22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The word “ORDINARY” confuses people because of its normal meaning in English describing what us usual , unexceptional or regular. In Latin – Ordinarius – it means order or regular or what follows . The Liturgical Year is the structure within which we celebrate the events in the life and mission of Christ – the Nativity to Pentecost and, “as we wait in joyful hope for the Lord’s coming“. In the setting of our reading this year from St Luke’s Gospel we are reading from Chapter 14 which is part of the Journey to Jerusalem with two Parables – do not give yourselves airs. What do these Parables mean for us ?

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 28 August Mass 10am
  • Wednesday 31 August Mass 9.30am St Aidan & the Saints of Lindisfarne. Int Mary Costello RIP Foundation Mass
  • Friday 2 September Mass 9.30am. St Gregory the Great. Int. Ena Cripps RIP Foundation Mass
  • Sunday 4 September Mass 23rd Sunday
  • Monday 11.30am Funeral Mass of Chris Hyttner RIP

Schools Return

Commencing on Friday the process of School Returns begins for Reception Children and Year 7s. Wishing the teachers and children a happy new term!

St Bernadette’s Relics

A Trailer to introduce the Visit is now available to bring the purpose home for us.

St Gregory the Great

Described as the Apostle of the English. First a monk and then elected Pope. Having been impressed by some Anglo Saxon Slave on sale in a market in Rome he desired to go as a missionary to bring the Gospel to England. He achieved this by sending Augustine and fellow monks , advising them and sending reinforcements to Kent. The biography of Gregory was written by the Venerable Bede. All this History comes to life when you visit Canterbury.

Not to be missed

On Wednesday there is a Performance at the BBC Prom of The Dream Of Gerontius. This is the Poem of St John Henry Newman set by Edward Elgar. It will be broadcast at 7,30pm on Radio3. It is a very moving Choral work exploring a person preparing to meet God . Praise to the Holiest!

“Will you come and follow me

If I but call your name

Will you go where you don’t know

And never be the same?

Will you let my love be shown

Will you let my name be known

Will you let my love be grown

In you and you in me “