The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Ascension Thursday. This Solemnity occurs 40 Days after Easter Day and celebrates the return of the Son to the Father when he is at his right hand. It also marks the time of waiting in prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, As we recite in the Creed “ He ascended into Heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty “. He constantly intercedes for us before the Father and sends us his Spirit and gives us the hope of one day reaching the place he has prepared for us.It is a Holy day of obligation when we come to Mass.

Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians

This unites Catholics of the West with the members of the eastern Catholic Churches which are in union with the Bishop of Rome, The Eastern Rite Churches have their own Code of Canon Law and Liturgical Rites and organisation.

Mass Schedule

  • Sixth Sunday of Easter Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Eastertide Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • ASCENSION THURSDAY MASS 9.30AM & 7.30PM -Holy day of Obligation
  • Friday Weekday Mass after the Ascension 9.30am
  • Seventh Sunday of Easter Mass 10am

May Service at St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

Bishop Richard is coming to School for the May service to honour Mary and will bless the School Mission Statement, our Headteacher Mrs Claire Smith. He will be accompanied by the Director of the Diocesan Education Service

St Francis of Assisi

If you are in London before the end of July do visit the National Gallery to view the Exhibition of paintings of St Francis of Assisi. More details here.

Praying for Vocations in May

Read about the spirit of sacrifice needed to follow Christ. Read 1 Peter4:13-16 and pray for a greater generosity for men to follow Him and celebrate His way.

New praises be given
To Christ newly crowned
Who back to his heaven
A new way has found
God’s blessedness sharing
Before us he goes
What mansions preparing
What endless repose