The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St Peter and St Paul are remembered every 29th June. We hear about them as the Founders of the Church through the Gospels , the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters in the New Testament. They both died as Martyrs in Rome and pilgrims there visit their tombs in St Peter’s Basilica and at St Paul’s Basilica Outside the Walls. This week, because of my absence may I suggest, if you are able to attend, the 10am Mass at St Mary’s?

Just to let you know I need a little more treatment before I can be back in action. Thank you for your supportive prayers,

Fr John

Letter from our Bishop

You will read that it is now permitted for the Priest to announce “The Body of Christ “ for each Communicant who responds “Amen”. See noticeboard.

Mass Schedule

  • 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (27th June) 10am – int. for the people of the parish
  • 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (4th July) 10am – int. for the people of the parish

Saints of The Week

  • St Irenaeus –“lover of peace“ theologian who contradicted the Gnostics
  • St Oliver Plunkett -Archbishop of Armagh. Brought to England and executed at Tyburn
  • St Thomas the Apostle – “My Lord and my God“

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is beginning again in our Diocese this September. The course is designed for teachers in Catholic schools, for Catechists and for anyone who would like to grow in understanding as they live their Catholic faith. The CCRS offers a very flexible and accessible way of learning, it includes some online content and is made up of eight modules: six core and two specialist modules. Each module involves ten hours of course time and an assignment. For more information or to register your place please contact our formation advisor

Death By Appointment

The Assisted Suicide debate has been pushed centre stage once more, with Baroness Meacher’s Assisted Dying Bill introduced into the House of Lords. Bishop John Sherrington, Lead Bishop for Life Issues, has already outlined the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Bill – a Bill that could make assisted suicide legal in England and Wales.

On Monday 12 July at 7:30pm, Baroness Ilora Finlay and Robert Preston will look beyond the headlines to help inform your view. From law, to clinical practice, social attitudes, end of life care, public safety and the experience of those jurisdictions, they will carefully explore the evidence in a manner that recognises and respects that others may see the matter differently.

This virtual event will take place via Zoom and is supported by the Bishops’ Conference’s Department of Social Justice. You can register for your free place here.

Deadline for Applications for ‘Settled Status’ for EU citizens

Our Diocese includes individuals and families from across the world. As a diocesan community we greatly value the presence, gifts and contributions of our brothers and sisters, who have to come to live in the UK.

A reminder to EU nationals, who have been resident since before December 31 2020, that the EU settlement scheme deadline is June 30 (next Wednesday). The UK Government requires that ‘a timely application’ is made to ensure people can continue to work, rent accommodation and access healthcare here. Individuals who hold permanent residence or a European Residence card as an EU national or a family member must also register for settled status (or to naturalise as British Citizens). You can find out more on the Government website by clicking here.

Health and Safety Checks

This week a number of checks will be made on Gas and Electricity ,Fire Extinguishers and Risk Assessments. If you have any concerns please contact Fr John.

The Open Cloister at Worth Abbey

FINDING STILLNESS: The Open Cloister @ Worth Abbey Tuesday 24th-Thursday 26th August 2021
An experimental hybrid retreat where you are invited to come and stay at Worth or join the retreat online.
For further information or to book your place online go to:

St Peter and St Paul’s Hymn

One taught mankind its creed, one guards the heavenly gates .

Founders of Rome, they bind the world in unity:

One by the sword achieved, one by the cross his fate ;

With laurelled brows, they hold eternal royalty .