Pentecost Sunday

We come together to celebrate the birth of the Church and to live as a People announcing the “mighty works of God”. Recognising the action of the Holy Spirit we are inspired to find our way in following the call of Jesus Christ.

Mass Schedule

  • Pentecost Sunday Mass 10am
  • Monday Mary, Mother of the Church Mass 9.30am
  • Wednesday The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Trinity Sunday Mass 10am


Mary Mother of the Church, Now an Obligatory Memorial as we remember Mary standing at the foot of the Cross. The Visitation of Mary to her Cousin Elizabeth, reflected in one of the joyful mysteries of the Rosary. Ordinary Time resumes with the 8th Week – Sundays Year A/ Weekdays Cycle 2


Thursday is the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest. and is celebrated by Priests at Arundel Cathedral with those with significant Anniversaries. Canon Seamus Hester and Fr Anthony Shelley, Ordained in 1963 are celebrating their Diamond Jubilees. This takes place at 12 noon. Canon Oliver Heaney will be celebrating his belated Jubilee on Saturday at St Mary’s at 12 Noon

Our Schools

Wishing pupils parents, carers and staff a very happy half term!

Prayer for Vocations

As the Month of prayer for Vocations draws to a close, we ask the Holy Spirit to pour out spiritual gifts on our diocese to produce many vocations to serve as Priests.

Self Denial Wall Box In The Entrance

We are reminded that our self-denial and generosity goes to the Refugee Project of the Diocese. Please click here.

The New Apostolic Nuncio

The Nuncio presented his Appointment to the Court of St James in an interview with King Charles, You can read about this by following the link and seeing the colourful and quaint way it happens in photographs as he is taken to the Palace in a horse drawn carriage. (Click here). Cardinal Vincent said he is a gift to the Catholic Church In England and is the representative of Pope Francis.

Laudato Si

Information has come rather late about a commemoration of Pope Francis’ Letter on the Environment. If you visit the website, you can watch a short film which is very informative about the concerns of climate change.

Holy Spirit, Lord of light
From the clear celestial height
Thy pure beaming radiance give.

Thou of all consolers best
Thou the soul’s delightful guest
Dost refreshing peace best.

Thou in toil art comfort sweet
Pleasant coolness in the heat
Solace in the midst of woe

Seventh Sunday of Easter

The waiting has begun with just a week left before Pentecost. The power and action of the Holy Spirit waits to be discovered. We boldly declare in the Nicene Creed – the long one- in the third section –“I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who , proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified, who has spoken through the prophets.” It is good for us to remember how we receive the Holy Spirit because we are Baptised, Confirmed, Reconciled, united, guided and become members of the body of Christ – the Church.

Corpus Christi in Arundel

On Wednesday and Thursday 7th& 8th June there is the traditional Carpet of Flowers and then the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament into the Castle Grounds. For more information please click here.

Arundel Cathedral

Celebrating 150 years – please click here for further details.

Clergy In-Service

On Wednesday and Thursday on subjects of pastoral concerns

Holy Communions for the first time

This Sunday we welcome 4 children who have been preparing with their families to receive Holy Communion at Mass. This means that they can now participate fully in the Mass having discovered how the different stages prepare us to meet Jesus and we become one with him

Mass Schedule

  • Seventh Sunday of Easter Sunday Mass 10am
  • Monday Class 4 Mass StBernadette’s
  • Wednesday Ascensiontide Mass 9.30am Int. In thanksgiving
  • Friday St Philip Neri Mass 9.30am
Holy Spirit come renew us
Come your self to make us love
Holy through your loving presence
Holy through the gifts you give

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Ascension Thursday. This Solemnity occurs 40 Days after Easter Day and celebrates the return of the Son to the Father when he is at his right hand. It also marks the time of waiting in prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, As we recite in the Creed “ He ascended into Heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty “. He constantly intercedes for us before the Father and sends us his Spirit and gives us the hope of one day reaching the place he has prepared for us.It is a Holy day of obligation when we come to Mass.

Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians

This unites Catholics of the West with the members of the eastern Catholic Churches which are in union with the Bishop of Rome, The Eastern Rite Churches have their own Code of Canon Law and Liturgical Rites and organisation.

Mass Schedule

  • Sixth Sunday of Easter Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Eastertide Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • ASCENSION THURSDAY MASS 9.30AM & 7.30PM -Holy day of Obligation
  • Friday Weekday Mass after the Ascension 9.30am
  • Seventh Sunday of Easter Mass 10am

May Service at St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

Bishop Richard is coming to School for the May service to honour Mary and will bless the School Mission Statement, our Headteacher Mrs Claire Smith. He will be accompanied by the Director of the Diocesan Education Service

St Francis of Assisi

If you are in London before the end of July do visit the National Gallery to view the Exhibition of paintings of St Francis of Assisi. More details here.

Praying for Vocations in May

Read about the spirit of sacrifice needed to follow Christ. Read 1 Peter4:13-16 and pray for a greater generosity for men to follow Him and celebrate His way.

New praises be given
To Christ newly crowned
Who back to his heaven
A new way has found
God’s blessedness sharing
Before us he goes
What mansions preparing
What endless repose

Fifth Sunday of Easter

A memorable weekend ahead for everyone, Thank you for participating in the Triduum of Prayer for King Charles and the evening Mass on Friday and I hope you will continue your prayers during the Coronation Service in Westminster Abbey .Cardinal Vincent will be there along with a Bishop from Scotland , Wales and Ireland. Pope Francis will be represented by the Cardinal Secretary of State together with the new Papal Nuncio to the UK.

The Month of Prayer for Vocations

This week we pray all young people to have the gift of discernment om a changing world. Our Vocations Director has a message and a film on the subject.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Monday Eastertide Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Wednesday Eastertide Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Eastertide Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Sunday Sixth Sunday of Easter Sunday Mass 10am

Clergy Deanery Meeting

Cardinal Newman Catholic School 11am

Growing Up Catholic

Saturday 3:30pm

National Dying Matters Awareness Week

Wednesday 10th May 7.30am- 6.30pm Unitarian Church New Road Brighton

Diocesan Vacancies

Senior Administrator to the Diocesan Tribunal. Please click here.

Safeguarding Administrator – please click here.

From The National Anthem (verse two)

Thy choicest gifts in store
On him be pleased to pour
Long may he reign
May he defend our laws
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the King

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Known as Good Shepherd Sunday is observed each year as a Day of Prayer for Vocations especially to the Priesthood. In a Message Pope Francis speaks of a “ vocational symphony “ – click here by which all the “calls” co operate in the mission of the Church. Bishop Richard writes to us in his Pastoral Message for this Sunday and calls for a month of prayer for Vocatiions for the mission of the Church and for the priesthood in A&B. The information is contained in a leaflet to help in prayer up to Pentecost Sunday, click here for further details,

The Coronation of King Charles III

We are invited to observe a triduum of prayer Wednesday to Friday prior to the Coronation on Saturday. There are leaflets with orayers to help our prayer during these days. Every Catholic Community has been asked to gather to celebrate Mass for the King on Friday Evening at 7.30pm. On Saturday as you watch the Coronation Service you will find echoes of scripture and the ritual of anointing with oil with symbols of Office that reflect the rituals of the Old and New Testament and the sacramental practice of the Church.

Mass Schedule

  • Fourth Sunday of Easter. Sunday Mass 10am Intention for Vocations
  • Wednesday Eastertide Mass 9.30amIntention for Bruce Johnson RIP
  • Fifth Sunday of Easter Sunday Mass 10am

Local Elections

Remember to bring photo ID when you come to vote – eg. Passport ,driving licence, bus pass etc. Do not disappoint yourself by turning up without photo ID

Covid Vaccination

Fr John will be receiving his vaccination on Wednesday 11:20 am

Growing Up Catholic

Tuesday 6pm in our hall. Please keep our 4 Candidates for Holy Communion in your prayers. They will be receiving Holy Communion for the first time on Sunday 21st May at the 10am Mass.

Dean of Brighton and Hove Deanery

Fr Rod Jones OSB has been appointed Dean in succession to Fr Tony Milner.

The Month of May – Mary’s Month

My soul glorifies the Lord
My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour!

Third Sunday of Easter

The Easter Story continues with two disciples walking to the village of Emmaus just North of the city of Jerusalem. The outcome is when Jesus takes bread .blesses it and breaks it. There is a moment of recognition. For us at Mass God speaks to us and then we remember in familiar actions the presence of Jesus.

Mass Schedule

  • Third Sunday of Easter Mass 10am
  • Monday 12.30pm Funeral Mass for Arline Bowman RIP
  • Wednesday Eastertide Mass 9.30am
  • (Friday Funeral Mass for Fr David Russell RIP St Thomas of Canterbury, St Leonards-on-Sea)

The Coronation of King Charles III

The Bishops of England and Wales have sent instructions for the days ahead.

Wednesday 3rd May to Friday 5th May to be days of prayer for King as he assumes the fullness of his responsibility.


Prayer Cards to help with prayer are being sent to Parishes.

Texts for the Mass have been provided.

At our Sunday Mass 10am we will pray for the King and sing the National Anthem

The Loyal Address

Do read The Loyal Address which can be found here.

Pope Francis’ Gift To The King

Details of this can be found here.

The Council Elections Thursday 4th May

Remember to bring photo ID when you come to vote. More details can be found here.

Bishop Richard’s Visit To Brighton and Hove Deanery

Five Parishioners along with other Parish representatives heard the Bishop present The Word who is Life document which contains the vision of the future when the baptised will be exercising co responsibility for the Mission of the Church .He quoted words of Pope Francis which indicated everyone is called to be involved and as one questioner put it “does that mean the sheep will have to take over from the shepherds” In practice we must start talking with other parishes , sharing talents and resources and becoming as a paragraph of the plan puts it:

communities of saints, strong, lively and welcoming schools of discipleship

The Word Who Is Life

He spoke too of the mission of our Catholic schools to be preparing the young for membership – which does also mean the role of parents and the home. Bishop Richard emphasised that the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church and is active at times of change and renewal. The plan can be found here.

I need thy presence

Every passing hour

What but thy grace can foil

the tempter’s power?

Who like thyself my guide

and stay can be?

Through cloud and sunshine

Lord, abide with me

Eastertide – The Second Sunday of Easter


Eastertide lasts for 50 days up to Pentecost to give us the opportunity to deepen our commitment to Jesus Christ who has done his Father’s will and incorporated us into his Body through Baptism and the Eucharist. Our thanks go to the Parishioners who helped by their service and participation in Lent and Holy Week.

The Word Who Is Life

Bishop Richard is coming to the Brighton and Hove Deanery this Friday 21stApril 7.30pm at the Cardinal Newman Catholic School to speak about the Pastoral Plan in a post Pandemic Setting. Each parish can come along with 4 or 5 Parishioners. The Headteachers are included to remind us of the role our Catholic Schools play in the mission of the Diocese /Local Church.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday mass 10am Int. for the People of the Parish
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am Int Aileen Joyce RIP
  • Friday Mass 9.30am Int for P.G and Family
  • Third Sunday of Easter Mass 10am

Mass Intention Envelopes

Having a Mass said for your intentions is traditional Catholic Practice.

Dressing of The Cross

Friday, St Bernadette’s School. An Eastertide Devotion when the empty Cross is decorated with the Children’s flowers rejoicing in the new life of Jesus.

Funeral Mass for Arline Bowman RIP

This will take place on Monday 24th April at 12.30pm

Offertory Envelopes

THANK YOU TO Peter Cropp who is Handing out boxes of Envelopes for the Offertory Collection

The Regina Caeli

Rejoice O Queen of heaven Alleluia!
For he whom thou didst merit to bear alleluia!
Has risen as he said alleluia!
Pray for us to God alleluia!

Easter 2023

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

We arrive after our Lenten journey and following Jesus on his way to the Cross. Now we rejoice in the days of Easter with a spring in our steps as we have reached the moment when Christ has been raised to a new life .The signs and symbols of our faith are fresh in our hearts and we remember with Christ’s body the Church. May your faith hope and charity be refreshed and renewed as we commit our lives as God’s people. A joyful and peaceful Easter,

Fr John

Mass Schedule

  • Easter Day Mass 10 AM
  • Easter Monday Mass 9:30 AM for Arline Bowmen RIP
  • Easter Tuesday Mass 9:30 AM for Kath Burke’s intentions
  • Easter Wednesday Mass 9:30 AM Bishop Emeritus Christopher Budd RIP
  • Easter Friday Mass 8:30 AM Jim Miles RIP
  • Second Sunday Easter Mass 10 AM

Growing Up Catholic

Group meeting next Sunday – The Eucharist

Our Thanks

Parishioners join in thanks for those preparing for Holy Week and Easter in many different ways – Reading ,Music ,singing, the website , cleaning and participating.

Easter triumph, Easter joy,
Sin alone can this destroy;
From sin’s power do Thou set free
Souls reborn, O Lord, in Thee.
Hymns of glory and of praise,
Father unto Thee we raise;
Risen Lord, all praise to Thee,
With the Spirit, ever be.

Holy Week 2023

This week in which the culmination of the Ministry of Jesus is celebrated gives us an opportunity to remember the meaning of the events for our own spiritual journey and mindful of those adults who will receive the Sacraments of Baptism , Confirmation and Holy Communion and be come members of Christ’s Church. Their joy and commitment can be ours as we recall when we received those Sacraments.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Blessing of palms, Procession and Mass 10am

Wednesday of Holy Week – Mass of the Chrism, Arundel Cathedral 6pm

(The Holy Oils for the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Anointing of the Sick are Blessed by the Bishop)

Holy or Maundy Thursday Mass of The Lord’s Supper 7pm

Watching at the Altar of Repose

Good Friday

  • A day of fasting and abstinence
  • Way of the Cross 10am
  • Celebration of The Passion of The Lord 3pm

Holy Saturday

8.30am (Easter Mass) HMP Lewes

The Easter Vigil

The Paschal Candle ,Vigil & Mass of the Resurrection 7pm

Easter Sunday

Mass 10am

Prayers for the Faithful Departed

  • Patrick Duncliffe
  • Fr David Russell
  • Arline Bowman
  • Jim Miles
Sometimes they strew his way
And his sweet praises sing
Resounding all the day
Hosannas to their king
Then” Crucify” is all their breath
And for his death they thirst and cry

No. 487