Advent – The God Who Speaks

The waiting time of 4 weeks helps us to prepare our minds and hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.The words of Holy scripture are there for us to relish and digest .To help do visit on the CBCEW Website News/The God who speaks and discover the Advent resources.

Honouring Sunday

Attentive to the experiences of the last year the Bishops of our Country have written to us with encouragement to respond to the great Gift of the Eucharist and our participation in it on Sundays. It is “ the very heartbeat of the Church and of our personal life of faith “ “We are gathered together and sent out, we pray and are fed ,we worship and we adore ,these are intrinsic to our lives as those baptised into Christ “ Do read the full statement and reflect on its guidance.

The Synodal Process

This process is under way in the Diocese with an invitation to everyone to participate .There is information on the red noticeboard in the entrance, at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England Wales, and our local diocesan website. As announced there will be a Meeting on Wednesday 8th December at 7.30pm in our hall open to everyone.

100 Plus Draw

After next Sunday’s Mass , 5th December , there will be the pre- Christmas Draw with Coffees and mince pies. Do come in and meet up!

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 1 of Advent Cycle C Mass 10am
  • Monday Advent Weekday Mass 10am
  • Friday St Francis Xavier Mass 10am Day of Prayer for Migrants
  • Sunday 2 of Advent Mass 10am

Cardinal Newman Catholic School – Induction Mass of Claire Jarman as Principal

Induction by Bishop Richard on Saturday 4th December from 1:30 pm. Please remember her and the School in your prayers.

Justice and Peace Assembly – To a Safer Shore

15th January 2022 St Francis School Crawley .See Poster in the Entrance details and booking arrangements.

Growing Up Catholic

 Parents of Children in Years 3 and 4 are invited to sign up so that copies of the Programme can be obtained.

Arundel Cathedral Fund

The annual Collection for the maintenance of Arundel Cathedral will be taken next Sunday .For those who know the Cathedral and value its beauty as the Bishop’s Church our support is vital in looking after it as the Mother Church of the Diocese. You can support this Fund by making your donation online here.


This takes place next Saturday afternoon. Do pop in.

An Advent Hymn

Wake up, people! The Lord is near! Wake up!

His glory will appear. Wake up!

Your hour of grace is nearer than it ever was.