Seventh Sunday In Ordinary Time

The times they are a changing! A new season dawns! A time to take a fresh look at the journey to Easter. Some effort is needed to throw off the stereotype of Lent which becomes an excuse to ignore it. The negativity of gloom and doom can descend at a time of waking up. As Bishop Richard put it – the days are lengthening, new growth appears and there is Spring happening. In his message he speaks of the three pillars – prayer – keeping in touch, you are what you eat, diet and time for generosity, reaching out to others “walking with them” and unselfishness. It begins with the dust of the past on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. Mass with Blessing and imposition of Ashes 9.30am Evening Mass with imposition of Ashes 7.30pm

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Ash Wednesday Mass at 9.30 & 7.30pm
  • Thursday Funeral Mass for Anal Bahim RIP 9.30am
  • Friday Funeral Mass for Mary Liz King RIP 1pm
  • Saturday HMP Lewes Mass 8.30am
  • First Sunday of Lent mass 10am

Lent – Walk With Me

A short reading & prayer for each day of Lent. Price £1.


During this week we are asked to pray for peace in Ukraine.

The Synod Process

The Continental phase completed In Prague.

You can read their statement here.

Lourdes Fund Appeal

Envelopes for your donations will be available for return next week. Helpers are need for the Pilgrimage. See the Posters and follow this link.

Earthquake Appeal

Thank you for your generosity in paying by card to the appeal. Please see noticeboard.

Transformers Structure

Repairs have been carried out by UK Energy. Thank you

Bother, sister, let me serve you
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I may have the grace to
Let me be your servant to

Hymn 186