All Saints’ Day


Between 31st October and the 12th November the United Climate Change Conference will take place in Glasgow . Right on cue torrential flooding has caused damage to roads, railways and bridges en route to Scotland.

There is much to read and digest as the Conference begins.

Even BBC’s Thought for the Day on Radio 4 had Pope Francis presenting. Read the text here.

More details can be found here.

And Cardinal Vincent writes to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Catholic Community

CAFOD has produced a prayer for the conference

All Saints

This Sunday the Holyday of All Saints will be celebrated at our Sunday 10am Mass (Holydays occurring on a Monday or Saturday are transferred in the UK to the nearest Sunday ) we remember the Women and Men who have been loyal and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Commemoration of the Faithful Departed

All Souls Day Tuesday 2nd November – an opportunity to remember in Prayer those “we have loved and lost awhile” Masses will be celebrated at 10am and & 7.30pm.

Envelopes for Mass Intentions are in the Entrance

Cemetery Sunday

Next Sunday 7th November Priests from the Deanery will be at the Cemeteries in Brighton and Hove to bless the graves of the Faithful Departed from 2.30pm.

Deanery Station Mass

This Mass will take place with Bishop Richard at the Sacred Heart Norton Road Hove on Monday 8th November at 7pm for the repose of the souls of those who have died in the last year.

Growing Up Catholic

The Preparation for the Sacraments of The Eucharist and Reconciliation will commence. Stage 1 is to complete the Preparation begun with Year 5s, We were up to Session 4 of Reconciliation. Stage 2 will be to meet with Parents of Year 4 and 3 to present the requirements of the Programme.

Having been celebrating a number of Baptisms recently there is a reminder to the parents of the responsibility they take on “In Confirmation they will receive the fullness of God’s Spirit, in Holy Communion they will share in the banquet of Christ’s sacrifice calling God their Father” From the Rite of Baptism “You will be the best of teachers”

Mass Count

DateAdultsChildren 1-16
19th Sep5512
26th Sep6112
3rd Oct367
10th Oct442

 Parish Insurance 2021 – 2022

  £ 2,046.82

Memorial Mass for Mary Berry RIP

Mary was a Parishioner for many years in STM .You will remember her arriving just a little late and taking a seat in the front row. A number of years ago she moved to Dean Wood in Woodingdean. It now appears she died sometime in June. Her niece who lives in France has arranged a Memorial Mass for Thursday 4th November at 11am in our Church .This will be preceded by the Burial of her Ashes with those of her husband John at the Downs. There will be just a few friends from London so it would be a kindness if you could come along for the Mass.

Mass Schedule

  • All Saints Sunday Mass 10am
  • Tuesday All Souls Masses at 10am and 7.30pm
  • Thursday Memorial Mass for Mary Berry RIP 11am
  • Friday St Charles Borromeo Mass 7.30pm
  • Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass 10am

“Welcome all ye noble saints of old

     As now before your very eyes unfold

     The wonders all so long ago foretold”

God And Man At Table Are Sat Down