ Message, the Catholic Pax Christi organisation and a retiring Collection to support their work.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Wednesday 18th – Wednesday 25th January. The theme is BE-LONGING – PRAYING FOR UNITY AMIDST INJUSTICE. It is fitting that Fr John is meeting the new Vicar of All Saints, Rev Jon Harley on the 18th. Remember to be friends with our Christian neighbours.

Pope Benedict‘s Memorial Card

Please take a copy of the card and use the prayers for the repose of his Soul. Remember too Pope Francis in his continuing ministry.

Mass Schedule


The Crib Collection

Thank you for your kind donations for the Catholic Children’s Crisis Fund. The amount collected is £93.90

Red Boxes for Missio

For the Missions. If you have a Red Box which needs emptying please kindly bring it in next Sunday. There are not quite so many coppers around now…

Epiphany Gathering

Thank you for joining our simple social meet up and for the organisers. Here is a list of the winners in the 100+ Draw. No. 25 Frances Austin 26 John Hayhurst 42 Sarah Kilmartin 33 Norman Bowman 34 Mary Elliott. New subscribers always welcome

Lamb of God

Very familiar words. How often do we use this title of Jesus in our Liturgy ? Agnus Dei. A reference to the slaughter of the lambs at the time of Passover and a parallel to Jesus slain on the Cross for our Salvation.

Liz King RIP

Please pray for the repose of her soul.

All God’s people pray together
Peace to the world
God is love God is kindness
He will guide us through the darkness
We rejoice, sing hallelujah
Peace to the world

Hymn 115