11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

After what seems a long time we move on to the Time when we explore the teaching of Jesus mainly through the Gospels Sunday by Sunday .This will include what he did , where he travelled to and what he taught through St Mark’s accounts. The shortest of the Gospel at times it reads like a travelogue.

After the season of Easter and the “ theological Feasts “ the stole and the chasuble of the Celebrant change from white to green . Green is the colour associated with growth , vibrancy and sustainability and of course with all the discussions about care for our common home .We have the teaching of Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter Laudato Si , available from the CTS Bookshop. During the while I am self isolating I am grateful to Fr Rod Jones OSB for celebrating Sunday Mass for the Parish and will be in action soon.
Fr John

G7 Summit

The Bishops have written to the Prime Minister and the Leaders meeting at the Summit in Cornwall stating that decisions must be “Sustainable and just” Read the letter here.

Worth Abbey

The Community have elected Fr Mark Barrett OSB Abbot for an 8 year term of Office.Keep him and the Monks in your prayers. For more details please click here.

Contactless Giving

Contactless Giving – Parish Zoom
Wednesday 16th June at 7pm-7.45pm

The Diocese is running an online Zoom event with a presentation and Q&A from the contactless giving company Dona. Dona will be providing a demonstration of their contactless product and will give parishes the opportunity to ask questions. Dona are one of two contactless giving providers the Diocese recommends and following the event they will be offering a 25% off promotion until 13th July. This online meeting is a great opportunity to find out more about contactless giving and to see how contactless giving devices work. You can register for the event here.

From The Corpus Christi Pastoral Message of Bishop Richard

“On this Corpus Christi Day, therefore, I offer a deliberate invitation to return to the public celebration of Mass. Come once more to be with your sisters and brothers, gathered around the altar to meet with the Crucified and Risen Lord, truly present in the gift of the Blessed Sacrament. I call on you to extend this invitation to those whom you know who have not yet returned to the Parish Community”

Mass Schedule

  • 13th June 10am 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (int for the people of the parish)
  • 20th June 10am 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time (int for the people of the parish)

Please note that there are no weekday Masses this week

Saints of The Week

St Romauld – challenged in every aspect of his life he founded the Camaldolese Benedictines who unite monastic and hermit life.

St Richard of Chichester -Patron of Sussex. Born at Droitwich. Graduated in Law at Oxford. He became Chancellor to Archbishop Edmund of Canterbury, and then Bishop Of Chichester. He did much to reform the diocese and organised a Synod. Like A&B he urged parishioners to visit the Cathedral and help maintain it with offerings. The Pope asked him to preach a Crusade and he journeyed along the South Coast to Dover -via Patcham ? In Dover he fell ill and died at the age of 56. His body was brought back to Chichester where it was entombed until the Reformation. To this day at the spot of his shrine he is still honoured and for Parishioners of Chichester there is a Mass in the cathedral on the 16th June.

Saint Richard’s Prayer

Thanks be to thee O Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits which thou hast given us
For all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
May we know thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,,
And follow thee more nearly.
Day by day Amen