1st Sunday of Lent

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter

This can also be read here.

Holy Hour of Prayer

Bishop Richard has asked all Parishes to hold an Holy Hour on Sunday. Do make the Lenten effort to come along on Sunday 4 – 5 pm.

Appeal For Relief In Ukraine

The most effective way is by card – please click here.

The Bishop’s Synod Webinar

This takes place at 7:30pm on Wednesday. For those who might otherwise find it difficult to join a room at Newman College has been set aside to broadcast this event. If you would like to attend please see Fr John. If you would like to join from the comfort of your own home – please click here.

Growing Up Catholic

Year 5 group – Saturday 12th – at 11am the sacrament of reconciliation will be celebrated. Please pray for the children and their parents that this sacrament may always be a time to experience God’s love and forgiveness.

Mass Schedule

  • First Sunday of Lent – Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Lenten Mass – 10am
  • Friday Lenten Mass – 10am
  • Second Sunday of lent Mass – 10am

Diocesan Job Opportunity

Please find below the revised link for the post of Primary Adviser for Religious Education & Catholic Ethos to join the Diocesan Education Service. Please click here.

"Forty days and Forty nights

Thou was fasting in the wild

Forty days and forty nights

Tempted still, yet unbeguiled"