Sixth Sunday of Easter

Ascension Thursday

This Thursday 26th May -celebrating 40 days after Easter the return of Jesus to be at the Father’s right hand and to be in glory. A Holyday with 2 Masses – 9.30am  and in the Evening at 7.30pm.

June 2nd – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

On the Sunday at Mass there will be a Bidding Prayer and after Communion, prayers in thanksgiving together with the National Anthem. This will be followed by the loyal toast in the hall.


Season 2 continues and there is also a Novena we can follow leading to Pentecost Sunday – click here for further details.

A New Saint

Bishop Paul Swarbrick, Bishop of Lancaster, introduces us to Charles de Foucauld, a former soldier and Trappist who will be canonised by Pope Francis on Sunday 15 May 2022. Click here to find out more.

Prayer for the Eastern Catholic Church

This Sunday we are invited to pray for the Eastern Rite Churches. These are Churches of Eastern Rite Catholics in Union with the Pope, Bishop of Rome. Many Ukrainians belong to the Ukrainian Catholic Church and Parents will have seen these Churches mentioned in the Criteria for school admissions. They are to be distinguished from Orthodox Christians who are not in communion with the Pope – e.g. Greek, Coptic, Russian Orthodox.

World Communications Day

Next Sunday with second collection.

100+ Draw

Sunday June 2nd. Annual subscription £30

Contactless Giving

John Mason will be on hand to introduce you to the very simple system with your card.

Growing Up Catholic

Saturday 28th May 11:30am The Sacrament of Reconciliation – Years 3&4

Mass Schedule

  • Sixth Sunday of Easter – Mass 10am – int. for the people of the parish & the members of The Eastern Catholic Church
  • Monday of Eastertide Mass 9.30am – The Holy Souls
  • (Tuesday Arundel Cathedral Mass in thanksgiving for St Charles de Foucauld)
  • Wednesday of Eastertide St Bede the Venerable – Mass 9.30am
  • Ascension Thursday – Holyday Masses at 9.30am (int Wallie Moore RIP) & 7.30pm (int for the people of the parish)
  • Friday Feast of St Augustine of Canterbury Mass 9.30am intention Mrs Higgins
  • Seventh Sunday of Easter Mass 10am (World Communications Day)

Mary’s Month

Daily, daily sing to Mary

Sing, my soul, her praises due

All her feasts her actions worship

With the hearts devotion true

Lost in wondering contemplation

Be her majesty confessed

Call her Mother , call her Virgin

Happy Virgin, Mother blest.