Third Sunday of Easter

The Easter Story continues with two disciples walking to the village of Emmaus just North of the city of Jerusalem. The outcome is when Jesus takes bread .blesses it and breaks it. There is a moment of recognition. For us at Mass God speaks to us and then we remember in familiar actions the presence of Jesus.

Mass Schedule

  • Third Sunday of Easter Mass 10am
  • Monday 12.30pm Funeral Mass for Arline Bowman RIP
  • Wednesday Eastertide Mass 9.30am
  • (Friday Funeral Mass for Fr David Russell RIP St Thomas of Canterbury, St Leonards-on-Sea)

The Coronation of King Charles III

The Bishops of England and Wales have sent instructions for the days ahead.

Wednesday 3rd May to Friday 5th May to be days of prayer for King as he assumes the fullness of his responsibility.


Prayer Cards to help with prayer are being sent to Parishes.

Texts for the Mass have been provided.

At our Sunday Mass 10am we will pray for the King and sing the National Anthem

The Loyal Address

Do read The Loyal Address which can be found here.

Pope Francis’ Gift To The King

Details of this can be found here.

The Council Elections Thursday 4th May

Remember to bring photo ID when you come to vote. More details can be found here.

Bishop Richard’s Visit To Brighton and Hove Deanery

Five Parishioners along with other Parish representatives heard the Bishop present The Word who is Life document which contains the vision of the future when the baptised will be exercising co responsibility for the Mission of the Church .He quoted words of Pope Francis which indicated everyone is called to be involved and as one questioner put it “does that mean the sheep will have to take over from the shepherds” In practice we must start talking with other parishes , sharing talents and resources and becoming as a paragraph of the plan puts it:

communities of saints, strong, lively and welcoming schools of discipleship

The Word Who Is Life

He spoke too of the mission of our Catholic schools to be preparing the young for membership – which does also mean the role of parents and the home. Bishop Richard emphasised that the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church and is active at times of change and renewal. The plan can be found here.

I need thy presence

Every passing hour

What but thy grace can foil

the tempter’s power?

Who like thyself my guide

and stay can be?

Through cloud and sunshine

Lord, abide with me