Christmas 2022

We have reached the Feast after four full weeks of Advent preparation. May the celebration of Christ’s birth renew our faith, hope and love. Our cribs remind us of the birth of Jesus in time and his destiny of self- giving to save us and reassure us on our life journeys. Wherever and whoever you are with, may you have a joy flowing from hope in the days ahead.

Christmas Masses

  • Saturday Christmas Mass 6pm with the blessing of the crib
  • Sunday Christmas Mass of the day 10am

The Christmas Feasts

  • Each day there will be Mass at 10am
  • December26th St Stephen
  • December 27th St John the Apostle
  • December 28th The Holy Innocents
  • December 29th St Thomas Becket
  • December 30th The Holy Family
  • December 31st  The 7th day of the Octave of Christmas
  • January 1st 2023 Mary Mother of God. New Year’s Day Mass 10am

Eastern Rite Mass for Ukrainians Living in Sussex

There will be a Christmas Day Mass in Ukrainian, celebrated by
Fr Maksym Krat, at 12 noon on Saturday 7 January at St Pancras Catholic Church in Lewes
, followed by traditional Ukrainian food.

For Eastern Rite Catholics – often referred to as ‘Greek Catholics’ – Christmas Day falls on 7 January, as it does for Orthodox Christians. If you have Ukrainian refugees in your parish, please let them know that they are very welcome to join Ukrainian families in Lewes for this celebration. For further details, please WhatsApp Maryana M: +38097 0343783.

Crib Donations

These donations will go towards the crisis fund of The Catholic Children’s Society

Arundel Cathedral

You are invited to see a new video revealing the beauty of the cathedral. Please see below.

Rejoice! rejoice! rejoice! rejoice!
O lift your voice and sing
And open up your hearts to welcome him
Through all the years of darkness
Still the dance goes on and on

May I wish you joy, peace and hope this Christmas as you greet the newborn Jesus.

Fr John