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After the conclusion of the Easter season we have three feasts which help us know God more fully. The first is the Holy Trinity where we celebrate the mystery of one God in Three Persons. Not the easiest of the doctrines of the church to understand . We recall it whenever we profess one of the creeds where we find 3 sections for Father , Son and Holy Spirit. In attempting to explain this we find that relationships and communications help, as also images of water -h2o , family and of course the shamrock. The legend of St Patrick ,4th century is that he held up a shamrock leaf and said “is it one leaf or 3 ?”. Many of our prayers reflect the trinity eg, the eucharistic prayer which is addressed to the Father , Jesus the Son becomes present and the Holy Spirit is there in action and we conclude with the doxology and the Great Amen.
Fr John

Pope Francis on Prayer

Pope Francis continues his cycle of catechesis dedicated to Christian prayer during his Wednesday General Audience, reflecting on how at times it would seem that prayers are not responded to, but that no matter how long it takes, they are always heard…read more here.

Bishop Sherrington issues statement opposing Assisted Dying Bill

More details can be found here.

Mass Schedule

  • Trinity Sunday Mass (30th May) 10am – int for the people of the parish
  • Sunday 6th June 10am Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ – int for the people of the parish

Fr Rod Jones OSB

Fr Rod, Chaplain at Sussex University, will be celebrating mass for you. I am grateful for his kind assistance. As chaplain he provides pastoral care for the catholic students. It reminds us of how the young catholics at all the universities have the support of chaplains. Fr Rod is a member of the monastic community of Worth Abbey.

The Diocesan e-Bulletin

The diocesan communications officer produces a weekly bulletin with all kinds of information eg.the latest bulletin about modern slavery and various on line retreats. If you wish to receive this weekly bulletin please visit the diocesan website (click here) scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the box provided.


A Pastoral Letter on the environment, prepared by the Bishops of England and Wales, for use in churches on 23 May 2021, Pentecost Sunday.

The Solemnity of Pentecost reminds us that everything which exists, every person and the whole of creation, is a gift of “God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.” God our loving Father creates and continues to give life to the world through His Word, Jesus Christ, in the power of His Holy Spirit. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church, which we celebrate at Pentecost, is not something separate from Creation. God’s revelation of himself in Creation is inseparable from the revelation of his love for us in Christ and in his desire to live in us through his Holy Spirit.

God’s revelation of himself in Creation

‘God’s Spirit is always and everywhere “the Lord, the Giver of Life”, and the voice of Pentecost is echoed in the voice of creation being transformed into the glorious liberty of God’s children.’ In this liberty, as God’s children, we call on the Spirit to ‘renew the face of the Earth’, and as his children, we are called, in turn, to use this liberty for the good of creation and for the good of all that brings life. Our world, God’s creation, is a precious gift to us. It is our common home entrusted to each generation. But how have we used that glorious liberty? How do we honour this precious gift? Are we really demonstrating love, care and respect for our common home?

Interconnected and interdependent

As we celebrate Pentecost this year, we are acutely aware of the damage that continues to be inflicted on the Earth, and the repercussions for the well-being of our brothers and sisters, both here in our own countries and, more especially, in the poorest countries of our world. Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have both taught us that everything is interconnected and interdependent. The way we live our everyday lives has an impact on everyone and on the earth.The urgency of the situation, and the enormity of the challenges we face, have spurred us to speak out together this Pentecost Sunday, as bishops of England, Wales and Scotland, about the role that the Catholic Church and our faith must play in our shared care for God’s gift to us.

Unsustainable consumption

For all too long we have either been ignorant of, or ignored, the systematic exploitation of our planet and the unsustainable consumption of its resources. While accepting the crucial need and demand for energy for the benefit of the poorest of our brothers and sisters, the provision of our energy must, nonetheless, be by means which radically reduce the use of carbon-based fuels.

In our political thinking, there must be a new global understanding of our world, where nations recognise our common responsibility for the dignity of all people and their rights to sustainable livelihoods, in authentic freedom. Pope Francis speaks of a global politics that looks beyond our own needs to the needs of all, most especially the poor and the marginalised.

Restoring our common home

But we cannot leave the healing of our common home and the wellbeing and care of our brothers and sisters merely to a response from industry and governments. Our own local concern and action is necessary and has far-reaching consequences. We all have a part to play, each and every one of us, in the routines, choices and decisions of our everyday lives and our aspirations for the future. The actions of parishes, families, schools, and individuals will have a significant impact on our efforts to restore our common home. There are now many resources, freely available, to advise us on our choice of food, saving of water and electricity, suggestions about travel, waste, and re-use. These are measures that everyone can employ, in some degree, with minimal inconvenience and change. They are effective ways in which we can each reaffirm our personal vocation to be stewards of creation.

G7 and COP26

This Pentecost comes at a time of remarkable challenge and opportunity. We are gradually emerging from the tragedies and restrictions of the pandemic. We have the ability to make changes. Our countries are also hosting two most important meetings this year, the G7 in June and COP26 in November. These meetings will gather together men and women who have the power to make defining choices and policies which will help us build back better, provide for our brothers and sisters, and take care of our common home.In all our human endeavours, we need the presence of the Holy Spirit, “the Lord, the Giver of Life”, whose gift to the Church and the world we celebrate again at Pentecost. Let us keep this Feast with that enduring hope that we can begin to repair the damage we have done and provide a healthy home for future generations. Our hope will be strengthened by our prayer. May our constant request be that the Holy Spirit guide us, strengthen our resolve and ‘renew the face of the earth’.

Pope Francis: Overcoming Difficulties in Prayer

In his catechesis at the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis says we must always persevere in order to overcome the difficulties we face in prayer. Read more here.

Mass Schedule

  • Pentecost Sunday Mass 10am – int for the people of the parish
  • No weekday Masses this week
  • Trinity Sunday Mass 10am – int for the people of the parish

Covid-19 Updates

Bidding prayers (The Prayer of the Faithful) are reinstated, the Sign of Peace remains suspended. More details can be found here and on on the UK government website.

Feasts of the Week

  • Mary Mother of the Church – entrusted to her from the Cross
  • St Bede the Venerable – composed the Ecclesiastical History of the English People
  • St Philip Neri – founder of the Oratorians * “second apostle of Rome”
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ Eternal High Priest – Mass for Jubilarians Arundel Cathedral
  • Blessed Margaret Pole –Countess of Salisbury, the Last of the Plantagenets .Mother of Cardinal Reginald Pole, connected to Cowdray House. Midhurst, Martyr.

From the Pentecost Sequence



Following the Ascension of the Lord into Glory we await the promised Gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Traditionally this is described as a Novena and this year is no exception.
It has been a time for prayer for Unity between Catholics and the Orthodox Churches and also observing the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity transferred from January .This Year there is a wider choice – the Pentecost Novena on the Care of Creation and the Prayer initiative for Christians called Thy Kingdom Come . These are further joined by Pope Francis calling for a Marathon Month of Mary with the praying of the Rosary for an end to the Pandemic. “Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your Faithful and kindle within them the fire of your love.”

COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship

Please click here for the latest government guidance.

Pentecost Novena on the Care of Creation

Bishop Richard reminds us of forthcoming events relating to the climate – the anniversary of Laudato Si, and COP 26 in Glasgow later in the year. Please click here for further details.

Thy Kingdom Come

The Global Prayer Initiative. Listen to the Message of Cardinal Vincent – By caring for the world we care for each other “we pray for a strengthening in that spirit in our effort to announce the Gospel in word and deed”


MASS 10AM INT. For the people of the parish and Joan McKendry RIP

ST DUNSTAN. Archbishop of Canterbury Diocesan Proper
MASS 10AM INT For the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

MASS 10AM INT. For deceased relatives and friends



The following were winners in the end of year Draw –
No47 Brenda Monckton ,no2 Mary Elliott,no20 Fr John,no8 Julia Mason ,no30 John Hayhurst
Our thanks go to all the subscribers and John Mason who is the organiser. You are invited to join for the 2021 -2022 Season. The annual Subscription is £30.
A cheque for £1000 has been donated to the Parish Maintenance Fund for the ever present repair needs. Thank you most sincerely.


Another milestone will be reached from Monday 17th May. I do hope that when we reach the 21st June we will be able to return to a sense of normality. In the meantime thank you for complying with social distancing and all the other required measures. You may wish to read the official GOV.UK Guidance and the of the Bishops of England please see above and click here for the guidance from our Bishops’ Conference.

Pentecost Preparation

Send your Spirit upon us
As helper and guide
May he fill us with wonder and awe .
Seal us O Lord with your holy gift,
Send your Spirit to renew our lives


May – Mary’s Month

Pope Francis has asked us to pray the Rosary – the Gospel Prayer – during May as a worldwide Marathon , praying for the end of the pandemic which continues to have an effect on many countries.

To start – have a Rosary – they come in all forms from the traditional beads to finger rosaries and even bracelets. If you have no access to any of these there are always fingers and thumbs as substitutes,

The days of the week are given their own set of Gospel events to meditate on as you pray the Our Father , 10 Hail Mary’s and one Glory be.

Sunday -Glorious

Monday -Joyful

Tuesday -Sorrowful

Wednesday – Glorious

Thursday – The Mysteries of Light or Luminous

Friday – Sorrowful

Saturday -Joyful

What are the scriptural events to reflect on during the Mysteries of Light ?

The Baptism of Jesus

The Wedding at Cana

The Proclamation of the Kingdom

The Transfiguration

The Institution of the Eucharist

We celebrated the Memorial of Pope St Pius V on Friday 30th April .It was he who added the second part of the Hail Mary to the Greetings of Gabriel and Elizabeth in 1560s

For more information please visit this link.


A Holyday 40 days after Easter , the completion of Christ’s earthly mission and our goal of heavenly glory.” He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty , from there he will come to judge the living and the dead.” Mass will be at 10am Thursday


Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray, from Ascension to Pentecost, for more people to come to know Jesus. For further details please follow this link.








Holy Mary you were chosen

By the father god of life,

Joyfully responding

You became a mother.

Pray now for us, and show a mother’s love.


The Month of May – Mary’s Month

Reflection by Bishops of England and Wales – The Day of The Lord

Gathering as Bishops in Conference this week, we wish to pay tribute to all in the Catholic community who have shown such courage, generosity and understanding in the face of adversity this past year. Across England and Wales, families and parish communities have risen to the challenge of sustaining one another through times of great isolation, loneliness and grief in an impressive variety of ways, spiritual, emotional and practical. We thank all who have worked tirelessly in prisons, in hospitals, care-homes and across the medical profession for giving of themselves so generously. We thank all who have worked valiantly in our schools, facing unforeseen demands and meeting them with characteristic professionalism and dedication…please click here for full text

Ordination to the Priesthood

Last Sunday Pope Francis Ordained 9 priests in St Peter’s Basilica Rome. Some of you may have watched the Celebration and observed the very moving moment when at the end he went over to the Families and thanked each one for their sons .Do continue in your prayers for a response to the call to priesthood and the religious life.

Polling Day

Do exercise your civic responsibility in the Ward Election and the Police and Crime Commissioner Election. Our Hall is bing used as a Polling Station for part of the area.

Of Your Charity

Pray for the repose of the soul of Marion Nash , a former Parishioner and for those unwell in Hospital or at home.

Mass Schedule









Tuesday 4th May

A day of prayer for the survivors of abuse. Our Diocesan Safeguarding Officer Coordinator 01273 859708

Modern Slavery

A newsletter is available regarding this issue and further details including subscription to the quarterly newsletter are available here.

The Salve Regina

This prayer to Our Lady is the “ good night “ to Mary sung at Compline and by Priests gathered at a Priest’s Funeral.We know it best as the Hail Holy Queen .Listen to some of the beautiful musical settings.

Hail holy Queen ,Mother of mercy,

Hail our life , our sweetness and our hope

To thee do we cry , poor banished children of Eve,

To thee do we send up our sighs,

Mourning and weeping in this valley of tears,

Turn then most gracious Advocate,

Thine eyes of mercy towards us,

And after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb , Jesus

O Clement ,O loving. O sweet Virgin Mary.


Pray for us ,O holy Mother of God ,

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ



Please click here for Pope Francis’ message for Vocations Sunday – St Joseph and the dream of vocation

Reflection by Bishops of England and Wales – The Day of The Lord

Gathering as Bishops in Conference this week, we wish to pay tribute to all in the Catholic community who have shown such courage, generosity and understanding in the face of adversity this past year. Across England and Wales, families and parish communities have risen to the challenge of sustaining one another through times of great isolation, loneliness and grief in an impressive variety of ways, spiritual, emotional and practical. We thank all who have worked tirelessly in prisons, in hospitals, care-homes and across the medical profession for giving of themselves so generously. We thank all who have worked valiantly in our schools, facing unforeseen demands and meeting them with characteristic professionalism and dedication…please click here for full text




With Apologies

Last Friday 23rd April was the Solemnity of St George, Martyr & Patron of England. I regret this was not announced or published on the Website. Mea culpa. Thank you to the five parishioners who did honour him at Mass.


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mr E Phelan who died on Thursday fortified by the Rites of Holy Mother Church.

Saint Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

The Governors have appointed Mrs Hannah Hooper as Deputy Head with effect from the end of next half term . She is known to the Staff and Parents and is most welcome to our School.

Marriage Registration

The process of marriage registration is changing from May 4th. Everything is going digital. I had to take the Green Marriage Registers and Marriage Certificates to the Town Hall along with other certificates and forms. We all have to follow an instructional video on how future Marriages are to be prepared and regulated. We now have to enter the regime of Marriage Schedules and future couples will have to obtain a Marriage Certificate from the Town Hall.
If anyone is contemplating marrying do have an early word about procedures.

From a Vocation Prayer to St Joseph

Help me listen for the call of God in my life,
Help me understand
What the holy Spirit is asking of me,
And help me be open to follow that invitation,
With courage and s trusting heart. 


A five part art and culture series following the Risen Christ during the 50 days of Easter

Mass Schedule

The Third Sunday of Easter

Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the People of the Parish

Eastertide Mass Wednesday 10am Int, Christine Ryan, RIP

Eastertide Mass Friday 10am Int. The Holy Souls (AC)

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Sunday Mass 10am Int For the people of the Parish

Diocesan E bulletin

Each Week the Diocesan Communications publishes material of interest , sometimes advertising vacancies – eg Deputy Director of Education and various retreats, meetings and so on. To sign up follow this link

Ministry of Reader

A temporary rota is on the noticeboard

The Via Lucis

This is an Eastertide devotion dwelling on the appearance of the Risen Jesus. You can find examples by googling the term ‘via lucis’.

From The Easter Sequence (found in your missal)

"I saw the tomb of my dear Lord

   I saw himself and him adored

   Alleluia , Alleluia ,

   I saw the napkin and the sheet

   That bound his head and wrapped his feet

   I heard the angels witness bear

   Jesus is risen he is not here."


Celebrating Holy Week and Easter with you in person this year was a particular joy .Although we had to follow Directives modifying the Liturgy the spirit of prayer was still present. As always may I thank you for participating in varied ways – Reading , singing the Psalms, organ playing of Easter Hymns , sanitising the chairs and providing the 2021 symbols for the Paschal Candle and last but not least your generosity with the Easter Offering. May you all sense the renewed faith ,hope and joy of the Easter Season,
Fr John
As you will go on to read tributes on the death of Prince Philip ,we will pray for him ,for the Queen and the bereaved Family members.

From Cardinal Nichols

“At this moment of sadness and loss I pray for the repose of the soul of Prince Philip, Her Majesty the Queen’s faithful and loyal husband. I pray for the Queen and all of the Royal Family.“How much we will miss Prince Philip’s presence and character, so full of life and vigour. He has been an example of steadfast loyalty and duty cheerfully given. May he rest in peace.”+ Vincent Nichols
Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster

From Bishop Moth

Dear Father,

Following news today of the death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, I know you will be keeping Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family in your prayers. I would ask you to celebrate a Mass for the repose of Prince Philip’s soul at your earliest convenience and to make mention of him at all Masses this coming Sunday.

In parishes where there are flagpoles, the Union flag should be flown at half-mast until after the funeral has taken place.

I shall be writing to Her Majesty, on behalf of the diocese, to express condolences and I will celebrate the 11.15am Mass at Arundel Cathedral on Sunday 11th April for the repose of Prince Philip’s soul.

Yours in Christ,


More words from Bishop Moth on Prince Philip

Speaking this (Friday) afternoon Bishop Richard said: “My thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty and the Royal Family at this time of loss. Prince Philip has given extraordinary service to this country over many years and will be greatly missed, may he rest in peace.”

Bishop Richard asks our parish communities to pray for the repose of Prince Philip’s soul, remembering in their prayers Her Majesty the Queen and all members of the Royal Family. Bishop Richard will offer Mass for Prince Philip at Arundel Cathedral this Sunday at 11.15am.

Eastertide Reflections

Please click here for further details

The Word of Life

The April edition will be available after Sunday Mass

Aid Projects

Please find out important information on these by clicking here.

Mass Schedule

  • Tuesday Eastertide Mass 10am Int. Eileen Higgins’ Intention for Deceased Family Members
  • Friday Eastertide Mass 10am Int Rosmarie James RIP
  • The Third Sunday of Easter. Mass 10am Int. For the people of the Parish

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive with Brighton Council checked up on our compliance with Covid !9 regulations.
Hand sanitising, face coverings, social distancing ,disinfecting all surfaces touched, PPE etc.
Please observe inside and out

The Eastertide Prayer to Our Lady

Queen of heaven rejoice ,Alleluia
For he whom you were worthy to bear,Alleluia
Has risen as he said, Alleluia
Pray for us to God , Alleluia.
Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary , Alleluia
For the Lord has truly risen , Alleluia

Easter 2021


Bishop Richard’s Easter Sunday Podcast


Mass Schedule


Westminster Cathedral Choristers


Thank You!


To everyone



Holy Week 2021

Our Lenten journey comes to its conclusion with the events of Holy Week. We progress to the central moments of Christ’s life as his destiny is fulfilled .If we go with him each step of the way we come to understand why we try to know him more deeper and personally. Although some details may seem different in this pandemic Holy Week there is the opportunity in simplicity to grow in faith and commitment .In whatever way you choose to observe this Week may you

Discover how human life is reflected in the “ Paschal Mystery “. Read on to find how you can immerse yourself in the Cross and Resurrection, in sadness and joy and the gift of the Eucharist and Baptism.

Fr John

Holy Week

Please click here to discover the guide for Holy Week produced by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

Liturgical Directives

Please note that these are posted on the notice board

Holy Week Schedule



MASS 10AM. This day is sometimes called SPY Wednesday as the Gospel relates how Judas plotted to snare Jesus

THE CHRISM MASS – Live streaming from Arundel Cathedral 6pm. This is when the Bishop blesses the Oils to be administered in the Sacraments Of Baptism, Confirmation and the Anointing of the Sick. These are shared around the Parishes of the Diocese after collection from the Deanery Centre. The Holy Oils which may be left from 2020 are burnt.
Normally all the Priests of the Diocese Concelebrate and renew our Priestly Promises.This year just 2 Priests from the 12 Deaneries will represent all the others. Not to be missed – a once a year Ceremony.

The Washing of the feet of men and women will not occur this Year as also the Watching at the Altar of Repose.
The word Maundy derives from the Latin – Mandatum “ a new Commandment I give unto you “

GOOD FRIDAY 3PM THE LITURGY OF THE PASSION. The Passion of St John, the Intercessions, the veneration of the Cross from your place .No joining in the crowd parts of the Passion according to St John. A DAY OF FASTING & ABSTINENCE . A BASKET WILL BE IN EVIDENCE FOR THE ANNUAL COLLECTION TO SUPPORT THE HOLY PLACES IN THE HOLY LAND

The Church will be open from 10am to 11.30 for the Sacrament of Reconciliation which will be celebrated in the Reconciliation room downstairs by the Lady Statue. If unable to walk down, call down and then the Sacristy will be used.

This will be shorter than usual.


Did you forget?

The clocks go one hour forward at 1AM on Sunday 28th March 2021

The Magnificat

This publication containing Mass and Prayer of the Church. A number of you are already subscribers.
The good news is that the edition for Holy Week is available in Digital form and is free – please follow this link.

Lenten Devotions

Follow the Way of the Cross. See Magnificat page168
The devotion of the Seven last words of Christ See Magnificat page 182
The Way of the Sorrowful Mother See Magnificat page 185

Pray for the Faithful Departed –
Joseph McClements , Maria & Sons
Reg Squire, for Margaret & Claire, Tamsin and Demelza.
Fr Brian Taylor former Parish Priest of St Edward’s Sutton Park and for his wife Margaret
May they receive the promise of eternal life





The Fifth Week of Lent

The last 2 weeks of our journey to Jerusalem commence as the proximity of the Passion draws closer. It is noticed particularly in the prefaces of the Passion beginning with Preface 1 of the Passion. – “For through the saving Passion of your Son the whole world has received a heart to confess the infinite power of your majesty, since by the wondrous power of the Cross your judgement on the world is now revealed and the authority of Christ crucified “.
There is a powerful image in the Gospel – John 12 : 20 – 33 – of the grain of wheat which has to be buried before producing new life. I hope you will avail yourself of opportunities for prayer and reflection . The details of Holy Week are included on our site and this year we are able to celebrate with the parish community. May these days be grace filled for each person.
Fr John

Holy Week – Liturgical Directives

Please click on this link to read more.

Day of Prayer and Reflection Tuesday 23rd March 

Please follow this link.

Our observance .
Tuesday 9am Morning Prayer of the Church leading into Mass. The Blessed Sacrament will remain exposed until Benediction concluding at 10.30am
Evening Prayer of the Church 6.30pm. The Church will be Illuminated for 8pm.


The Diocesan Mission. Monday Evening from 5pm The last Session will be available on Zoom ( click here) Resources from preceding session will remain available.

Census Sunday

Remember to complete the Form in each household . It would have come through the post about 3 weeks ago. £ 1000 fine for non -completion.

The Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

Thursday 25th March marks the moment of The Angel’s message and Mary’s acceptance, triggering the advent of our salvation. Daily recalled in the prating of the Angelus.

Mass Schedule





British Summer Time

Please note that the clocks will go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday March 28th 2021

The Three Days – The Triduum


GOOD FRIDAY 3PM LITURGY OF THE LORD’S PASSION ( Church open for private following of the Way of the Cross and the Sacrament of reconciliation with individual Confession.



A Lenten Hymn for Reflection

He came from his blest throne
Salvation to bestow;
But sin made blind and none,
The longed for Christ would know
But O my friend , my friend indeed
Who at my need his life did spend.

The Fourth Week of Lent

Half way there – or Laetare Sunday – a day for rejoicing and gathering strength and resolution for the steepest part of the Journey – that is to Calvary. Pope Francis has reminded us of the Sacrament of Reconciliation with the opportunity of confessing our sin after examining our consciences . With the necessary precautions in place it is possible to arrange the reception of this Sacrament at a time other than Mass times. Do so by phone or email. It is also historically Mothering Sunday when servants were allowed to go to church and there was a reminder of the meaning of Mother Church recalling how we are always welcome back. The secular observance of Mothers’ Day is a chance for us to recall with thanksgiving the life and care of our own Mothers. My pop in visit to all the classes revealed that some lovely cards will be given this Sunday. A special greeting and prayer for all Mums.

Fr John


The fourth talk is on Monday and can be heard from 5pm onwards. You can skip the first 3 or 4 minutes
before the speakers appear and you can listen in from anytime onwards either at this link or on YOUTUBE. If you wish you can print off the text and resources. Last week we explored “How is it that Jesus saves us”

Pope Francis’ Visit To Iraq

The visit and activities were well reported on YOUTUBE and the Holy See’s website .We pray that the people of that country may live in peace respecting each other .lt was good to experience some of the different customs of the Chaldaen and Syrian Catholic Churches of the East.

The Year of Saint Joseph

ln an Apostolic Letter Pope Francis has written ” With a Father’s heart that is how Joseph loved Jesus , whom all four Gospels refer to as ” the son of Joseph”.The text of the Letter may be read here. St Joseph’s Day is Friday with Mass at 10am. See prayer at end of this week’s material.

Mass Schedule


Lenten Practice

Self denial -the project this year is the Refugee Fund. Wall box in the entrance.
Stations of the Cross. Enter on Google. Lourdes recommended

Looking ahead to Holy Week

This year we are able to celebrate in Church unlike last year when I had to celebrate by myself. Do visit CBCEW to find out how we will celebrate this year.


By the end of March clergy have to complete an updating course so as to update our DBS
requirement. You may also inform yourself by reading the Newsletter of the national catholic Safeguarding project


With some dates appearing for relaxations of restrictions it is important not ‘to jump the gun’.
Unfortunately it appears that the stay at home message is not always being observed and that the EXCEPT clause is not yet in people’s minds.. As you can read from January the following
applies -( it comes last on the list after Animal Welfare reasons !) YOU CAN LEAVE HOME TO ATTEND OR VISIT A PLACE OF WORSHIP (see here). Also be diligent in observing social distancing and breaking bubble interaction.

From Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Christ be beside me, Christ be before me.
Christ be behind me, ling of my heart.
Christ be within me, Christ be below me.
Christ be above me, never to part.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Hail Guardian of the Redeemer,
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
To you God entrusted His Only Son,
In you Mary placed her trust;
With you Christ became man.
Blessed Joseph, to us too,
Show yourself a father,
And guide us on the path of life.
Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage,
And defend us from every evil.

The Third Week of Lent

Our journey towards Easter gathers pace and its opportunities may pass by without some response by utilising the spiritual aids of prayer, self restraint and service. Some may be easier than others in present circumstances but give them a go. In this weekly website there are various suggestions to activate. The answer to last week’s question is the nearest Church of the Transfiguration is just up the road at Pyecombe. It is mentioned 1086 founded by St Pancras Priory , Lewes until as one guide says “it passed to King Henry VIII “ Most of the building gates from the 13th Century .This week the question is – How does this Sunday Gospel differ from the other Gospel accounts ? NTs at the ready.
Some clergy news -Tuesday we have a Deanery Zoom meeting and on Thursday a Day of Recollection given by Archbishop Kevin McDonald with time for prayer and the admonition from Bishop Richard –“ a simple lunch “.
It is good to hear of your vaccinations . Do continue with advice to keep yourself and others safe.
Fr John

Pope Francis’ Pastoral Visit to Iraq

Pope Francis’ Pastoral visit to Iraq is well under way. You can view every moment by going to “ Useful websites “ – The Holy See for videos and texts.
Please keep him and the People of the Country in supportive Prayer.


The Mission continues on Monday and texts of the talk are available afterwards. We are proud of our youngest Priest , Fr Tom Kent , whose Family live in Wadhurst , for his talk. (please click here)

Our Schools Return

We owe our thanks to the Staff for all their efforts , along with you the parents who have been “budding teachers “ for months. Everything will be in place to keep everyone safe.
An advert is now in place as the Governors seek a Catholic Deputy Head for St Bernadette’s .Please keep this process in your prayers.

The Month of March

Three feasts will be celebrated:

17th St Patrick
19th St Joseph
25th The Annunciation

Mass Schedule


Tower House

This community centre is currently looking for volunteers and minibus drivers so perhaps there may be some of our parishioners who may step forward.

Lenten Devotions

The Stations of the Cross. If you Google “ Stations of the Cross in Lourdes “ you will discover a selection of versions with dramatic presentations from the figures of the “ High Stations “ – a steady climb up a hill to Calvary .The content varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Try it.

Last Word…

“ Prisoners of a virtual reality we lost the taste and flavour of the truly real “

Pope Francis 'Fratelli Tutti'

Second Sunday of Lent – Transfiguration Sunday

Where is the nearest church dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Lord – and there are not many – you will be surprised. This Second Sunday has the story of Abraham’s call to sacrifice his son and another moment where the identity of Jesus is revealed, Both accounts prepare us for the events of Holy Week ahead. Our “ lockdown Lent “ provides us with time to reflect on our Christian lives, to take advantage of websites to interact with them, to discover new ways of praying and to look up the Way of the Cross in its different presentations and to follow the Diocesan Mission -INVITED.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the 2nd Sunday of Lent


Do discover the content of the Mission . Each Monday there will be a talk and discussion. Last week’s talk is now in transcript. This Monday the talk commences at 7pm. Do talk about it with fellow parishioners.

Praying for the faithful departed

The Bishops of Europe are offering a Mass for the Souls of those who have died. Our Bishop will be celebrating from the Cathedral at 7pm on Tuesday March 2nd. This will be live streamed.

CAFOD – The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

Thank you for your donations. In these days of disappearing cash do use your card to make your gift .

Foundation Governors

Our Catholic Schools require in touch Catholics to represent the Bishop in the governance of schools in the Diocese. You can find out more by clicking this link.

Mass Schedule

  • Second Sunday of Lent Mass 10am for the people of the parish and the faithful departed
  • Wednesday Lent weekday Mass 10am
  • Friday Lent weekday Mass 10am
  • Sunday 3rd of Lent Mass 10am for the people of the parish

Saint of the week

Friday 5th March – Saint David or Dewi. Patron Saint since the twelfth century – Be joyful – keep the faith.

Lenten Devotions

"Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Forgive our foolish ways!
Re-clothe us in our rightful mind
In purer lives our service find..."

Invited – The Diocesan Mission for Lent

Our Invited mission begins on Monday 22nd with our first group session taking place on Thursday 25th at 7.30pm via Zoom. If you haven’t registered for your free place yet, don’t worry – there is still time.

The first week of our mission is about God’s amazing love for us. Episode One will be shared on our website at 5pm on Monday. In this week’s episode David Wells, will explore how important we are to God, and how much he treasures each and every one of us. Suzy Duxbury shares her experience of transformation, moving from a place where she was unaware of God’s love, to her current situation singing his praises with her Gospel choir! This first episode provides time for reflection – so make sure you have a journal or notebook to hand.

Our Thursday evening group meeting will take place at 7.30pm on the 25th. We will use this time together to discuss and explore our reaction to the wonderful talks given by David and Suzy earlier in the week, also reflecting on the upcoming readings at Mass the following weekend .

Invited is for everyone and all are very welcome! You can find a list of FAQs here. To sign up for your free place click here. To find out more visit our website.

Parish Finances

During the pandemic our normal patterns of giving have been interrupted, as we have not been able to make offertory contributions through weekly collections as consistently as we did before COVID-19.

.Standing orders are the most efficient way to give and can easily include gift aid which adds an extra 25% to your donation at no cost to you.

You can set up your standing order using Internet banking or by going to your branch. The parish has a business bank account with the following details:

Account Name: Trustees of RCD A&B St Thomas More Brighton

Sort Code: 40-05-20

Account Number: 91126725

Please use your name as a reference-this is particularly important if you donate with gift aid.

If you are a text pair please consider becoming a gift aider by contacting Peter Cropp our gift aid organiser on 01273501114

Many thanks for your continued generosity and support for your parish.

Mass Schedule


The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development- CAFOD

FRIDAY gives us an opportunity to restrict what we eat to remind us to be generous in our “almsgiving “/ charity.The focus this Lent is on the relief of water poverty. Read more and make your donations here.


Feasts of Saints are thin on the ground during the weeks of lent to give us time to focus on the Lenten messages
Monday is an unusual Feast -The Chair of St Peter – since it is a sign of the unity of the Church .You may have kissed the foot of the seated statue in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome or even in Westminster Cathedral. It reminds us of devotion to ancestors as fro example the statue of George Washington ,the Father of the USA. We are reminded in every Eucharistic Prayer of our being “ in communion with Francis our Pope “ expressing our loyalty and union with the Pastor and Shepherd of the Universal Church in his teaching and guiding role.

Scripture Footnotes

  • Jesus in the desert.- Mark’s account is succinct. Compare Year A, Matthew & Year B Luke
  • Why not open your Bible and go to the first book , Genesis Chapter 6 – 8 for the full story or listen to Benjamin Britten’s NOYE’S FLUDDE

For the faithful departed

Please remember in your prayers the families and friends of Barbara O’Shea and Sheila Lemon whose Funerals take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time

All too soon we are reaching the Season of Lent when as members of the Church we commence the journey with Jesus Christ to his cross and the glory of Easter, We start with Ash Wednesday at the 10am Mass and then it is up to each one of us to take “ our steps “. We may think present restrictions are enough or we may feel things are slipping. The wisdom of Christians is that we come to no harm if we check things out. How much time do we make for prayer and reflection of some kind ?.Along with “ permission “ to take exercise, do we use our wills to make choices and say “ no “ instead of losing our liberty by allowing the media to envelope us ? How much effort do we need to put our phones down and put them under a cushion, out of hands and sight ? . Small steps to keep us in touch. If you are going into St Bernadette’s you will have an opportunity to add your family intention to a purple ribbon on the gate. However you will mark this Journey to Easter may it be a time where you come “ to him more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, day by day. If you can , respond to the INVITATION of the Diocesan Mission.

May the Lord walk and abide with you on the way.

Fr John

Invited – Mission for Lent

There is still time to sign up for our diocesan mission for Lent please follow this link.

Ash Wednesday

There is a modified Rite for receiving the ashes in time of Covid 19
The formula “ Repent and believe in the Gospel “ is said once. The Celebrant washes his hands and the Parishioner approach, socially distanced one by one, and ashes are sprinkled on bowed heads. Face coverings to be kept on and like Holy Communion time nothing is said. You can read the Decree here

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Message

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
The great season of Lent is approaching. Lent is a time of repentance, of renewal and of healing. Perhaps, like me, you look forward to this time. These coming forty days are a great gift to us, for Lent invites us to engage more deeply with the Gospel message as we prepare to celebrate the events of our Salvation – the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

The account of the healing of the leper that we hear in today’s Gospel is a very good preparation for Lent. The leper had to overcome the stigma that went along with the disease. He had to find the courage that enabled him to step back into the company of others, conscious that the society of his day would not welcome him. Not only did Jesus welcome him, He touched him. This physical contact, of which he had been deprived – perhaps for many years – brought healing of his sickness and the social and psychological burdens that went along with the disease. This was healing beyond measure.

This account in the Gospel calls us to stand before the Lord just as we are, with our ills and failings. Like the sick man in the Gospel, we must place our trust totally in the person of Jesus Christ. The joy that this trust engenders in us is beyond our description and, even in these difficult times, is a wonderful consolation.

This coming Lent, therefore, let us stand before the Lord as we truly are. This will demand a little courage, but the Lord wishes to reach out to us, to touch us with his healing and forgiveness that we may be truly at one with Him.

This Lent, we can all be assisted on this journey through a new initiative for our Diocese – ‘Invited’. This is more than an event. It is a journey, a pilgrimage through the weeks of Lent. It is something in which every one of us can take part and it will call us to a renewed experience of Jesus’ call to us.

This last year has been a difficult one for us all, each in different ways, as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic. Our lives have been touched in different ways: sickness and the deep sadness of bereavement, isolation and uncertainty, financial challenges, additional demands on our school communities, closure of churches and different demands for priests and deacons, the immense responsibilities that have come to healthcare professionals and others ‘in the front line’ of care for the sick. ‘Invited’ is, therefore, timely – for it is for every person. It can nourish us as individuals, as parish and deanery communities and as a Diocese.

‘Invited’ is a mission experience prepared and given by our diocesan Formation team. Thanks go to them for all the preparation that is going on for the benefit of us all.

Information has already been circulated to parishes. Further information will be available through parish newsletters, Diocesan e-news and the website. Each Monday of Lent, there will be a gathering that can be accessed ‘virtually’. This will continue to be accessible afterwards. At the end of this gathering, some questions will be offered for reflection, in preparation for a second gathering each Thursday that will also help us prepare for the coming Sunday.

In the coming years, we shall have opportunities for similar mission experiences, with a focus on a different liturgical season each year. These will lead us to the 60th Anniversary of the foundation of the Diocese in 2025.

Let us all be open to be ‘Invited’ afresh by the Lord this Lent. He invites us to be His each and every day of our lives. With the sick man in today’s Gospel, let us rely on the gift of His mercy that we may accept His love for us and grow ever closer to Him who suffered and died for us. In this way, our celebration of Easter will be an experience of His new life, enabling us to proclaim his Resurrection to the world.

With every blessing,

  • Richard

Mass Schedule


Of Your Charity…

Pray for the eternal rest and peace for the soul of Ruby Young who lived in Westdene and was brought to Mass by Jean.

Lenten Devotions

  • CBCEW Website NEWS

From This Sunday’s Collect

O God , who teach is that you abide
In hearts that are just and true,
Grant that we may be so fashioned by your grace
As to become a dwelling
Pleasing to you

Fifth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Preparing for Lent

Ash Wednesday is just a week away – 17th February – and opportunities to participate are being announced. In particular a Diocesan Mission along with other suggestions for some daily prayer. It is a “ Faith springtime “ as we come out of hibernation of one kind or another. One of our fellow parishioners was surprised that Mass is being celebrated in St Thomas More’s . Do remember that we are open for business providing we observe the rules. Pass this on to your Catholic friends.
Keep safe and warm,
Fr John

The World Day of Prayer for the Sick

On the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes we pray especially for those who are sick, family members, friends and neighbours and with them the Doctors , nurses and their carers. You can read Pope Francis’ message here.

The A&B Lourdes Pilgrimage Collection for Assisted Pilgrims

Envelopes will be available this weekend. You may prefer to donate online by following this link.

Diocesan Mission for Lent 2021

Find out more about this by following this link.

St Josephine Bakhita

The Saint sold into Slavery. St Josephine is remembered as we show concern for modern day forms of slavery and exploitation. More can be discovered about this saint and how our diocese is fighting against modern forms of slavery by following this link.

Mass Schedule

    MASS 10AM INT. For the people of the Parish and the Faithful Departed.
  • WEDNESDAY MASS OF OUR LADY OF LOURDES.For those who are unwell and Doctors and Nurses
    MASS 10AM
  • SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME -INT. For the people of the Parish and the Faithful Departed

Saints of the Week

  • St Cuthman of Steyning – a local Saint famed for wheeling his elderly Mother from Chichester to Steyning. See the village sign
  • St Josephine Bakhita – sold into slavery.
  • St Scholastica – sister of St Benedict
  • St Bernadette – received the apparitions of Our Lady in Lourdes. Patroness of St Bernadette’s School

Of your charity

Please pray for the repose of the souls of Barbara O’Shea, Kathleen Torpey, Sheila Lemon, Eric Addlesee Snr.

Racial Justice Sunday – Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Please also follow this link.

Praying the Psalms in February

Please follow this link.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School and College

Congratulations to Ms Claire Jarman whose appointment as Principal was announced on Monday.Since last September she has been much appreciated by Parents for keeping them up to date with changing circumstances. Remember her in your prayers for her new Ministry.

The Faithful Departed

  •  Mrs Sheila Lemon RIP a long living member of the Parish and indoor person latterly.
  •  Fr Martin Jakubas RIP formerly Parish Priest of St Paul’s Haywards Heath

And all who have died in the months since Covid 19

Mass Schedule


Refugee Crisis Newsletter

Please click here for further details


Visit this link to register and discover further details

Saints of the week

  • St Blasé – Bishop Martyr 316. “Through the intercession of St Blase bishop and Martyr , may God deliver you from ailments of the throat and from every other evil. In the name of the Father…..
  • St Ansgar- the “apostle of the North” – missionary to Sweden and Denmark
  • St Agatha – patroness of Palermo and Catania credited with stilling an eruption of Mt Etna Martyr 251
  • St Paul Miki and Companions – 26 Christians martyred by crucifixion on mountain overlooking Nagasaki 1597

St Vincent de Paul Society

Read account of activities of SVP Tower House by clicking this link.

Sunday of the Word of God

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Sunday of the Word of God

Pope Francis has designated this Sunday as an annual occasion to emphasise the role of Holy Scripture in our spiritual development.

You will find more about this at  (refer to CBCEW God who speaks) and particularly information about a Course of Scripture in 7 sessions which can be downloaded.Looking at the front of the 3 Volumes of the Lectionary it appears we have had them since 1981 – 39 years. The only change in the last 5 years is that the ending of each reading is THE WORD OF THE LORD .Readers have a plastic card to remind them. It is appropriate that we have just been told that in 2025 new editions will be published using the Catholic English Revised Standard Version – the ESV. We will be alerted in due time !

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This concludes on Monday. There is a reflection on ecumenical prayer and the common heritage of Faith we share. See CBCEW.

Refugee Crisis Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the A&B Refugee Response may be found at the latest Publications section of the of the Diocesan website

Friday Self Denial Project 2021

It would seem a worthy Charity for support this year. You may put what you may have saved in the wall box in the Entrance or make direct donations as suggested in the Newsletter.

Mass Schedule

  • WEDNESDAY MASS 10AM St Angela Merici . Int.Fr Fintan Crotty SSCC RIP (L. Tome)
  • FRIDAY MASS 10AM St Thomas Aquinas -Int.The Holy Souls – Wall box
  • SUNDAY Mass 10AM 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Int.For the people of the Parish

Saints of the Week

  • ST TIMOTHY –Convert of St Paul, accompanied him in Rome. See the Letters addressed to him  1&2 Timothy
  • ST TITUS -Friend and co-worker with Paul.Peacemaker.Administrator of the Church in Crete.See Letter to Titus and also 2 Corinthians 12:
  • ST ANGELA MERICI –Founder of the Ursulines and member of the Third Order of Franciscans
  • ST THOMAS AQUINAS –Theologian. Dominican. Author of the Summa Theologica

Next Sunday


St Thomas Aquinas


O Sacred Banquet in which Christ is received,
The memory of the Passion is recalled,
And we have the promise of eternal life.

And if you have the CTS Sunday Missal discover on page 510 his Prayer before Mass

Peace Sunday

In England, we celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time as Peace Sunday. The theme of Pope Francis is “A culture of care as a path to peace”. Pax Christi Is the catholic peace movement which promotes peace in our daily lives. You are recommended to explore the following resources by clicking on this link. Like other catholic charities it needs our support, to make a donation please click on the following link.

The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

After celebrating advent and the Christmas season, we now focus on the ministry of Jesus as he begins to assemble his co-workers. We follow the readings of Year B and there is an exception from reading Saint Marks Gospel as we read from St John’s Gospel.

Week of Prayer for Unity

This commences on Monday and runs until Monday 25th. You can find prayers associated with this theme by following this link.

Interviews for the Principal of Cardinal Newman Catholic School

These will be taking place on Thursday and Friday so do please offer a prayer for the Governors in the process. Two small changes will affect the usual routine. See below.

100 Plus Draw

The mid -season draw took place recently. Here are the winners -17 John & Wendy Taylor 14 Emma Sweeney 27 Regina Stripp 29 John Hayhurst 39 Arline Bowman

Covid 19 – Two further notifications from Bishop Richard

Please click below for the notifications

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the People of the Parish
  • Wednesday Mass at 9am
  • (Thursday & Friday Mass at CNCS 8am)
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int For the People of the Parish

Saints of the week

  • St Wulfstan -Monk, Bishop of Worcester, Expert in Old English, abolished slavery from Bristol to Viking Ireland
  • St Fabian – a rapid elevation from layman to Pope when a dove settled on his head . Martyr
  • St Sebastian – Martyr shot at by archers under Diocletian
  • St Agnes – a young woman martyred for being a Christian

Thank you

  • Crib collection Catholic Children’s Society £ 55.49
  • Friday Self-Denial St Francis Leprosy guild £ 63.17

Refugee Crisis Newsletter

Refugee Crisis Newsletter The latest Edition is now available on line. It is full of information about the response by the different organisations in the Diocese such as SVP, Brighton Voices in exile, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group and others. On pages 16 & 17 you will find how to donate to the Diocese of A& B Migrant Fund.

The Baptism of The Lord

This Feast Day reflected on when we pray a Mystery of Light reminds us that Jesus is now 30 years old on the brink of starting his mission. This is another “manifestation moment” following on from our celebration of the Epiphany when Jesus is revealed to the representatives of the pagans -that is those who were not yet in a covenant relationship. He is declared Son of God and marked out for his Mission. Do read the first 9 verses of Chapter One to have the setting for this scene down by the River Jordan.

From Fr John

My personal thanks. May I thank you for the Christmas Offering, your greetings cards with their messages and a plethora of “goodies” to be enjoyed in moderation. You have been very generous and be assured this is much appreciated. In particular your wishes for 2021 included among other desirable objects that it be a healthy one. May I reciprocate that to each and everyone.

Fr John

Our Parish Thanks

We have to thank Paula and her schola who sang at our first Christmas Mass and to Marco who played at the second, the willing hands who disinfect the chairs after their use , the crib constructors and the chair arrangers , the publications “ hander- outers “, our Readers and everyone else who are so helpful on behalf of the Parish

Justice and Peace Assembly Webinar

Saturday January 16th 10am – 12.30pm
To book your free place contact
The food poverty crisis. Receive the zoom link contact

Responding to the Psalms

Please click here for Psalms January 2021

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 10th January 10am – The Baptism of the Lord
  • Wednesday 13th January 10am – Int. Peter Sanger (RIP) Foundation Mass
  • Friday 15th January 10am
  • Sunday 17th January 10am – 2nd Sunday of Ordinary time (Peace Sunday)

Saints of the Week

  • Tuesday – St. Aelred of Rievaulx – a Cistercian Abbot. He preached at the translation of the body of St. Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey
  • Wednesday – St Hilary Bishop of Poitiers and Doctor of the Church. He defended the doctrine of Christ’s divinity.

Invited! Our Diocese’s New Lent Programme

Before the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Church was experiencing a decline in numbers. Since then, we have lost even more sheep from the fold. How can we encourage people who have disengaged to come back, how can we offer solace and comfort to those who are on the fringes, how can we inspire people who worship at our churches to reach out to those who do not know the goodness of God’s mercy? We can proclaim the Good News! And we use all that we have learnt during this unusual time to reach out in new ways… Click here for further details


Our Church will continue to be open for live worship in accordance with Government and National Catholic Guidance ( read text below together with Bishop Richard’s Letter to Clergy). News websites have deliberately not mentioned the fact.

For those unable to attend remember to read the Scripture and make a Spiritual Communion. You may find you can follow Mass with live streaming

Our Mass Schedule

  • Wednesday 6th The Epiphany of the Lord Mass 10am
  • Friday 8th Mass 10am
  • Sunday 10th January The Baptism of the Lord Mass 10am

Justice and Peace Assembly Webinar

Saturday January 16th 10am – 12.30pm
To book your free place contact
The food poverty crisis. Receive the zoom link contact

Our Parish Thanks

We have to thank Paula and her schola who sang at our first Christmas Mass and to Marco who played at the second, the willing hands who disinfect the chairs after their use , the crib constructors and the chair arrangers , the publications “ hander- outers “, our Readers and everyone else who are so helpful on behalf of the Parish

Responding to the Psalms

Please click here for Psalms January 2021

Lockdown January 2021

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 27th December (The Feast of the Holy Family) 10am – Int People of the parish
  • Monday 28th December (The Feast of The Holy Innocents) 10am
  • Tuesday 29th December (St Thomas Becket) Archbishop Mass – Int Pastoral Clergy
  • Wednesday 30th December (Sixth Day of the Christmas Octave) 10am
  • Friday 1st January New Year’s Day (Mary, Mother of God) 11am
  • Sunday 3rd January Second Sunday of Christmas 10am

Sunday 27th December – The Holy Family

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter is reproduced in full below:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This year of 2020 has been a challenging year for us all and I am very conscious of the many families across the Diocese who will have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, perhaps through the loss of a loved one, sickness within the family, the challenges of work and school in these times and the economic hardship that has been the experience of many during these last months.

As we look to the New Year, with a good part of the Diocese now in Tier 4 measures – perhaps to be joined by other areas in the coming days – we know that many challenges lie ahead.

Our Christmas celebrations, both in church and at home, are quieter this year. However, it is never possible to “cancel Christmas,” for the reality of the Saviour’s Birth continues to bring light to our hearts, to our homes and to the whole world.

God’s promises always take us beyond ourselves; God’s promises are always fulfilled. We see this in the first reading of Today’s Mass, in which Abram – soon to be Abraham – and his wife Sarah become the parents of the Chosen People of Israel. In the Gospel, Simeon’s longed-for hope is fulfilled as the Holy Family stand before him and he lays eyes on the Saviour. In that one moment, his whole life finds its completion in Christ.

So it is with us. God’s promise for us is present in Jesus – a promise that is fulfilled in the light and life that He brings to us. Just as Jesus transformed the lives of Mary and Joseph, so the presence of Christ in our own families transforms our lives. If we are open to Him, our families will truly become holy families, our homes will be filled with His light – a light that will shine for the community around us. It is a light that is needed in our world. Society cries out for it – perhaps especially this year – and every family, every one of us, is called to share this light.

Mary and Joseph find themselves filled with wonder about all that Simeon says. May we all be open to the gift of wonder at the Saviour’s Birth and in every moment of his life, death and resurrection. Our wonder at the birth of Jesus leads us to reflect on the wonder and mystery of life itself.

Pope Francis, reflecting on the Crib scene, writes:

“the birth of a child awakens joy and wonder; it sets before us the great mystery of life. Seeing the bright eyes of a young couple gazing at their newborn child, we understand the feelings of Mary and Joseph, as they looked at the Infant Jesus, sensed God’s presence in their lives.” 

This wonder at the gift of life is at the very heart of our understanding of the human person, the value of life from the moment of conception to natural death – for in life with see the presence of God.

As our families, our homes, reflect the light of Christ, the love that is present in the Holy Family, may we bring to our world a renewed appreciation of the gift of life that has been given to us – for in this life we find the wonder and mystery of God Himself.

May I take this opportunity to assure you and those of your families who are unable to be with you this year, as they will have hoped, of my prayers. May we all experience the light, love and life of this great Season of Christmas.

With every Blessing,

+ Richard

Advent Week 4

As we commence the last few days of Advent the scene is set for the Birth of the Saviour. The Gospel sets the scene with the Announcing of Mary having a baby. “The angel Gabriel from heaven came” Hail Mary full of grace, Rejoice so highly favoured the Lord is with you.- the message repeated in the daily prayer the Angelus. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit. The Gathering Prayer or Collect of the Mass is prayed at the end of the Angelus “Pour forth we beseech you,O lord, your grace into our hearts that we to Whom the Incarnation of Christ Your Son was made know by the message of an Angel may by His Passion and Cross, be brought to the glory of His Resurrection.”

Our Christmas Mass Times

  • Thursday Christmas Eve Mass 6pm
  • Friday Christmas Day Mass 10am

No booking is required

Mass Schedule

  • Monday 10 am December 21st Int. Thomas & Ann Kiernan RIP
  • Wednesday 10am December 23rd Int. Geraldine Vallally RIP
  • FRIDAY December 25th CHRISTMAS MASS 10AM
  • Saturday December 26th ST STEPHEN’S DAY

The Covid Directives

  • Please sanitise hands on entry and exit
  • Face coverings to be worn
  • Social distancing to be observed
  • The Acclamation to “ the Body of Christ “ is said prior to approaching for Holy Communion.

The Parish Website

This is updated each week and replaces the weekly newsletter

To those unable to join us to Celebrate Christ’s Birth and to those away with Family or on your own, know that you will be remembered in prayer. The Carols that we normally sing convey the message of Christmas so sing or hum them in your hearts and sense the Joy at the Birth of our Saviour.

From O Little Town of Bethlehem

How silently, how silently
the wondrous gift is given.
So god imparts to human hearts,
The blessings of his heaven.
No ear may hear his coming:
But in this world of sin,
Where meek souls will receive him still,
The dear Christ enters in.

Advent Week 3

Nearly there ! John the Baptist is the Witness to Christ “ a voice that cries in the wilderness, make a straight way for the Lord “ The Masses of the “Five “
Days this Christmas are listed below. We hope to welcome those who have not been able to be with us since March to meet Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament and in the gathered Community. Thank you to the furniture movers last Sunday who have increased the number of chairs for our Christmas Masses.. Some more help needed this Sunday to prepare the crib , a visual reminder in the church of the Birthday of our Saviour. Remember to give yourself some time to pray amid days ahead.
Marana’tha, Come Lord Jesus,Come.
Fr John

Exploring the Season of Advent

Friday 18th December 7pm – please click here

Praying the Sunday Psalm

Please click here

Our Christmas Masses

December 24th Mass at 6pm
December 25th Mass at 10am
December 26th Mass at 10am -St Stephen
December 27th Sunday Mass at 10am – The Holy Family
December 28th Mass at 10am -The Holy Innocents

No booking necessary. Face coverings and Social Distancing to be observed.

Mass Schedule for 3rd Week of Advent

FRIDAY MASS 10AM – INT. The deceased members of the Higgins Family

Saints of the week

St Lucy -A young Christian woman, martyred in Sicily, contending with the prevailing pagan hedonism
St John of the Cross -Mystic – poet Carmelite. Author of Ascent to Mt Carmel on prayer. “Don’t run from the Cross”

Saint Joseph

Pope Francis has written an Apostolic Letter on St Joseph to mark the 150th Anniversary of St Joseph as Patron of the universal Church.
It begins –“With a Father’s Heart: that is how Joseph loved Jesus.You can read this Letter on the Holy See website – click here.

Carol Services

This Year Carol Services will be live streamed or on You Tube from our Schools and other Groups.

Greater Advent

This commences on Thursday 17th December.The ancient titles of the long expected one are prayed each day as we pray ever more urgently for the Lord to come.

O Wisdom, you come forth from the mouth of the most high.
 You fill the universe and hold all things together in a strong yet gentle manner.
 O come to teach us the way to truth.
 Emmanuel shall come to thee O Israel 

Welcome back!

We are already in the 2nd week of Advent – that time of patient waiting, conversion and hope all mingled with a sense of joy.
In the first weeks of Advent there is a reminder of the waiting for the glorious coming of the Lord at the end of time.More immediately we have a waiting memory of the humble coming of the Lord in our mortal flesh in Bethlehem. In this year B Isaiah reminds us “to prepare a way for the Lord “ and the beginning of St Mark’s Gospel has the messenger John the Baptist adding his voice –“Prepare a way for the Lord make his paths straight” We relive the expectancy of the ages for a Saviour and now after such a strange Year a good time to review our faith and practice and to regain minds and hearts ready to welcome Christ anew.
We are now able to offer public Worship once again abiding by the guidance publishes. You may wish to read the CBCEW directives here.
Do enjoy Advent,
Fr John

Advent events

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 6th December (2nd of Advent) 10 a.m. – people of the parish
  • Tuesday 8th December 10 a.m.Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady – Int Mark John Gordon (RIP)
  • Friday 11th December 10 a.m. Saint Damasus – Int Deceased members of Hilda Searle’s family
  • Sunday 13th December (3rd of Advent) 10 a.m. Int people of the parish

Saints of the week

  • St Andrew Apostle (30th November) – Peter’s brother called with him preached in Greece & Turkey Patron of Fishermen. Martyred on a saltire cross so patron of Scotland
  • St Ambrose -bewitched rioters with his hymns. Converted St Augustine
  • St Damasus – Pope. Denounced Arianism encouraged St Jerome in his Scripture studies
  • St Juan Diego –Born in Mexico At the age of 50 he was baptised .He had an apparition of Mary and is buried in the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Beatified by Pope St John Paul ii in 1990


  • Help please. To increase the number of socially distance chairs some stacking and moving of kneelers & chairs is required -please
  • Monday CNCS Admissions mtg.
  • Tuesday Burial of Mary Azzopardi Lawn Memorial Cemetery 1pm
  • Deanery Clergy Zoom Meeting Tuesday
  • St B’s committee mtg Wed
  • 11-1pm Zoom mtg for all Clergy with Bp Richard
  • Burial of Ashes John & Judy Harrison
  • Hospital telephone consultation

Advent Marian antiphon

Mother of Christ, hear thou thy people’s cry
 Star of the deep and portal of the sky.
 Mother of him who thou from nothing made
 Sinking we strive and call to thee for aid.
 Oh, by that joy which Gabriel brought to thee,
 Thou Virgin, first and last, let us thy mercy see.
 Alma Redemptorist Mater.

From Fr John

ADVENT The first Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the Church’s Year – Year B when we usually read the Gospel of St Mark with accompanying Scriptures.It is a time of preparation and waiting for the first coming of the Son of God , Jesus Christ , but also in the first 2 weeks we focus on the Second Coming of Christ at the end of time. It is a time to experience and live Peace, Joy,Love and Hope in our spiritual readying to welcome the new born Jesus Christ.May we indeed come to know him more clearly and love him more dearly as we follow him more nearly. Keep safe and respect others’ safety as well, Fr John

Advent Events

Friday 4th December John the Baptist -Witness 7pm Live Streamed on Diocesan Website – click here

Reading Mark in Advent from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales website – click here for further details.

Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass returns Sunday 6th December 10am.
Next week we will remind you how we have to celebrate during the Pandemic. Wearing face coverings and social distancing to protect yourself and others.

Public Weekday Masses

These will resume next week.

  • Tuesday 8th December Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary – 10 a.m.
  • Friday 11th December – 10 a.m.


Congratulations to Deacon Ivor Pelling on becoming a nonagenarian!

Saints of the Week

St John Damascene – born in Damascus, hence his name, Monk of Mt Sabas, defended the Church against the Iconoclasts and a poet
St Francis Xavier – a Jesuit, missionary to Goa bringing the Faith to Malayans,Hindus and Japanese.
St Ambrose – sent to Milan as the Roman Governor and chosen as Archbishop ! A fighter for causes and influencer of the future St Augustine

From Fr John

We conclude the Church’s Year with the Solemnity of Christ the King which reminds us of what place we have for him in our lives.Do we know him more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly ? Recall the Sunday Readings from St Matthew’s Gospel with all the images of what his kingdom is like.It is an opportunity to have gratitude in our hearts and prayers as we remember all the graces of this last Year and commit ourselves to the Year ahead. Keep in touch and keep well.Looking forward to celebrating Mass as the parish community on December 9th, 2nd Sunday of Advent. Fr John

Statement on Safeguarding – Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

Friday 20th November 2020
The account given in the IICSA Report of abuse known to be inflicted on children in the Catholic
Church in England and Wales in the past 50 years is shocking and overwhelming. At our
meeting this week, we Bishops have stood together in profound shame. We express our sorrow
and contrition before God.
We have reflected on our need to reach out afresh to those who bear the wounds of permanent
damage caused by this abuse. We commit ourselves to listen more intently to those who have
been abused so as to learn from them and benefit from their wisdom. It is through learning from
their testimony that hearts are changed.
We are grateful to those survivors who have come forward, not only to lay before us their
experience of abuse, but to help us understand the depth of their pain. We invite anyone who
has experienced abuse to come forward, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. We
undertake to listen carefully to them with open heart and mind and support them on a journey
of healing.
We have carefully considered the recommendations of the IICSA Report and formally accepted
them. We have already begun work towards their implementation.
The IICSA’s generic hearings into the Church began last October. Around that time we
commissioned an Independent Review of our Safeguarding Structures and Arrangements in the
Catholic Church in England and Wales. This was carried out by Mr Ian Elliott, an experienced
safeguarding professional who has worked across the world in this area.
This week, alongside the IICSA Report, we have also examined in depth the Final Report of the
Elliott Review and fully accepted its recommendations. It is a searching analysis of our
safeguarding work, in its weaknesses and strengths. It proposes a number of remedial and
forward-looking recommendations, which accord with the IICSA Report’s own
recommendations. The work of implementation will begin immediately. It will be carried out
in close cooperation with the Religious Orders who play such an important part in the life of the
In all our activities, our desire and resolve is to be a Church in which every child and vulnerable
person is not only safe but nurtured into human flourishing. These recommendations present
us with steps towards this goal. Key to them is a standards-based approach to safeguarding
together with a specially commissioned national body with powers of effective audit and
oversight of safeguarding in both Dioceses and Religious Orders. Everyone in the Church will
be required to work to clear, published standards of behaviour and action. Most significantly,
the Elliott Report has been fashioned with the participation of survivors of abuse. Their insight
and wisdom has been crucial. We thank them for their great courage and generosity in working
with us and we look forward to continuing this growing collaboration.
The Elliott Report builds on all that has been achieved in our safeguarding ministry in the past
20 years, achievements also recognised in the IICSA Report. Therefore we thank profoundly all
who contribute to the work of safeguarding in the Church today: the thousands of Parish
Safeguarding Representatives, the professionals who work in our Safeguarding Offices in every
Diocese, the Safeguarding Commissions who oversee this work and give objective and
professional advice to guide our decisions, the staff of the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory
Service and those who serve on the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission. These, and
many others, have contributed greatly to the current work of safeguarding in the Church.
Today, however, we acknowledge without hesitation, our failings, our mistakes, our lack of
adequate cooperation. We express our deep sorrow and ask forgiveness, especially from victims
and survivors. We affirm our resolve to effect the next step in our work of safeguarding and care
for survivors. In prayer we turn to Christ the Good Shepherd, the fount of healing and
compassion, asking that this moment of painful truth becomes a time of grace as we strive to
fulfil the ministry entrusted to us as bishops in an unshakeable unity of purpose.

National Youth Sunday

An opportunity to recognise young people and affirm them in their belonging to the Family of the Church and to encourage them in youth ministry and in our Catholic Schools.

Advent Talks

Bishop Richard is offering a series of Advent talks from Arundel Cathedral. The programme will run for four weeks, focussing on a number of different themes:

Friday 27th November: Advent – Waiting
Friday 4th December: John the Baptist – Witness
Friday 11th December: Gaudete – Rejoice
Friday 18th December: Mary – Openness

Each evening will begin at 7pm and be live streamed on our website here. It may be possible to attend December’s talks in person – further details will be shared across our channels soon.

St Vincent de Paul

The SVP are currently holding a number of webinars and Zoom meetings. Further information can be found by following this link here

Saints of the week

  • St Clement I -Pope, Martyr –3rd Successor of St Peter. Charity unites us to God
  • St Columban – Irish Missionary
  • St Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions – One of 117 Vietnamese Martyrs
  • St Catherine of Alexandria -Tortured on a wheel. Honoured at the Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai

Mr Tony Smith

Please pray for the repose of the Soul of Tony Smith, first Headteacher of the Cardinal Newman Catholic School (1971-1981) known to many local Catholics. His contribution to Education ranged from Crawley, Brighton and Hove to London and Liverpool.

November Prayer

Lord be gentle to them
 For sufferings undergone
 Lord may we meet again at last
 When heaven’s crown been won

Statement on the publication of the IICSA Report

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) released its report into the Catholic Church on Tuesday (10th) this week. The Bishops of England and Wales are meeting next week with a press conference led by Cardinal Vincent Nichols scheduled for Friday 20th November. You can read the statement issued by Cardinal Nichols and and Archbishop Malcolm McMahon’s here:

‘The Catholic Church in England and Wales welcomes the Report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse relating to the institutional response of the Church in its duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

We thank the IICSA Panel for their work. The Report will now inform the ongoing reform and improvement of safeguarding in all aspects of the Church’s life.

An important aspect of the Inquiry’s work was the voice given to victims and survivors of abuse, including the accounts which they gave of their subsequent engagement with the Church. Listening attentively to their witness testimony has brought into sharp relief the extent of the damage this sexual abuse has had on their lives.

We apologise to all victims and survivors who have not been properly listened to, or properly supported by us. By listening with humility to those who have suffered, we can contribute to the healing of the wounds of abuse, as well as learn from those most directly affected how we must improve the Church’s safeguarding standards, policies and procedures.

This is an ongoing task and one to which we are wholly committed. Child sexual abuse is a crime. It is a crime that requires committed vigilance and strict procedures to ensure reporting to the statutory authorities. This is the Church’s policy. It is also why our safeguarding work needs to be continually reviewed and improved. Where there have been failings and inconsistency in the application of our safeguarding procedures, we acknowledge these and commit to actions which will bring about improvement.

Abuse is an evil act against the most vulnerable; it must never be excused or covered up. Abuse committed against children and the consequent damage to people’s lives cannot be undone. For this, we apologise without reservation, and we are committed to listen attentively to the voices of those who have been abused.

This report is an important moment in our safeguarding journey in the Catholic Church in our countries. It will now be considered in detail by us, the Bishops, at our Plenary Assembly beginning next week so we can explore how to integrate the findings of this important Inquiry into the life and work of the Church in order to consistently safeguard children and the vulnerable.’

‍Vincent Cardinal Nichols

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP

Bishop Richard continues to pray for all those affected by abuse, that they may find effective support and true healing for the suffering they have experienced.

World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis’ message for this year can be found in full here.

Prayer in the absence of Mass

  1. Daily prayer for the nation – further details please click here.
  2. Join Bishop Richard virtually at Arundel Cathedral on Saturday 21st November, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm
  3. Responding to the Psalm 33rd Sunday.

Arundel Cathedral Fund

This Sunday we are invited to support this Fund which helps maintain the Mother Church of the Diocese. In our present circumstances the most effective way would be by a card payment via Just Giving. Please click here.

Saints of the week

  • St Edmund of Abingdon –Archbishop of Canterbury. His shrine is in the Abbey of Pontigny, Do visit if in France. Because he was only in the post from 1233 to 1240 St Edmund is overlooked as Archbishop of Canterbury. Because of the King (Henry III) he had to flee into exile, dying on 16th November 1240 he was buried in the Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny.
  • St Margaret of Scotland – born in England, married to King Malcom 6 sons and 2 daughters revived the Abbey of Iona
  • St Gertrude – a “bride of Christ “ reminds us the heart of the Christian life is prayer
  • St Hilda of Whitby –Abbess of the Community in Hartlepool. Founded the double Monastery of Whitby and hosted the famous Synod
  • St Hugh of Lincoln – Carthusian Monk from the Grande Chartreuse, Prion of Witham, Bishop of Lincoln “eat well , drink well, and serve God well”
  • St Elizabeth of Hungary – daughter of the King, led a life of prayer, sacrifice and service to the poor and the sick.Member of the 3rd Franciscans.

We hope Masses will resume on Sunday 6th December -The second Sunday of Advent Year B when we commence the reading of the Gospel of St Mark.

November Prayer

Lord be gracious to them,
 With all my heart I pray.
 Lord be gracious to them.
 For the good that they have done

From Fr John

For one month we will not be able to celebrate Sunday Mass together. Instead try to delve into the “useful websites” for suggestions for personal prayer or to attend a virtual live streaming Mass making a Spiritual Communion as before. You will read that each day at 6pm we are asked to join a national shared moment of prayer for the ending of this pandemic. My phone 01273 563017 is on and my email is available. Take care and protect your self and other people. Fr John

Statement from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales on the Four-Week National Lockdown in England and a Call to Prayer

Today, Parliament passed into law the Regulations governing many aspects of activity in the whole of England until Wednesday, 2 December. These Regulations prohibit the gathering of people for communal worship in churches and other religious buildings. Read more here.

Responding to the Psalms

The Responsorial Psalm is an integral part of the Liturgy of the Word. You could
reflect on a verse for one or two days, and then move onto the next verse. The
questions that follow each verse of the psalm are for personal reflection
Some might be good for sharing with another, or a small group. Some might be
too personal. Where the text says ‘we’ it can also be rephrased as ‘I’.

For this month’s Sunday Psalms please click here.

Preparing for the next Liturgical Year

This commences on Advent Sunday 29th November. The CTS Sunday Missal for Year B (St Mark’s Gospel) £7.95. Please click on this link for the 2021 Sunday Missal and this link for the Sunday Missal for all three liturgical years.

Saints of the week

  • St Leo the Great –Pope in 440 His Christmas Sermon is still remarkable
  • St Martin of Tours – a Roman Soldier who became a Christian. Monk of Poitiers Abbey and then Bishop of Tours
  • St Josaphat – worked to heal rift between Catholics and Orthodox .Martyred. Saint of the Eastern Catholics

November Prayer

Lord be good to them
 And show them all your love.
 Lord be kind to them,
 And grant them peace above

All Souls’ Day

We offer Mass for all the Faithful Departed at 10 a.m.

A Deanery Mass for those who have died

Bishop Richard is offering a live streamed Deanery Mass for those who have died during this difficult year. The names of those who have died will be on the Sanctuary and remembered.The Mass will be live streamed from the Sacred Heart Hove at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd November

Remembrance Sunday 8th November

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. We will observe the 2 Minute Silence at 10am. Please kindly be in church on time.

Mass Intentions for November

Masses for those we have loved and lost awhile can be offered at any time of the Year. November in particular is a time when we can mark someone’s death by visiting their grave or having a Mass said for them. If you wish this please write their name on an envelope with an offering.

Modern Slavery

The first Newsletter from the Diocesan Steering Group on Modern Slavery has now been published and is available on the Diocesan Website.

The Diocesan Retired Priests’ Fund

The annual collection is due this weekend. If you wish to donate electronically please follow this link to the diocese’s Just Giving page – please ensure that you include Saint Thomas More, Patcham in your details so the diocese knows where to send your money.

Parish Admin Forum

Webinars on Saturday November 7th from 10am onwards. More information can be found on the diocesan newsletter – subscribe from here.

Masses this week

  • Monday All Souls 10am
  • Tuesday Live streamed from the Sacred Heart 7pm Deanery Station Mass
  • Wednesday 10am St Charles Borromeo
  • Friday 10am Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart
  • Sunday Mass 10am

Saints of the week

  • St Martin de Porres – Dominican Brother caring for the sick, the poor, the slaves.
  • St Winefride – born in Holywell ,her shrine is still a place of Pilgrimage
  • St Charles Borromeo – a reformer at the time of the Council of Trent
  • St Willbrord -born in Northumbria he became a missionary to what is now Holland
"May the souls of the Faithful Departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace"

Martyrs’ Sunday

This Sunday in England and Wales we will be celebrating the witness of those Catholics who were persecuted for their Faith in the 16th and 17th Centuries. The Votive Mass will replace the 30th Sunday Liturgy.There are some from Sussex and Surrey who died during those years.

St John’s Seminary, Wonersh

The seminary, located in our diocese will no longer act as a seminary from September 2021. Please visit the Wonersh website for further details.

It’s Half-Term!

Wishing all who form our Catholic Schools a safe and happy half-term break!

Rosary Whirlwind British Isles (Saturday 31st October)

Each of the Bishops will be leading the Rosary on Saturday 31st October A&B starts with Bishop Richard at 9am on the Diocesan Website. More details can be found here.

Zoom Retreat Saturday 31st October

Praying with Lectio Divina 11am -1pm – a session led by Bishop Richard. Find out more here.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 25th October 10 a.m. Int: People of the parish
  • Wednesday 28th October 10 a.m. SS Simon & Jude. Int: Tony Fitzgerald RIP (M & C Fitzgerald)
  • Friday 30th October 10 a.m. Int: For those unwell at this time
  • Sunday 1st November 10 a.m. (All Saints’ Day) Int: People of the parish

Saints of the Week

  • Monday 26th October SS Chad and Cedd (Brothers) St Chad was Bishop of Lichfield with a devotion to Mary – his relics are enshrined in the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. St Cedd – founder of churches in the North of England and Bishop of London
  • Wednesday 28th October SS Simon and Jude: Jude or Thaddeus an apostle, Simon a Zealot (a sect that considered payment of Roman taxes blasphemy)

Readers’ List

A draft version of the readers’ list is on the noticeboard.

Mission Sunday (18th October)

This day marks the one day of the year when the entire global Church comes together in support of mission with a shout of courage and faith: ‘Here I am, send me!’

This special day is celebrated in every Catholic community in the world. It is a moment of grace to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in situations of poverty, violence and oppression. In Pope Francis’ message for World Mission Sunday, he says: ‘The Church continues the mission of Jesus and sends us everywhere so that, through our witness and the proclamation of the Gospel, God may continue to manifest his love and transform hearts, societies and cultures’. 

Donating online to Missio – please click here.

Test and trace

You will notice a QR code on the noticeboard. Please use your phone to check in. Volunteer Stewards to take names and phone numbers. One of the Deaneries – Weybridge is now in Tier 2 Elmbridge. Please take care of others and yourself, remembering social distance , hand sanitising etc.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Int: The people of the Parish
  • Wednesday Mass 10am St Philip Howard – Int: For all members of the Church of Arundel and Brighton
  • Friday Mass 10am St John Paul II – Int: –
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int: The people of the Parish

Fighting Modern Slavery

You will remember we had The Medaille Trust as our Friday Self denial Project – just one of the groups working to raise awareness.You can read more about the response of the Diocese at the Modern Slavery Section of the Diocesan Website – please click here.

Blessed Carlo Actuis

Blessed Carlo Acutis (1991-2006), was beatified in the Basilica of San Francesco, in Assisi, on Saturday, October 10th… Read more here.

November Masses

Bishop Richard is celebrating a Mass in each Deanery for those who have died this year. The Brighton and Hove deanery Mass will be on Tuesday 3rd November.The names of those who have died will be placed in a basket. Please kindly provide me with any names of family members who have died this year.The Mass will be live streamed from the Sacred Heart Hove at 7pm names to

This Week’s Saints

  •  St Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, patron of the Diocese ,died after a long imprisonment in the Tower of London
  •     St Pope John Paul II ,Polish and a visitor to many countries including the UK and Ireland. Landed at Gatwick 28th May 1982 .Devoted to praying the Mysteries of the Rosary.
  •     St John of Capistrano – a Franciscan born at the time of the “ Black death “ Commissioned to preach a Crusade for the defence of Europe
  •     St Anthony Mary Claret –The Spiritual father of Cuba.The rosary was never out of his hand it was said

Mission Today

Copies of this magazine will be available from the courtyard after Mass on Sunday.

Fratelli Tutti – New Encyclical from Pope Francis

Please follow this link for further information.

Prisons Week

Prisons Week aims to encourage prayer and awareness of the needs of prisoners and their families, victims of offenders, prisons staff and all those who care. More details here…

New Website for Arundel and Brighton Diocese

Please note the new website has a new address

Responding to The Psalms

The materials for this month’s Psalms can be found here.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 11th October 10 am – Bernard Joseph Quigley RIP (Anniversary)
  • Wednesday 14th October 12 noon –
  • Friday 16th October 10am – funeral for Tony Fitzgerald RIP
    • 1 pm funeral Mass for Fr Albert Van Der Most (live-streamed from Arundel Cathedral)
  • Sunday 18th October – Intention (People of the parish)

Saints of the week

  • Monday 12th St Wilfrid –taught the Susses people to fish and preached the Gospel in the Selsey Peninsula and beyond
  • Tuesday 13th St Edward the Confessor – King of the English 1042 fulfilled his vow to go on pilgrimage to Rome by rebuilding St Peter’s Abbey Westminster
  • Thursday 15th St Teresa of Avila -Carmelite, Contemplative,Reformer, Woman of Prayer
  • Friday 16th St Margaret Mary Alacoque – “I need nothing but God and to lose myself in the heart of Jesus”
  • Saturday 17th St Ignatius of Antioch – Famed for his 7 Letters to the Young Churches he met the lions in the Coliseum in 107AD

World Mission Sunday 2020

Please note that Sunday 18th October is World Mission Sunday – unfortunately the traditional red boxes can not be collected at this time. Please make an online donation or send a cheque or make a donation over the ‘phone by following this link.

World Mission Sunday 2020

Harvest Thanksgiving

As we come to the end of the Season of Creation our prayer is in thanks giving for all that our earth produces for our nourishment. Listen carefully to the Preparation of Gifts “Blessed are you Lord God of all Creation. Through your goodness we have this bread to offer which earth has given and human hands have made.It will become for us the Bread of Life”

CAFOD donations

Your donations from the Family Fast Day may be placed in the second basket or you may prefer to make a card payment on the CAFOD website.

Pope Francis in Assisi

October 4th is the Feast of St Francis – out ranked by the 27th Sunday. A new Encyclical will be announced by the Pope with the themes of fraternity and social justice.

Mass Schedule

Sunday 4th October27th Sunday Ordinary TimePeople of the parish
Wednesday 7th OctoberOur Lady of the RosaryBernadette Conor
Friday 9th OctoberSaint John Henry NewmanCardinal Newman School
Sunday 11th October28th Sunday Ordinary Time

Responding to the Psalms

The Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference has been reflecting on how best to support and sustain a person’s prayer life at this challenging time – particularly those who may not have easy access to the internet or streaming services. The Committee has looked to the psalms as the inspiration for its new resource. – READ MORE HERE

Saints of the week

  • St Francis of Assisi – adopted poverty to live the Gospel inspired by Jesus
  • St Bruno – Founder of the Carthusians devoting his life in contemplative prayer in solitude and silence
  • St John Henry Newman – Canonised 2019 famed for his writings on the development of Christian Doctrine and the true meaning of Conscience
  • St Paulinus of York – one of the second group of monks sent by St Gregory, first Bishop of York and apostle to Northumbria

Autumn 100 Draw Winners

  • 51 Peggy Ingram
  • 54 Sarah and George Ankers
  • 4 Val Lowry
  • 23 Sheila Jenner

New members welcome!

World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2020

The theme chosen by the Holy Father for the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees is “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee” to focus on the pastoral care of internally displaced people (IDPs). More information can be found here.

Catholic Mass online never a substitute for personal participation in church

In a letter to the Presidents of the world’s Catholic Bishops’ Conferences, the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship has affirmed the necessity of a return to the normality of Christian life, where the healthcare crisis permits, saying that following a virtual Mass cannot be compared to the physical presence of the faithful at a liturgy – read more here.

The Holy Oils

Bishop Richard has now blessed the holy oils (this is usually done at the Chrism Mass during Holy Week). They will be displayed on the altar.

  • The oil for baptism
  • The oil of chrism for confirmation, ordination of priests and for consecrations
  • The oil for the sacrament of the anointing of the sick

Mass Schedule

Sunday 27 September 10am 26 Ordinary TimePeople of the parish
Wednesday 30 September 10amSt JeromeAda and Bertie Benham RIP (Foundation Mass)
Sunday 4 October 10am27 Ordinary TimeCollins family

Friday Fast Day

Envelopes will be handed out in the courtyard as you leave. Do try to restrict what you take and bring your gift next week. Read more about CAFOD by searching in our list of Useful Websites.

The God Who Speaks

This project about Scripture is now continuing into 2021 .You may enjoy Cardinal Vincent talking about the painting of St Jerome in the National Gallery 

Visit by new PCSO

Neighbours were intrigued with the police car and the uniform! A new member of the PCSO service introduced herself. Her patch covers most of our parish area.She may be able to meet you one Sunday after Mass

Feasts of the week

Monday 28 SeptemberSaint Wenceslaus – an example of a leader well able to apply his Christian faith to social change
Tuesday 29 SeptemberSaints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels
Wednesday 30 SeptemberSaint Jerome a Scripture Scholar and Commentator who produced the Vulgate Translation of the Bible
Thursday 1 OctoberSaint Thérèse of the Child Jesus – a Carmelite Nun whose Story of the Soul inspires people in their bond with Christ
Friday 2 OctoberThe Holy Guardian Angels

Covid-19 and vaccinations

Please read the following guidance published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales – click here

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK – Ten Years Ago

Please follow this link for further details.

Bishop John Arnold: We all have a role to play in caring for our common home

The lead Bishop on the Environment for the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Bishop John Arnold speaks about the Season of Creation and the work his own diocese of Salford is doing to care for our common home – more details can be found here.

Boxes for your offerings

If you wish to have a box of envelopes they will be handed to you in the Courtyard after Mass.Remember the Directive that we cannot pick up items from the entrance

Annual Mass Count

This will be taken over the next four Sundays.

A counter will do this after the Creed. If you meet any Parishioners do invite them to rejoin our Sunday Worship.

Mass Schedule

Sunday 20th September10am25th Sunday of the YearPeople of the parish
Wednesday 23rd September10amSt Pius of PietreclinoFrances Parson’s Intentions
Friday 25th September10amOur Lady of WalsinghamGordon Perera, Stephen Franklin lately dead
Sunday 27th September10amPrayer for migrants

Saints of the week

Saint MatthewApostle and evangelist – his gospel is being read this year (A)
Our Lady of WalsinghamOur English place of pilgrimage
St Pius of PietreclinoCapuchin friar who received the stigmata (the wounds of Christ in his hands)
Ss Cosmas and DamianMartyrs – legend has them as twin brothers – mentioned in Eucharistic Prayer 1

Diocesan Vacancies

  • Primary Adviser for Catholic Ethos and Religious Education
  • Safeguarding Caseworker (part time)

More details are available on the diocesan website – click here

Education Sunday

It is hoped to have a Deanery wide celebration later in the year. It is customary to have a collection for the National Catholic Education Service which is the interface body between the Church in England and the Department for Education, thus being an important voice for Catholic Schools over grants for capital projects, admission policies and many other issues which have an impact on our Schools. Remember they are part of the Mission of the Church.Bishop Richard spoke to Schools via a podcast -cf Education Service site at Dabnet. For those with purple 2nd collection envelopes please place your donation in the basket in the middles of the Church. Thank you.

The Season of Creation

Thousands will be joining in the Litter pick around England this weekend. Let’s keep Patcham tidy !

As Harvest approaches consider whether you may be able to donate some food to one of the food banks. We are reminded in a message form Pope Francis “ to walk new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology….responding to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor, living out the call to be protectors of God’s handiwork”

Look out this Sunday for the TV Documentary on the extinction of wildlife.

Mass Schedule

Sunday 13th September10am24th SundayPeople of the parish
Wednesday 16th September10amExaltation of The Holy CrossRudy Vallaly RIP
Friday 18th September10amSt Theodore of Tarsus
Sunday 20th September10am25th SundayPeople of the parish

The Pastoral Care of The Sick

Home visits including the Administration of Holy Communion and when desired the Sacrament of the Anointing –(which may be received as often as needed) can now take place. If you know of someone who has become housebound please do let me know. Thank you.

Saints of The Week

St Robert Bellarmine (Thursday 17th September). A famed Scholar in the early 1600s he incurred the anger of England and France by showing the divine right of kings theory as untenable.He used the hangings in his Vatican apartment to clothe poor people, remarking” the walls won’t catch cold “

St Theodore of Tarsus (Saturday 19th September) . An unusual choice – the elected Archbishop died of the plague – so Theodore came as a second “Augustine” to England and did much to organise new Dioceses by calling the Synod of Hatfield.

Social Distancing

Please observe this inside and outside the church building. The chairs have been placed so as to observe this so do not add or move chairs. Further Directives are on their way.

Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Event: ‘A New Normal for Christian Unity’ – Saturday 26th September 10.45 am – 1 pm via Zoom

Everyone is welcome to our Dialogue and Unity Event taking place via Zoom on Saturday 26th September, 10.45am to 1pm. Attendees will listen to a range of speakers, exploring what we can learn from the pandemic and what vision we should aspire to as Christians and people of faith moving forwards, together. 

There will be an opportunity for prayer and small group discussion with people of all faith backgrounds welcome. Email our diocesan Dialogue and Unity Advisor here to register and receive the zoom link.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – The 23rd Sunday of The Year

The Season of Creation

The Columbans have produced  “A Catholic Season of Creation” , a resource exploring the Sunday scripture readings to help us find the voice of the earth as the voice of the Holy Spirit.Sunday Mass is an easy place to start seeing the natural world in God’s plan of Salvation in Jesus Christ by linking the insights of ecology with Scripture. Further resources can be found by clicking here.

You may have wondered at the Blue Planet -a Celebration, or been horrified by Tuesday’s Documentary on the War on Plastic. Clearing up our car park is a regular chore with plastic bottles, Vodka bottles, cans. Tissues, food trays, cannabis packets, “cigarettes “ in the sometimes twice weekly clear up. It does bring home the thoughtless approach to care for our living world . It is great that volunteers have been removing tons of rubbish from the beach and that action is being taken with flytippers. These issues should well be added to our examination of conscience and to our voicing of the need to care

And to mean what we pray “Blessed are you Lord God of all Creation…”

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 6th September 10am – Int. People of the Parish
  • Wednesday 9th September 10am The Birthday of Our Lady – Int. Sick of the Parish
  • Friday 11th September NB 9:30am Weekday Mass – Int. Deceased Priests


Our schools fully re-open on Monday. All good wishes to pupils at the beginning of the term and for those starting School or moving to a new one.

Parish Finances

Thank you to those who were able in March to set up Monthly Standing Orders or made Offerings through the Just Giving site. For those now attending Mass in person there is a basket on the table in the midst of the socially distanced chairs.

Prayer for Lebanon

The request for prayer and fasting for Lebanon came too late on Thursday to be communicated. It is never too late to pray. Details can be found by clicking here.

Saints of the Week

  • The Birthday of Mary
  • St Peter Claver – Famed for his apostolate with slaves arriving in Cartagena , Colombia for over 40 years .He would bring them food, medicine and care for the sick.Slave trading was condemned by Pope Paul III and described by Pope Pius IX as “supreme villainy”. It was in 1888 that Pope Leo XIII declared him a Saint and patron of missionary work among black slaves.

Bishop Richard is to celebrate Mass for all schools

Bishop Richard will be celebrating a Mass for schools across our Diocese on Monday 7th September at 10am at Arundel Cathedral. The Mass will be live-streamed here with the service available to download afterwards.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – The 22nd Sunday of The Year

Back To School

Our primary and secondary schools begin to return at the start of the new school year. Visit their websites (here and here) for details. We wish the staff, pupils and parents a happy and safe return. We warmly welcome Mrs Claire Smith as she takes up her role as as Headteacher of St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School.

The Season Of Creation

The theme for 2020 is “Jubilee for the Earth”. This year we are invited to “consider the integral relationship between rest for the Earth and ecological, economic, social and political ways of living.” Further details can be found by following this link.

The Liturgy of The Mass Under Official Directives

For those finding their way back to participation in Mass please note the following:

  • Socially distanced seats are provided 1/2/3 formation. At the end of Mass please place the chair on the ground so that it can be disinfected.
  • There are no bidding prayers
  • Your offertory may be placed in the basket situated on the table in the midst of the chairs
  • Since the kneelers are not in place remain standing for the Consecration and sit down following the memorial Acclamation
  • The priest, prior to receiving Holy Communion announces ‘The Body of Christ’ and ‘The Blood of Christ’ to which we all respond ‘AMEN’
  • For Holy Communion, please approach socially distancing and extend your arms over the prie-dieu. Having previously answered ‘AMEN’ the Host will be administered with no words and the neither the priest nor the communicant will speak.
  • The priest will be wearing a face covering at this point.
  • Remember to leave promptly so that the used chairs can be disinfected. We have, for the meantime,been directed to keep the Mass short.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 30th August 10 am – for the people of the parish
  • Wednesday 2nd September 10 am – St Gregory the Great – Int. Ena Cripps (RIP) – Foundation Mass
  • Friday 4th September 10 am – St Cuthbert – Int. Robert Vallally (RIP)
  • Sunday 6th September 10 am – (23rd Ordinary Time) Int. for the people of the parish.

Saints of the Week

  • Saint Aidan and the saints of Lindisfarne – a monk from Iona he began the evangelisation of the North of England
  • Saint Gregory the Great – the Pope who sent Saint Augustine of Canterbury to Britain with a number of monks. His tomb is in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome
  • Saint Cuthbert – the Saint Francis of England. His shrine is in Durham Cathedral

The Word of Life

The leaflet for September will be available in the courtyard after Mass. Each month a verse from scripture is provided for prayerful reflection. This month it is taken from Luke 5:7-8

Prayers Please

Please pray for those who are unwell at this time for their comforting and healing and for the repose of the soul of Liliana Craggs – a Catholic resident in Maycroft and a former parishioner of Saint Joseph’s, Brighton

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – The 21st Sunday of The Year

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 23rd August – 10 am (21st Sunday of The Year)
  • Wednesday 26th August – 9.30 am (NB earlier time) Blessed Dominic Baberi CP
  • Friday 28th August 10 am (St Augustine of Hippo)
  • Sunday 30th August 10 am 22nd Sunday of The Year

Saints of the week

  • St Bartholomew. Apostle – identified with Nathanael.
  • St Louis. King of France bound himself to behave as God’s anointed
  • Blessed Dominic Barberi of the Mother of God . The Passionist Priest who received St John Henry Newman into the Church
  • St Monica. Mother of St Augustine who prayed for his conversion
  • St Augustine of Hippo .Son of St Monica . Bishop and spiritual teacher “ too late have I loved you “
  • St John the Baptist .his Passion and Death – beheaded at the drunken oath of a king and the dancing of Salome

Vatican Website – Saint of the day

Please click here for this feature

Blessed Dominic Barberi

A member of the Passionist Order in the 19th Century after 3 centuries of persecution he guided many people back to the Catholic Faith. Born in Viterbo, Italy he was convinced of his calling to come to England to work for its conversion. He settled in England in 1841.

He establishes the first Monastery in Staffordshire followed by others in St Helens and London.He was called to meet John Henry Newman in 1845 at Littlemore and eventually received him into full communion with the Catholic Church.Newman wrote “ Father Dominic played a great part in my conversion.His very look had about it something holy “ He collapsed at Pangbourne Station and died in Reading on 27th August 1849

Catholics and the care of people with dementia

Please read this article by Bishop Paul Mason

Meditation With Zoom

Ignatian Meditation Sessions Monday evenings at 8 pm. A calm comfortable space in which to reflect on the Gospels and meet God. Visit the website by clicking here

Saint Thomas More

With the closure of the Towers School the Sisters have kindly donated a framed painting of our Patron. It belonged to the School House of his name. Any former pupils remember it ?

Bishop Richard’s Podcast Feast of the Assumption

The Assumption of Our Lady

When we reflect on the 4th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary we have in mind the destiny of the Mother of Jesus. Having given birth and accomapanied through his life we hear his words that “in time he will take us with him”. At the end of her life as she fell asleep – another name for the Feast is her Dormition – it is our belief that she has entered the presence of her Son, her Saviour.The Preface puts it like this “ The Virgin Mother of God was assumed into heaven as the beginning and image of your Church’s coming to perfection and a sign of sure hope and comfort to your pilgrim people “

As we listen to her Magnificat let us remember that God’s transforming power is continually at work in us so that one day we will be in his presence and that of Mary and all gone before us

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 16th August 10 am – For the people of the parish
  • Wednesday 19th August 10 am – St Bernard (Int. Myrtle Bowman RIP)
  • Friday 21st August 10 am – St Pius X (Int. Rose Costello Foundation Mass)
  • Sunday 23rd August 10 am – Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time. (Int. For the People of the Parish)

Myrtle Clementine Bowman RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Myrtle, mother of Norman and a family friend Vera Blyth

National Board of Catholic Women publishes practical booklet on domestic abuse

In order to raise awareness within the Catholic community of domestic abuse and the impact upon victims and their children, the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) has released a booklet that offers pastoral care and guidance. Please click here to download the booklet.

Diocesan Bulletin

Please click here to view further details.

Google Maps and St Thomas More Church

 At Last. People looking for our Church have been led astray by the GOOGLE Street view which gives an address of 151  Carden Avenue accompanied by a picture of the bus stop. After a number of tries to correct this I had a phone call from India asking what our opening times are ! It turned out that this was in response to another attempt to correct the Entry.Hopefully the Post Office and various neighbours will no longer have to readdress mail to 14 Church Close BN1 8HS and drivers with satnavs will find the Church in Braybon Avenue BN1 8HG.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Face Coverings Compulsory At All Acts of Worship

Please note this rule comes into force from today (Saturday 8th August)

Mass Schedule

  • Wednesday 12th August 10 am – St Jane Frances de Chantal
  • Friday 14th August 10 am – St Maximilian Kolbe
  • Sunday 16th August 10 am – The Solemnity of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary (transferred from Saturday 15th)

Following the Sunday Lectionary

Due to the Directive to keep Mass short we have reduced the readings to one plus the Gospel. A discussion about which one to choose gives the opportunity to explain how the Sunday Lectionary is formed. In your Missals you see the first Reading is from the Old Testament  e.g. 18th Prophet Isaiah /19th 1st Book of Kings. And the second is from the New Testament when one of the Letters is read continuously e.g. Romans 9th Sunday – 24th Sunday. The Old Testament Reading has some phrase, words or ideas which are reflected in the Gospel – though sometimes not too obvious. Our Readers are instructed to read the Gospel so that they can emphasise the link when reading the first reading.

The 100 + Club

Thank you to those subscribing to our fundraiser. Here are the latest winners:

  • 35 Errol Lord
  • 48 Pauline Modiri
  • 22 Peggy Ingram
  • 21 Sylvia McCormick
  • 2 Chris Hyttner

Mission Today

Copies of the Summer Impact Report about Missio will be offered in the Courtyard after Mass ( We are instructed not to leave publications/ communications in the Entrance to be picked up )

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Arundel and Brighton – Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

The Mass for the diocese on the 28th July was not screened live because of a technical issue. It is now available by following this link.

Face Coverings At Mass

From being encouraged last Sunday (26th July) the wearing of face masks becomes mandatory from Saturday 8th August – enforceable by law. This is another way we are being responsible for not receiving or spreading the virus.

Social Distanced Seating

Now that more people are returning to Sunday Mass the number of chairs has been increased. You will find that they are carefully arranged in groups of one, two, or three at measured distances. Please do not rearrange them.


The Catholic Bishops responsible for Healthcare and Life issues have released a paper providing clarity and assurances on the moral issues surrounding vaccination and to encourage Catholics to commit to protecting the most vulnerable in society. More information on this important subject can be found by following this link.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 2nd August 10 am – for the people of the parish
  • Tuesday 4th August 10 am – (St John Vianney) – Terrence Sweeney RIP (Foundation Mass)
  • Thursday 6th August 10 am – (The Transfiguration of The Lord) Charles Bernard Hull RIP
  • Friday 7th August 10 am – (St Cajetan) – The Holy Souls
  • Sunday 9th August 10 am (19th Ordinary Time)

100 + Club

Members are now being invited to join this parish fundraising activity for the 2020-21 year. The subscription is £30 per annum. During the year there are normally some social events when the draws take place. Please make your cheques payable to STM 100+ Club. They may be brought to church or popped through the letterbox of no. 14 Church Close. Thank you for joining.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (26th July 2020)

Arundel and Brighton Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

This is usually the time when the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes happens. Please visit the special website created for this event.

You will see from the list of Events how you can take part Bishop Richard celebrates the opening Mass this Saturday evening at 7pm. On Sunday there will be Rosary at 2 pm and Mass from the Grotto at 4 pm – this will be repeated each day. You will read in the programme events for young people and also some for primary age children. It is a good time to bring your intentions in prayer.

New Directive – Face Coverings

We have been strongly advised to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces where there are people we do not normally meet – such as a church. Masks should now also be worn in shops.

Caritas Social Action Network

This network known as CSAN is the national Catholic agency which brings together 48 Catholic charities. Their website (click here) provides material and information on a wide range of social ministries and introduces the roles of charities. Please take time to visit their website.

Useful Websites

Please do take time to visit this section of our website (click here). Your attention is drawn this week to the Pray As You Go website which provides a daily 10 minute prayer and reflection.

This Week’s Masses

  • Wednesday 29th July – 10 am
  • Friday 31st July – 10 am
  • Sunday 2nd August 10 am

Saints of the Week

  • St Martha – with Mary and Lazarus close friends of Jesus (Wednesday 29th July)
  • St Peter Chrysologus – Peter of the Golden Words and believer in short sermons (Thursday 30th July)
  • St Ignatius of Loyola – founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuit Order) and prayer guide for so many -please do remember to visit Pray As You Go (Friday 31st July)
  • St Alphonsus Ligouri – moral theologian founder of the Redmptorist Order and author of our Spiritual Communion Prayer (Saturday 1st August)

Parish Finance

Our diocesan church family, in the care of Bishop Richard Moth, includes 74 parishes across Sussex and Surrey with 91 priests and 81 schools. We are very grateful for your support. When donating through the diocese’s Just Giving web page please remember to include the name of our parish with your offering.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (19th July 2020)

Arundel and Brighton Virtual Pilgrimage

See this page for the different activities that are taken place during this year’s unique virtual pilgrimage.

Mass times for the forthcoming week

  • Sunday July 19th – 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday July 22nd – 10 a.m.
  • Friday July 24th – 10.a.m.

CAFOD / Disasters Emergency Committee Coronavirus Appeal

Please visit the website and consider making a donation to some the most vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saints of the forthcoming week

  • Wednesday 22nd July – Saint Mary Magdalen – The Apostle to The Apostles, witness to The Crucifixion and The Empty Tomb
  • Thursday 23rd July – Saint Bridget of Sweden – mother of eight, founder of a religious order, worked for the return of the papacy from Avignon to Rome
  • Friday 24th July – Saint Sharbel (Charbel) Makhlouf – Lebanese monk and priest.
  • Saturday 25th July – Saint James the Apostle – son of Zebedee and one of the inner group of three apostles along with Peter and John

Our Gratitude

St Bernadette’s bids farewell to Sarah Clayton as she concludes her time as Interim Headteacher and returns to St Mary’s Portslade. Children and parents thank her for her energetic and creative contribution to the school.

Dr James Kilmartin, Principal of Cardinal Newman Catholic School, retires from this post. He has been exemplary in his contribution to Catholic Education over many years. We all thank him for his strong leadership , commitment and witness to the Church’s Mission to the education of  Young People. The motto of the school – Caritas -Loving Service – expresses what he has endeavoured to achieve. In the words of the Latin phrase – Ad Multos Annos

May you enjoy your retirement for a long time!

BBC Radio 4 to broadcast ‘A Word for All Seasons’

As the ‘God Who Speaks‘ Scripture initiative is extended through 2021 to take into account the cancellation of many non-digital events planned for this year, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme (19th July 08:10) comes from Yorkshire and focuses on a special Bible-focused service “A Word for All Seasons”.

Our Diocesan Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic this year’s actual pilgrimage to Lourdes has been cancelled. Read about the virtual pilgrimage that is taking place by following this link.

Dominic Dring and Simon South talk about their ordination to the Permanent Diaconate this coming Tuesday (14th July)

Read more on this story by following this link.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (12th July 2020)

Ordination to the Priesthood

This Saturday afternoon Bishop Richard will confer the Holy Order of Priesthood on Deacon Tom Kent in Arundel Cathedral at 3 p.m. This will be a unique moment in that you will be able to participate by following the live-stream on YouTube (click here) or the Cathedral’s website (click here) and witness the call to serve as priest in the Church of Arundel & Brighton. We pray for Deacon Tom, his parents and those who have accompanied him to this moment. You can read his own thoughts by following this link.

Mass in St Thomas More’s

24 parishioners attended Mass last Sunday following the new directives. There will be Mass for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time this Sunday 12th July at 10 a.m.

This Week’s Other Saints

  • Saint Henry – Holiness is possible in a busy life. It is in doing our work that we become saints.
  • Saint Bonaventure – Franciscan, theologian, known as the ‘Seraphic Doctor‘ i.e. a spiritual guide with the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi

Our Website

If you are reading this then you already know about our website but please share it with family and friends as much as possible!

For those who are sick

Please hold in your prayers those who are unwell at home or in hospital – Rita Smith, Mgr. Barry Wymes, and Fr. Tony Collins.

Fr John Healy RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr John Healy who was parish priest of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid, Selsey. Fr John was found dead by one of his parishioners. Please also for those who mourn him especially the parishioners of Selsey.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for today (5th July – the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time)

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter for Mass – Sunday 5th July

Please click below to read this pastoral letter. We will be able to view a video of this from Saturday afternoon.

Notices for the week beginning Sunday 5th July

  • Sunday – Mass at 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday – Mass at 10 a.m.
  • Thursday Mass for NHS workers and those who are sick from Liverpool Cathedral 7 p.m. Click here
  • Saturday – Mass at 10 a.m.

Saints for the week beginning 5th July

“Apply for settled status as soon as possible!” Bishop urges European citizens who have made their home in the UK.

Please click here to read the whole of this article.

Guidance For The Celebration Of Mass Based On Government Guidance And Present Directives

There will be Mass at our church at 10 a.m. on Sunday 5th July. To maintain Social Distancing the seating in the Church has been modified. Chairs are grouped in 1s or 2s and otherwise for families. Stewards (under 70s) will direct you. At the end of Mass you are asked to place the chair on the floor so that the cleaning team can disinfect them. Placing the chairs more closely would require the wearing of face coverings.

  • No Mass cards or other items which can be picked up are available
  • The reader is to wear single use gloves, not to touch the lectionary except to turn a page
  • There may be a brief Homily.
  • There are no Bidding Prayers
  • Your Offering may be placed in the basket on the table. There is no Offertory Procession
  • Remain standing until after the Consecration, Bow and sit down after the Acclamation
  • As the priest is about to receive Holy Communion he says The Body of Christ to which all reply AMEN
  • Similarly with the Chalice The Blood of Christ and all answer AMEN
  • Approach single file socially distanced, stretch out your hands to receive the host (We will already have made our Prayer Amen)
  • Please depart immediately after the dismissal so that the church can be cleaned

Bishop Richard’s Podcast on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Our church will be open for personal prayer

  • Tuesday 30th June 10 am – 11 am
  • Friday 3rd July 10 am – 11 am

Archbishops’ Letter on Resumption of Collective Worship

Please read this letter which can be found here.

From Fr. John

Celebration of Mass Directives have now been received enabling us to celebrate Mass on Sunday 5th July. By happy chance this is the Sunday we observe the the dedication of our church and our patron Saint Thomas More. The celebration will begin at 10 am. There will be detailed instructions next week. May I invite you to spread this through your social networks?

Help Needed

Of necessity we need to reconfigure the seating in church and this means stacking chairs and kneelers to comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements. Could we have a team to meet in church this Wednesday (1st July) at 7pm? Thank you.

Fr John

Mass for the sick and their families, NHS and other healthcare professionals

This Thursday 2nd July Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop John Wilson from Saint George’s Cathedral in Southwark at 7 pm. Please visit this link shortly before it starts.

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – 12th Sunday of the Year

Day for Life – Sunday 21st June

This Sunday is the annual Day for Life in England and Wales. You can visit the official website for this event by clicking here. Bishop John Sherrington recently made a statement about this year’s event which is discussed on this web page.

Opening of Our Church for Private Prayer

It is hoped that consent will have been given for the church to be opened this Friday 26th June between 10 a.m and 11 a.m. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel has been arranged for social distancing and you will need to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving. Since cleaning has to take place after the session you are requested to stay within the limited area and not touch any statues or furniture. The hall and toilets are closed. If you have any symptoms (coughs, etc.) please continue your prayer at home. Further opportunities will be added when stewards can be appointed.

Mass for the sick and their families, NHS and other healthcare professionals

This Thursday’s Mass comes from Norwich Cathedral and will be celebrated by Bishop Alan Hopes at 7pm. Please visit this website shortly before 7pm.

Vulnerable Families

If you are aware of any who are struggling please phone Fr John on 01273 563017 – a charitable trust is making supermarket vouchers available.

Saints of the Week

From Fr John

This Sunday is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of of Our Lord and we would normally be celebrating with Mass and Holy Communion. For a little longer we can make our Spiritual Communion by which we meet up with Jesus. Hopefully, it will not be much longer before we can meet up for our Sunday Mass. Sometime next week the church will be open at set times for private prayer once a number of requirements have been met. We have a four page set of directives to follow before we can open e.g. stewards, cleaners, risk assessments, provision of markings etc.! Please do email me with your suggestions for times when we could open for prayer. Be assured that at Mass, which I celebrate every day, I pray for you and your families. In particular, this Sunday, we give thanks for our fathers and for our schools which will be partially opening on Monday.

God bless,

Fr John

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for Corpus Christi

Thursday Mass for the Sick and the NHS 7pm 18th June from Birmingham Cathedral

This Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Longley. Please click here shortly before 7pm.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols celebrates Mass from Westminster Cathedral

This Sunday at 8:10 am. Please click here.

This Week’s Feasts

Tuesday – St Richard of Chichester – Patron of Sussex

St Richard’s Prayer

Thanks be to thee, O Lord Jesus Christ for all the benefits thou hast given us. For all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us. O Most Merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother, may we know thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, and follow thee more nearly, day by day. Amen

Friday – The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for Trinity Sunday

Bishops stand in solidarity with US sisters and brothers as they challenge the evil of racism and the brutal killing of George Floyd

Please click here for further details

Thursday Mass for the Sick and the NHS 7pm 11th June from Nottingham Cathedral

Please click on this link shortly before 7pm on Thursday.

Saints of the week

Tuesday -St Columba (Colmcille) -native of Donegal,Monk of Iona.

Thursday -St Barnabas . Associate of St Paul and introduced him to St Peter

Saturday -St Anthony of Padua -Native of Lisbon,he became a Franciscan, inspirer of the St Anthony’s Bread Fund for the Poor, invoked as the finder of lost things

Trinity Sunday

Christian Revelation has discerned the very essence of God – a Trinity of Persons whose relationship is love itself, and that love spills over into creation and invites all who recognise it to share in that very life of love. Do read Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word and follow the live-streaming of Mass.

Firmly I believe and truly

God is three, and God is one,

and I next acknowledge duly

manhood taken by the Son

Hymn of St John Henry Newman

Sunday Lectionary – Year A St Matthew’s Gospel

Weekday Lectionary -Year 2 Week 10

Fr John writes…

A Joyful Pentecost filled with energy and faith as we experience the Gift of the Holy Spirit!

Hymn to the Holy Spirit

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Melt us, mould us , fill us, use us.

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us

Bishop Richard’s Podcast – Pentecost Sunday

In times of darkness

This prayerful, meditative reflection comes from Fr James Hanvey SJ, former Master of Campion Hall, Oxford and currently serving in Rome at the Jesuit Curia.

National Rosary Rally – Pentecost Sunday (31st May)

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to pray the Rosary in their family homes during the month of May, especially when the Pandemic is making us aware of the value of our families and making it possible for us to pray together in lockdown at home. Our diocese has been chosen for the first slot which begins at 9 a.m. More information can be found here.

Masses for the Sick, Families, NHS Staff and Care Workers

Next Thursday, Mass will be celebrated by the Bishop of Salford, Bishop John Arnold at 7 pm. Please click on this link shortly before 7pm.

Our parish is so grateful for your continued support

Without a weekly collection taking place you can continue making your regular donations using the diocese’s Just Giving Page – when donating please remember to specify St Thomas More, Brighton as the intended parish. Please click here. Many thanks to those parishioners who donate by Standing Order – this is much appreciated

Pentecost Novena – between Ascension and Pentecost

For more information, please click here.

Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. on the significance of Pentecost

A Message From Fr John

Dear Parishioners,

These in-between days from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost Sunday give us an opportunity to be alert and ready for the renewal of the Holy Spirit. To help there is a Novena with ideas for each day (please click here). Pray for a reawakening of Faith for our lives and continue to pray for each other.

May God bless you,

Fr John

Masses for the Sick, Families, NHS Staff and Care Workers

Next Thursday (28th May) Mass will be broadcast from Middlesbrough Cathedral at 7pm. Please visit its YouTube channel here just before 7pm.

The law is changing about organ donation

The Bishops of England and Wales have issued guidance on this issue which can be found here.

World Communications Day 2020

This Sunday is World Communications Day, the theme this year is ‘That you may tell your children and grandchildren’ (Exodus 10:2) More details can be found here.

Deanery Clergy Zoom Meeting

The last meeting went well and there will be another one this Tuesday

Recommended viewing

From Sussex Heights in Brighton Peregrine Falcons and chicks

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 6th Sunday of Easter – 17th May 2020

Thursday 21st May – Mass for the NHS at 7pm

This Thursday is the feast of The Ascension – Mass will be livestreamed from Shrewsbury Cathedral and be celebrated by Bishop Mark Davies. Further details can be found by clicking on this link.

Cardinal Nichols on the re-opening of churches for private prayer

Cardinal Nichols was interviewed recently on Radio Four – the transcript of this interview can be found here.

Laudato Si recently turned five

Pope Francis has invited people around the world to participate in Laudato Si’ week 16th -24th May, and take action to care for our common home. Visit the diocesan website at 2pm on Monday to find out what steps our diocese is taking to combat the climate crisis. Click here.

In other news

The clergy of the Brighton and Hove Deanery recently met on Zoom!

Monday marks the feast of Saint Dunstan, monk of Glastonbury, Archbishop of Canterbury Patron of Goldsmiths and Metal workers.

On Friday we celebrate the feast of Saint Rita of Casica – ‘with Christ and like Christ, goes to the cross always and only through love’ – St John Paul II.

In memoriam – please pray for the repose of the soul of Dom Bede Hill of Worth Abbey who passed away on Sunday 10th May. You can read more about his life by clicking on this link here.

Thursday 14th May – Pope calls for this day to be a day of fasting, prayer and good works for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic

Bishop backs Pope’s call for day of prayer

See the full article here

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 5th Sunday of Easter (10th May 2020)

Praying the Rosary during May – a reminder

Pope Francis has encouraged all Catholics to pray the rosary during the month of May as is traditional but has also asked for special prayers to be added. More details on Pope Francis’ request and the extra prayers please follow this link. For more information on saying the Rosary you can follow this link.

Weekly Mass for those who are sick at this time and carers

This week’s Mass will be from Newcastle Cathedral and will be at the usual time of 7pm on Thursday. Please follow this link at this time.

Please pray

Please pray for the repose of the souls Fr Douglas Perkins and Fr Chris Sexton who have both recently passed away. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

This week’s saints

St Erconwald, founder of Chertsey Abbey and subsequently Bishop of London and Saint Matthias – the replacement Apostle

A message from Fr. John

Dear Parishioner,

Seven weeks! Is the end in sight? We hope there will be some reduction in regulations before too long. Did you enjoy V.E. Day? In Church Close we gathered in a circle, listened to The Queen and sung ‘We’ll Meet Again’. May you and yours be safe and healthy!

Fr John

Weekly bulletin from around our diocese

The bulletin can be found by clicking on this link. Local schools including our own Cardinal Newman Catholic School get an honourable mention.

Pastoral Message from Bishop Richard – Good Shepherd Sunday (today 3rd May 2020)

Please follow this link

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for 4th Sunday of Easter (3rd May)

Catholic Bishops of England and Wales recognise the pain of the faithful who can not pray in church or receive the sacraments

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This coming Sunday is Vocations Sunday

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Pope Francis urges the faithful to recite the rosary during the month of May

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Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Mass from Arundel Cathedral this Thursday 7pm

Mass will be streamed from Arundel Cathedral at 7pm on the diocesan YouTube channel (please click here). This Mass timed not to interfere with the 8pm applause is offered for NHS workers, Social Care workers, all those who are sick and their families. More information can be found here.

Cardinal Nichols’ recent homily at Mass for health care workers, the sick and their families

The full text for this homily is available here (please click)

Covid-19 Toolkit for Catholic Parishes and Caritas Diocesan Agencies

The Caritas Social Action Network and the St Vincent De Paul Society have released a new toolkit to help Catholic parishes and groups develop safe, local responses to people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. The toolkit can be viewed here

St Bernadette’s School – New Head Teacher

We are pleased to announce that from September 2020 the new Head Teacher will be Mrs Claire Smith who at present is Assistant Head Teacher at St Joseph’s, Haywards Heath.

Cardinal thanks all those caring for others during this time also announces regular Masses to be streamed at 7pm each Thursday

Bishop Richard’s Podcast for the Second Sunday of Easter

Please pray

…for the souls of Fr Gerald Flood (RIP) brother of the late Canon Eric Flood, and John Austin (RIP) who passed away on 25th March. John accompanied Frances to Sunday Mass so please for her too at this time.

Spiritual Communion – Prayer of St Alphonsus

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you
now and forever.

Retreat by Monsignor John Armitage 19-26th April

Please follow this link here for further details of how to join in with this online retreat from Walsingham

Fr. Anthony Quinn – RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Anthony, retired Parish Priest of Heath End, Farnham who recently passed away.

Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi – Easter Message 2020

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Easter Sunday Mass from Arundel Cathedral

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An Easter Meditation – Noli Me Tangere

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Easter Greetings from Fr John

Wishing you the joys and hopes of Easter! Easter Mass will be offered for all of you,

Father John

An Easter Card from Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard’s Easter Sunday Podcast

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Bishop Richard’s Holy Saturday Podcast

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At the foot of the cross, The Pietà – a Holy Saturday Meditation

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Stations of the cross at 12pm with Cardinal Nichols

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Good Friday Liturgy from Arundel Cathedral at 3pm today

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Bishop Richard’s Podcasts for Holy Week

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At the foot of the cross

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Wintershall Passion Play to be livestreamed at noon today

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Please pray for all those who have died recently

Especially for:

  • Rosmarie James (RIP) – and her son David and family
  • Harriet Costello (RIP) – her sons and daughters and their families
  • Fr Geoff Nixon (RIP) – Fr Nixon was a retired priest and had taught Fr John Greek

A message from Cardinal Nichols – Pray for Priests

Bishop Richard’s Holy Week Podcasts

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Pope Francis – Palm Sunday Homily

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Holy Week 2020 – A Message From Fr. John

Dear Parishioner,

We commence our celebration of Holy Week when we recall the events which resulted in the Passion and death of Christ.Try to reflect on the Last Supper and the events of Good Friday.On Palm Sunday we read the Passion according to St Matthew and that of St John on Friday. There will be many Live Streaming opportunities to participate in as you will see in the following item – click here. It will be strange celebrating the Liturgies without you. Be reassured that you are remembered in my daily Masses. May this be a grace-filled time for us all.

Fr John

Pope Francis speaks to us ahead of Holy Week

Our parish is so grateful for your continued support

Without a weekly collection taking place you can continue making your regular donations using the diocese’s Just Giving Page – when donating please remember to specify St Thomas More, Brighton as the intended parish. Please click here. Many thanks to those parishioners who donate by Standing Order – this is much appreciated

Important Announcement on Easter Duties from Cardinal Nichols

Update from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and WalesTuesday 31st March


  • Homily for funeral Mass of Archbishop Peter Smith
  • Novena in thanksgiving for re-dedication of England
  • Questions about funerals and Coronavirus
  • Adoration, prayer and blessing from Pope Francis
  • Live Catholic Mass online
  • Reading the Gospel of Matthew in Lent

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Fr Denis McBride on yesterday’s Gospel reading

Sunday 29th March

Please follow

This is the 5th Sunday of Lent

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Josie Evans who died on Thursday and for her son, Neil. Josie had been a patient at St Clare’s in Ditchling and had been one of the flower arrangers at St Thomas More.

If you are in touch with other parishioners, please give them details of our website:


To help us pray, this Sunday we have a message from Bishop Richard. This message can be found by following the following link – please click here. Once you have opened the page scroll down to find Bishop Richard’s message and press the ‘play’ button.

Tomorrow (Sunday 29th March) England is being re-dedicated to Mary and we are invited to pray The Angelus at noon.

Keep fit and well,

Fr John

The full text of Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi message – Friday 27th March

The full text of Pope Francis’ message can be found here (please click).

You can watch the message (with English translation) below – press the play button in the middle of the screen.

Bishop: Catholic charities need our support through the pandemic

Bishop Terence Drainey, Chair of the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) has made a public statement urging Catholics to keep the poor, vulnerable and isolated members of our community at the forefront of our minds at this difficult time – read more here

Cardinal prays the Our Father and reflects on the Annunciation

This event took place yesterday on the Feast of The Annunciation – follow this link here

Cardinal Nichols: Closing churches is the right thing to do

Important Notice

Please note that with immediate effect due to current covid-19 crisis our church will be closed until further notice. Please read the following message from Bishop Richard

Keeping In Touch

During these days you can keep informed of what is going on by following the website of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Follow this link here.

On Wednesday 25th March, at 11 a.m. Pope Francis has called on the world’s Christians and everyone of good will to say the Our Father. More details can be found by following the link above

Bishop Richard reflects on the readings for the fourth Sunday in Lent

Finding Us

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Our diocese is the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton- click here.