Christ The King

We arrive at the conclusion of the Church’s Year and the reading of St Luke’s Gospel. As it unfolded we have heard how Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem to complete his mission, teaching us on the way how to be disciples. In Year A we will listen to St Matthew’s Gospel with its own way of portraying Jesus. The call to Holiness and Discipleship will be repeated as we begin to celebrate the life of Jesus revealed to us, the one whose “kingship“ is recognised in our acclamations – “thy kingdom come” and “for the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours”

The Word Who Is Life

An introduction to the Post Pandemic Pastoral Plan will be held after Mass this Sunday. If you are unable to stay you can read the document below. Bishop Richard is going to visit the 12 Deaneries in 2023 to listen to our reactions.

The Synod Process

Prior to the inter-Continental stage we are invited to respond to the UK by December 14th. You can read the text and the question here.

Let There Be Light

Necessary electrical work on the Church Lighting is being carried out this week. This will mean that those who have suffered in the outer darkness will be able to read their missals and hymn books again. The work will not affect Hall users. Reminder: do your best to save energy by not using unnecessary lights- e.g. Lobby, cloakrooms, kitchen

St. Bernadette’s School

Open Days for prospective Reception Year Children -September 2023 as advertised.

Next Sunday Is The First Sunday Of Advent

He is King, he is King
He is risen from the dead and he is King
Ev’ry knee shall bow ,ev’ry tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is King