2nd Sunday of Advent

On this Second Week of Advent we are introduced to John the Baptist described as The Forerunner or Precursor with his message “Prepare the way of the Lord!” One that we endeavour to apply to our spiritual lives by our reflection on the words of Scripture , our prayers , a weekday Mass or two ,and, of course, celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation in which after examining our consciences we make an individual Confession. There will be an opportunity in our Church on Saturday 10th from 11am. For students at CNCS priests of the Deanery will be available for the Sacrament during the School Day on Friday.

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

The preparedness for the coming of the Lord is recognised in the choice of Mary who was conceived immaculate without sin, full of grace, to be the Mother of Jesus . It was when St Bernadette questioned the beautiful lady of the apparitions that she was given her name- I am the Immaculate Conception. Our devotion to Mary leads us to her Son. Mary’s Statue in our Church reminds us vividly of this as we see her presenting Jesus as she holds him in her hands .The practice of lighting a candle and honouring Mary is a long established custom. As Mother to be she is honoured during these Advent days.

This week he reminds us of Mary and the Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Advent Day Retreat

Saturday 10th December at St Martha’s Convent Rottingdean BN2 7HA. 10am -3pm. BYO Lunch. To book a place please email brightonmonks@worth.org.uk

Preparing for Holy Communion

Session 2 – after Mass Sunday 11th December

Advent Resources

Choral Director for Diocesan Schools

Please see the notice board or click here.

Mass Schedule

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Advent Weekday Mass 9:30am
  • Thursday The Immaculate Conception of Mary Solemnity Mass 9:30am
  • Friday Advent Weekday Mass 9:30am
  • 3rd Sunday of Advent Mass 10am

A Lourdes Hymn

Immaculate Mary!
Our hearts are on fire
That title so wondrous
Fills all our desire
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!

The Season of Advent

Advent is a word derived from “coming” and marks for us preparing for the coming of Christ. It marks the beginning of a new year in the church as our liturgy /worship , with the Gospel of St Matthew celebrates the life of Jesus, Son of God, and his message for the world, It starts with us as we prepare by reviewing our relationship to Christ and ourselves. It is a wake up time urging us to examine our sense of belonging and to take the opportunities we discover. This year Advent has 4 full weeks. Let us use them.

Mass Schedule

  • Advent Sunday Mass Week 1
  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the People of the Parish
  • Wednesday St Andrew,Apostle,Patron of Scotland
  • Mass 9.30am Intention for Eileen Barber RIP ( O;Neill Familly )
  • Friday Advent Weekday Mass
  • Mass 9,30am Intention for deceased members of the Duncliffe Family
  • Saturday Mass HMP LEWES
  • Advent Sunday Week 2 Mass 10am

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Advent is one of the two penitential seasons when we are encouraged to avail ourselves of the grace of the this sacrament by examining our consciences and making a confession of “what we have done and what we have failed to do”. Arrangements are in hand for times when numbers of priest confessors will be available at services. Next Saturday the sacrament will be available in our Church from 11.30 -12.30pm. As always by arrangement Fr John can be available.

Preparing for Holy Communion

The programme of preparation commences next Sunday after Mass.

Church Lighting

The necessary lighting is now in working order.

Advent Reading

You can find material to assist your journey through Advent at our useful websites and the December Word of Life.

Clergy Recollection

On Tuesday clergy have a time of recollection at Worth Abbey. It always helps to know parishioners are praying for their priests.

The Advent Wreath

Symbolises for us God has no beginning and end, reminding us of his love which is also unending. The first candle is the prophet’s candle as we focus on hope and the promise of the future.

Advent Hymn to Mary

Mother of Christ; hear thou thy people’s cry
Star of the deep and portal of the sky
Mother of him who from nothing made
Sinking we strive and call for thee to aid
Oh by that joy which Gabriel brought to thee
Thou virgin first and last let us thy mercy see.

Christ The King

We arrive at the conclusion of the Church’s Year and the reading of St Luke’s Gospel. As it unfolded we have heard how Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem to complete his mission, teaching us on the way how to be disciples. In Year A we will listen to St Matthew’s Gospel with its own way of portraying Jesus. The call to Holiness and Discipleship will be repeated as we begin to celebrate the life of Jesus revealed to us, the one whose “kingship“ is recognised in our acclamations – “thy kingdom come” and “for the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours”

The Word Who Is Life

An introduction to the Post Pandemic Pastoral Plan will be held after Mass this Sunday. If you are unable to stay you can read the document below. Bishop Richard is going to visit the 12 Deaneries in 2023 to listen to our reactions.

The Synod Process

Prior to the inter-Continental stage we are invited to respond to the UK by December 14th. You can read the text and the question here.

Let There Be Light

Necessary electrical work on the Church Lighting is being carried out this week. This will mean that those who have suffered in the outer darkness will be able to read their missals and hymn books again. The work will not affect Hall users. Reminder: do your best to save energy by not using unnecessary lights- e.g. Lobby, cloakrooms, kitchen

St. Bernadette’s School

Open Days for prospective Reception Year Children -September 2023 as advertised.

Next Sunday Is The First Sunday Of Advent

He is King, he is King
He is risen from the dead and he is King
Ev’ry knee shall bow ,ev’ry tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is King

Remembrance Sunday

These November days remind us to pray for those who have died .In Schools and in the Community at large we are remembering those who have died in armed conflicts from the First World War to the present day. At our Sunday Mass this will be reflected in the Bidding Prayers , the Preface and the prayers for those who have died. Prayer for Peace is included that reconciliation will follow.

The World Day For The Poor

This Year it coincides with Remembrance Sunday/ It has the theme – “for our sakes Christ became poor” 2 Cor.8 .9. Pope Francis’ Message can be read here.

The Feast of Christ the King ,Youth Sunday, and the last of the Church’s Year.

Next Sunday

After Mass you are invited into the Hall for a presentation on The Word who is Life – The Pastoral Plan. You can read here In the New Year Bishop Richard is coming to the Deanery to hear your comments.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 13 November Mass 10am
  • Wednesday 16 November St Edmund Mass 9.30am -Int. Deceased Relative of the D’Souza Family
  • Friday 18 November St Hilda of Whitby Mass 9.30am -Int The Holy Souls
  • Sunday 20 November Christ the King Mass 10am

The Word of Life

This provides a scripture text to help you reflect prayerfully.

November Prayer

May the lord support us all the day long
Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes
And the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is done
Then in his mercy may he give us a safe lodging
And a holy rest
And peace at the last. Amen.

The Month of November

A month during which we take the opportunity to pray for those who have died, As we saw on All Souls’ Day when we had the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed we remember in prayer our loved ones, friends and colleagues and those who have passed from this life to the next. There are all different emotions in the loss of those we have known and the sadness of bereavement resurfaces. For Catholics, we have our prayers and customs which help in consoling us – in every Eucharistic Prayer there is an intercession , Psalm 129, the ‘Eternal rest grant unto..’ and having a Mass offered for the deceased. In addition, visiting graves with flowers, candles and prayers all help. There are Cemeteries and burial grounds around the City and on the Sunday after All Souls there will be the Blessing of Graves. In our Creeds we have our statements of Faith – “I look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come” (Nicene Creed) – “I believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting” (Apostles’ Creed)

The Word Who Is Life

Bishop Richard has recently published the Pastoral Plan for 2022. Do please read this document which is available below

Signing up for the sacraments

Forms are available in the entrance to the church.

Holy Communion

Introductory meeting for the programme this Monday 7.30pm

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 6 November Mass 10.00am
  • Monday 7 November Mass Cardinal Newman School 11.15am
  • Tuesday 8 November Mass for the Deceased Clergy of the Deanery St Peter’s Hove 11.am Parishioners from all Parishes welcome.
  • Wednesday 9 November The Dedication of St John Lateran Mass 9.30am .Intention- For deceased family Members & Friends of Hilda Searle
  • Friday 11 November St Martin of Tours Mass 9.30am Intention For the Holy Souls (wall box)
  • Thirty Second Sunday (13 November) Mass 10am

St John Lateran – The Pope’s Cathedral as Bishop of Rome. Under the High Altar are the remains of a small table on which it is said St Peter celebrated Mass.

St Martin of Tours. Forced to serve in the army at 15..At 18 he told Julius Caesar –“let me now serve Christ” Of course you will remember the legend about his cutting his cloak in half !

The Relics of St Bernadette

These relics are now back in Lourdes. There were many petitions left by visitors to the relics and on Tuesday at the 2 pm Rosary at the Grotto these will be offered in prayer (see the link to Lourdes at Useful websites)

Synod 2025

The working document for the next phase has been published and can be read here

November Prayer

May the souls of the Faithful Departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

As October comes to an end and the clocks go back we renew our devotion to Mary, the model for our discipleship, by our praying with the Rosary, remembering with Saint Bernadette her shrine in Lourdes , St Philip Howard with the Rosary in his hand and the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation at West Grinstead. Now November approaches our thoughts turn to those who “have gone before us”, our loved ones, our colleagues and the Faithful Departed, praying for their peace and that “they may rise in glory”

Preparing for the sacraments

Application Forms are available in the Entrance. If you know of any families with children or young people

Due to be prepared please kindly alert them. Introductory meeting for Holy Communion Parents Monday 7.30pm

The Word who is life

Bishop Richard has published the Pastoral Plan – A look to the future in a Post-Pandemic Setting 2022.You may read it here

After Mass on Sunday 20th November we will have a look at its contents. At a future date the Bishop will be meeting with people from the Parishes of the Deanery. This may take some time as he has 12 Deaneries to visit.

Youth Club

For those in Year 7 and up meeting fortnightly in St Mary’s Hall on a Wednesday evening.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time 10am
  • Tuesday November 1st All Saints’ Day a holy day which Catholics observe by participating at Mass – Mass at 9:30am and 7:30pm
  • Wednesday November 2nd All Souls’ Day Mass 9:30am
  • Friday November 4th St Charles Borromeo Mass 9:30am
  • Sunday 6th November (32nd in Ordinary Time) Mass 10am
  • Sunday 6th November – Blessing of graves 3pm
Zacchaeus was a very little man

And a vary little man was he

He climbed up into a sycamore tree

For the Saviour he wanted to see

And when the Saviour passed that way

He looked into the tree and said

Now Zacchaeus, you come down

For I’m coming to your house for tea.

Hymn 857

World Mission Sunday – 30th in Ordinary Time

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every Catholic Parish around the world supporting missionaries in different parts of the world alongside communities that are poor or in need. You can read more in the Mission magazine .There are some envelopes with the usual fund raising details or you may find it easier to make your gift on line Each year we support the Missions in the following ways:

  • World Mission Sunday Collection
  • The Missio Red Boxes
  • The annual appeal from one of the Missionary Orders
  • The Diocesan Missionary Endeavour Collection

There are some ted boxes if you would like to take one. They are emptied every quarter

The Relics of St Bernadette

These are in the Diocese until Monday afternoon. Live streaming available.

Sacramental Preparation

Application forms for Holy Communion and Confirmation are in the entrance to the church.

Art Exhibition

There is an art exhibition in our hall on Saturday 29th October from 1030. All are welcome.

Happy Half Term!

Happy half-term to all families and school staff!

Changing Times

Please remember that the clocks go back one hour next weekend at 2am next Sunday 30th October.

Mass Schedule

  • 23 October Mission Sunday Mass 10am
  • 26 October Wednesday St Chad & St Cedd Mass 9.30am For George Walker
  • 27 October Thursday Funeral Mass for Fr Michael Perry 12noon St Joseph’s Guildford
  • 28 October 9:30 am Friday St Simon & St Jude Int – Peter Hayhurst RIP
  • 30 October Sunday 31st in Ordinary Time Mass 10am

From Psalm 33

The Lord hears the cry of the poor
Blessed be the lord.
Let the lowly hear and be glad,
The lord listens to their plea
And to hearts broken he is near
for he hears the cry of the poor

The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The image of Moses having his arms supported in order to keep him praying is a vivid description of how we may feel with our own prayer life. We know it is necessary to keep our faith and friendship with God alive. There are ways of being able to pray well which are readily available for us and refreshing our methods can make all the difference. The Monthly Word of Life leaflet (free) is a way of praying and exploring a verse from Scripture. There is another method of praying with the words of Scripture called “Lectio Divina” which is a way of reflecting on how the words nourish our relationship. Before the month of October ends remember a few tips for praying with the Rosary – do not feel obliged to rattle through 5 decades in one go – choose one of the events in the life of Jesus and take time to reflect on it in company of Mary.

Remember to include prayer in your Examination of Conscience.

Relic of St Bernadette

Saturday to Monday next weekend, will either be in Arundel Cathedral or Worth Abbey. Do read the Programme on the Board or click here. Discover the person blessed with visions of Mary and the message which is conveyed by Bernadette.

Sign Up For The Sacraments

For year 3s and upwards, Holy Communion and for year 9s and upwards, Confirmation. The introductory Meeting for parents of Year 3 will be on Monday 7th November at 7.30pm in our hall.

Mission Sunday

Next Sunday us observed throughout the Church as a day to identify with worldwide Mission of the Church and the donate towards its continuing development.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the people of the Parish,
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am St Philip Howard, Patron of the Diocese. Intention For our Bishop, the Clergy and Christ’s Faithful
  • Friday Mass 9.30am Weekday Mass Int.May Rovery RIP foundation Mass
  • Saturday 8.30am Mass HMP Lewes
  • Mission Sunday Mass 10am

Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the people of the Parish,

Annual Mass Count 2022

AdultsChildren (0-16)
September 18396
September 25497
October 24010
October 9394

The Mysteries of Light or The Luminous Mysteries

In 2002 Pope St John Paul II added these to the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

  • The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
  • The wedding feast at Cana
  • The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
  • The Transfiguration
  • The institution of the Eucharist

St Philip Howard

The more we suffer for Christ in this world the greater will be the glory in the next

St Philip Howard. Earl of Arundel (Etched above his fireplace in the Tower of London)

Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prisons Week

PACT is the national Catholic Charity that supports prisoners, people with convictions  and their children and their families. Caring and life changing services at every stage of the criminal justice process in court, in prison, on release and in the community are provided. We are asked to pray for those involved in the life of prisons. Next weekend there will be an opportunity to make a donation for the work of PACT. To discover more about PACT – Prison Advice & Care Trust , please click here.


The TV News has been highlighting the impending famine conditions in Somalia and other parts of East Africa. To make your donation online please click here.

The Call of Creation

The Bishops of England and Wales have issued a document which gives voice to the call for urgent action to protect our earthly home from further destruction. It is a powerful reminder for us as Christians to live our lives so that we are good stewards of our fragile planet. ( go to useful websites CBCEW.)

The Word of Life

October’s leaflet is on the table in the Entrance – a helpful assistance for your prayer.

The Bartimaeus Project

Consideration of the interconnection of Faith and Reason, Science and Religion. Visit the website. Next session on Thursday.

Preparing for the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation

 Application Forms available in the Entrance. Please inform parents of Year 3s and Year 9

Visit of Relic of St Bernadette

The Monks at Worth Abbey are appealing for Volunteers to assist with welcoming ,stewarding etc. See details of contact on Noticeboard.

Deanery Clergy Conference Tuesday

Confirmation / Marriage preparation / initial consideration of the Post Pandemic Pastoral Plan etc.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Mass  9.30am St Wilfrid ,Apostle of Sussex
  • Friday Mass 9.30am St Edward the Confessor King
  • Sunday 29th In Ordinary time. Mass at 10am

Bishop Howard Tripp

Former Director of the Catholic Children’s Society when it arranged Adoptions and Fostering.

Contactless Giving

This is now up and running.

THE JOYFUL MYSTERIES ( events to reflect on )

  • The Annunciation
  • The Visitation
  • The birth of our Saviour
  • The Presentation in the Temple
  • The Finding in the Temple

Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Month of October is with us, one of the Marian Months with a particular emphasis on the Rosary. This is described as a biblically inspired prayer which is centred on the events of Christ’s life and their close association with His Mother Mary. There is another description which says –“ the rosary is essentially a contemplative prayer which requires tranquillity of rhythm or even a mental lingering which encourages the faithful to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord’s life” You can also join the Rosary at Lourdes by virtually visiting the sanctuary of Lourdes in the early afternoon – see the “useful websites” of our website.

St Bernadette’s Relics

Please click here for the opportunity of visiting Saint Bernadette’s relics at Worth Abbey or Arundel Cathedral. The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be celebrated at Worth Abbey.

The Season of Creation

This season concludes on the feast of St Francis and as we give thanks for the Harvest. The impact of Climate change is so evident in weather patterns in various parts of the World.

CAFOD Fast Day

CAFOD Fast Day is next Friday (7th October). Please make what you may save as a gift. Envelopes handed out or make your donation by card to Cafod.

Word of Life

The Word of Life leaflet for October will be available to help your prayer around a verse from Scripture.

Admission Forms

Admission Forms for preparation for the Sacraments of Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation are now available in the entrance

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 27th in Ordinary Time. Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday 5th October St Francis of Assisi Mass 9.30am
  • Thursday 6th October Concelebrated Mass for the Induction of Fr Sebastian Kijak as Parish Priest at St Mary’s Preston Park, 7pm
  • Friday 7th October Our Lady of the Rosary Mass 9.30am
  • Sunday 28th In Ordinary Time Sunday Mass 10am
Faithful image of the Saviour
Poor and humble in Christ’s way
Let us sing of good St Francis
Heartfelt homage let us pay
Leaving home and wealth behind him
Francis heard the Saviour’s call
Serving God as poor and needy.
Trusting God to care for all.