The Second Week in Ordinary Time

Peace Sunday

In England the Bishops ask us to celebrate this Sunday as a Day to reflect on Peace with the background of Pope Francis’ Message, the Catholic Pax Christi organisation and a retiring Collection to support their work.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Wednesday 18th – Wednesday 25th January. The theme is BE-LONGING – PRAYING FOR UNITY AMIDST INJUSTICE. It is fitting that Fr John is meeting the new Vicar of All Saints, Rev Jon Harley on the 18th. Remember to be friends with our Christian neighbours.

Pope Benedict‘s Memorial Card

Please take a copy of the card and use the prayers for the repose of his Soul. Remember too Pope Francis in his continuing ministry.

Mass Schedule


The Crib Collection

Thank you for your kind donations for the Catholic Children’s Crisis Fund. The amount collected is £93.90

Red Boxes for Missio

For the Missions. If you have a Red Box which needs emptying please kindly bring it in next Sunday. There are not quite so many coppers around now…

Epiphany Gathering

Thank you for joining our simple social meet up and for the organisers. Here is a list of the winners in the 100+ Draw. No. 25 Frances Austin 26 John Hayhurst 42 Sarah Kilmartin 33 Norman Bowman 34 Mary Elliott. New subscribers always welcome

Lamb of God

Very familiar words. How often do we use this title of Jesus in our Liturgy ? Agnus Dei. A reference to the slaughter of the lambs at the time of Passover and a parallel to Jesus slain on the Cross for our Salvation.

Liz King RIP

Please pray for the repose of her soul.

All God’s people pray together
Peace to the world
God is love God is kindness
He will guide us through the darkness
We rejoice, sing hallelujah
Peace to the world

Hymn 115

The Baptism of The Lord

The Christmas Season ends with the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. He was identifying with John the Baptist’s calling people to re-establish their relationship with God. We become aware of the forthcoming ministry of Jesus recognised as the beloved Son of God and a Spirit filled moment. As we recall our reception of the Sacrament of Baptism we know that we began a lifelong relationship with God. Let us keep that alive by our prayer and by living as his People.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI RIP

The Funeral Mass was available on television channels and Youtube, If you visit the Bishops’ Conference website CBCEW (click here) you can read of the coverage of his Ministry and Teachings, It is possible to see some of the events during his UK visit e.g. The Big Assembly celebrating Catholic Schools , the Speech in Westminster Hall and the Beatification of John Henry Newman. A Prayer & Memorial Card is being sent to Parishes . There is a sample on the Noticeboard.

St Bernadette’s Catholic School

Requests for signature on Supplementary forms should come to Fr John asap.

My Thanks

I want to thank you for your many kindnesses over Christmas – your Greetings, the Christmas Offering and Gifts. They are all much appreciated. Fr John

Epiphany Tide Gathering

After Mass this Sunday there will be the 100+ Draw with a glass to celebrate the ending of the Season

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday the Baptism of the Lord. Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the People of the Parish & Pope Benedict RIP
  • Wednesday Weekday Mass 9.30am Intention Monica RIP, Regina
  • Friday Weekday Mass 9.30am Intention Pope Benedict RIP
  • Sunday Second in Ordinary Time Sunday Mass 10am Peace Sunday.

Ordinary Time

The word Ordinary describes the time during which the life and ministry of Jesus unfolds in an ordered way. During 2023 the Sunday Gospel usually comes from the Gospel of St Matthew.

For Your Missals

Lectionary -Year A for Sundays. Weekday Lectionary – Scheme 2

Next Sunday

Peace Sunday. Second collection for Pax Christi

Diocesan Events

These can be found each week in the Diocesan e bulletin. Forthcoming events include the Justice & Peace Assembly , a Saturday for Readers and so on.

For in the waters of the Jordan
You revealed with signs and wonders a new Baptism
So that from the voice that came down from heaven
We might come to believe in your Word dwelling among us.

Preface of the Feast

The Year of The Lord 2023

As 2022 ends the news of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has been announced. His funeral will take place on Thursday 5th January. The second Pope to visit this country, a visit which at the time seemed ill advised, on the contrary was met with large crowds and gratitude. In particular we will recall his address in Westminster Hall and his Beatification of John Henry Newman in Birmingham. Our Bishop has issued a statement and others may be read at the website of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales – please click here. Masses for the repose of his soul will be offered.

Bishop Richard’s statement on Pope Benedict XVI

The Diocese is deeply saddened at the death of His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI this morning.

Speaking earlier today Bishop Richard Moth said:

“We are deeply grateful for the life and service of Pope Emeritus Benedict. While we mourn his loss, we are thankful for his steadfast witness and legacy.”

“His firm resolve during eight years of papal ministry saw the Pope Emeritus broaden opportunities for dialogue with people and groups outside of the Catholic Church. More locally, many in our community will have been touched by his gentle presence during his visit to these shores in 2010, not least in his meeting with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the time of prayer in Hyde Park and the Beatification of St. John Henry Newman.”

“Masses for the repose of the Pope’s soul will be offered across the churches of our Diocese in the coming days. We entrust Pope Benedict to the Father of all mercies and prayer for the repose of his soul.”

“Please remember Pope Francis in your prayers also, in his continuing Petrine Ministry.”

New Year’s Day

We pray for God’s Blessings for the Year ahead and offer thanksgiving for the graces of last year

Mary, Mother of God

We continue to reflect on the motherhood of Mary. Mother of Christ, Mother of the Saviour, Mother of the Church. Using the greetings of Gabriel and Elizabeth we seek her prayer now and at the hour of our death.

The Epiphany of The Lord

Friday 6th January is observed as a Holy Day when Jesus is revealed or manifested to the Wise ones from the East. Mass will be celebrated in St Thomas More’s at 9.30am.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Christmastide Mass  Intention for the repose of the Soul of Pope Emeritus Benedict.
  • Thursday -in Rome Funeral Mass for Pope Emeritus Benedict.
  • Friday THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD. Mass 9.30am                         
  • Sunday The Baptism of the Lord Mass 10am after this Mass there will be a 100+ draw, a social gathering with a glass of something
Holy God
We place ourselves into your hands
Bless us and care for us
Look kindly upon us and give us peace

May you have a peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling year.

Fr. John

Christmas 2022

We have reached the Feast after four full weeks of Advent preparation. May the celebration of Christ’s birth renew our faith, hope and love. Our cribs remind us of the birth of Jesus in time and his destiny of self- giving to save us and reassure us on our life journeys. Wherever and whoever you are with, may you have a joy flowing from hope in the days ahead.

Christmas Masses

  • Saturday Christmas Mass 6pm with the blessing of the crib
  • Sunday Christmas Mass of the day 10am

The Christmas Feasts

  • Each day there will be Mass at 10am
  • December26th St Stephen
  • December 27th St John the Apostle
  • December 28th The Holy Innocents
  • December 29th St Thomas Becket
  • December 30th The Holy Family
  • December 31st  The 7th day of the Octave of Christmas
  • January 1st 2023 Mary Mother of God. New Year’s Day Mass 10am

Eastern Rite Mass for Ukrainians Living in Sussex

There will be a Christmas Day Mass in Ukrainian, celebrated by
Fr Maksym Krat, at 12 noon on Saturday 7 January at St Pancras Catholic Church in Lewes
, followed by traditional Ukrainian food.

For Eastern Rite Catholics – often referred to as ‘Greek Catholics’ – Christmas Day falls on 7 January, as it does for Orthodox Christians. If you have Ukrainian refugees in your parish, please let them know that they are very welcome to join Ukrainian families in Lewes for this celebration. For further details, please WhatsApp Maryana M: +38097 0343783.

Crib Donations

These donations will go towards the crisis fund of The Catholic Children’s Society

Arundel Cathedral

You are invited to see a new video revealing the beauty of the cathedral. Please see below.

Rejoice! rejoice! rejoice! rejoice!
O lift your voice and sing
And open up your hearts to welcome him
Through all the years of darkness
Still the dance goes on and on

May I wish you joy, peace and hope this Christmas as you greet the newborn Jesus.

Fr John

Fourth Week of Advent

There is a change of pace now we enter the final week of Advent. We have a sense that the Promises of old are very shortly to be revealed .The Good News of the Angel is communicated in St Matthew’s Gospel as Joseph being instructed in a dream to do what was needed. Mary is very much in the picture as we hear of the Annunciation, her consent and her visit to Elizabeth together with her prayer of thanksgiving – the Magnificat. The 4 weeks have given us the opportunity to prepare for the celebrations ahead when at Mass we remember the first Christmas.

Advent Sunday Carol Service 6 pm St Mary’s

You are all invited to a celebration in words and song of the coming Feast, with singers from St Mary’s and St Thomas More’s. This will be at 6pm this Sunday with a retiring collection for Mary’s Meals and the crisis fund for the Catholic Children’s Society.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the people of the Parish
  • Wednesday Advent Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Advent Weekday Mass 9.30am
  • Saturday HMP Lewes Christmas Mass 8.30am

Christ Masses

  • Saturday Evening Christmas Mass 6pm with Blessing of the Crib
  • Sunday Christmas Day Mass 10am
Despite title this podcast is definitely for 4th Sunday of Advent!

Crib Donations

A box will be near the crib for donations to the Catholic Children’s Society Crisis Fund

Christmas Week

Each day of Christmas the Feasts will be celebrated with Mass at 10am, commencing with St Stephen’s Day 26th December.

Advent Hymn

Come quickly come, great King of all
Reign all around us, and within
Let sin no more our souls enthral
Let pain and sorrow die with sin
Come quickly come; for thou alone
Can make thy scattered people one

The Third Week of Advent

2022 will be remembered as the year Advent has 4 complete weeks giving us the opportunity to prepare well for the Feasts ahead. As Vestment –( Bishop Richard reminds us in his weekly Message this Sunday is Rejoicing Sunday, marked by the lighting of the Rose coloured candle and the possibility of a rose coloured -if we had one. It does mean we are halfway through our preparations and now we have 2 complete works to reflect on who it is we are welcoming by our reflection on the Scriptures , our praying and practising the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion – not forgetting participating in the Carol Services, the Schools and next Sunday in St Mary’s. John the Baptist is the central figure in this Sunday’s Gospel and he seems uncertain whether Jesus is really the One he and others expected .This is because Jesus is not taking violent action because of the oppression and occupation of the Romans. He has to be reassured and receives back an answer. God’s love is to be revealed in Jesus. “happy is the one who does not lose faith in me.”

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

See the noticeboard for Advent Services around the deanery.

Holy Communion for the Housebound

In these last 2 weeks Holy Communion will be brought to the Nursing and Care Homes in the Parish and to the homes of parishioners who are not able to join us in Church. If you know of someone like that please do let Fr John know – 01273 563017 – if out please do leave a message.

Mass schedule for the third week of Advent

  • Sunday Mass 10am
  • Tuesday St Lucy Mass 9.30am
  • Friday Advent Mass 9.30am
  • 4th Sunday in Advent Mass 10am

Carol Service

Sunday 18th December 6pm at St Mary’s.

Singers from St Mary’s & St Thomas More’s and parishioners gather for a Service of Carols & Readings. Retiring Collection in aid of Mary’s meals & the Catholic Children’s Crisis Fund. Mulled wine & Mince pies in the Hall to follow. Not to be missed.

The Word of Life for December

“Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock “ Isaiah. A leaflet to help you reflect on this Scripture and lead you to prayer.

Christmas Masses

  • HMP Lewes 24th December 8.30am
  • Christmas Mass St Thomas More 24th December 6pm
  • Christmas Day Mass St Thomas More 25th December 10am

Advent Chant

Rejoice in the lord always: God is at hand
Joy and gladness for al who seek the Lord
Wai for the Lord whose day is near
Wait for the lord : keep watch take heart

2nd Sunday of Advent

On this Second Week of Advent we are introduced to John the Baptist described as The Forerunner or Precursor with his message “Prepare the way of the Lord!” One that we endeavour to apply to our spiritual lives by our reflection on the words of Scripture , our prayers , a weekday Mass or two ,and, of course, celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation in which after examining our consciences we make an individual Confession. There will be an opportunity in our Church on Saturday 10th from 11am. For students at CNCS priests of the Deanery will be available for the Sacrament during the School Day on Friday.

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

The preparedness for the coming of the Lord is recognised in the choice of Mary who was conceived immaculate without sin, full of grace, to be the Mother of Jesus . It was when St Bernadette questioned the beautiful lady of the apparitions that she was given her name- I am the Immaculate Conception. Our devotion to Mary leads us to her Son. Mary’s Statue in our Church reminds us vividly of this as we see her presenting Jesus as she holds him in her hands .The practice of lighting a candle and honouring Mary is a long established custom. As Mother to be she is honoured during these Advent days.

This week he reminds us of Mary and the Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Advent Day Retreat

Saturday 10th December at St Martha’s Convent Rottingdean BN2 7HA. 10am -3pm. BYO Lunch. To book a place please email

Preparing for Holy Communion

Session 2 – after Mass Sunday 11th December

Advent Resources

Choral Director for Diocesan Schools

Please see the notice board or click here.

Mass Schedule

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent Mass 10am
  • Wednesday Advent Weekday Mass 9:30am
  • Thursday The Immaculate Conception of Mary Solemnity Mass 9:30am
  • Friday Advent Weekday Mass 9:30am
  • 3rd Sunday of Advent Mass 10am

A Lourdes Hymn

Immaculate Mary!
Our hearts are on fire
That title so wondrous
Fills all our desire
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!

The Season of Advent

Advent is a word derived from “coming” and marks for us preparing for the coming of Christ. It marks the beginning of a new year in the church as our liturgy /worship , with the Gospel of St Matthew celebrates the life of Jesus, Son of God, and his message for the world, It starts with us as we prepare by reviewing our relationship to Christ and ourselves. It is a wake up time urging us to examine our sense of belonging and to take the opportunities we discover. This year Advent has 4 full weeks. Let us use them.

Mass Schedule

  • Advent Sunday Mass Week 1
  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the People of the Parish
  • Wednesday St Andrew,Apostle,Patron of Scotland
  • Mass 9.30am Intention for Eileen Barber RIP ( O;Neill Familly )
  • Friday Advent Weekday Mass
  • Mass 9,30am Intention for deceased members of the Duncliffe Family
  • Saturday Mass HMP LEWES
  • Advent Sunday Week 2 Mass 10am

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Advent is one of the two penitential seasons when we are encouraged to avail ourselves of the grace of the this sacrament by examining our consciences and making a confession of “what we have done and what we have failed to do”. Arrangements are in hand for times when numbers of priest confessors will be available at services. Next Saturday the sacrament will be available in our Church from 11.30 -12.30pm. As always by arrangement Fr John can be available.

Preparing for Holy Communion

The programme of preparation commences next Sunday after Mass.

Church Lighting

The necessary lighting is now in working order.

Advent Reading

You can find material to assist your journey through Advent at our useful websites and the December Word of Life.

Clergy Recollection

On Tuesday clergy have a time of recollection at Worth Abbey. It always helps to know parishioners are praying for their priests.

The Advent Wreath

Symbolises for us God has no beginning and end, reminding us of his love which is also unending. The first candle is the prophet’s candle as we focus on hope and the promise of the future.

Advent Hymn to Mary

Mother of Christ; hear thou thy people’s cry
Star of the deep and portal of the sky
Mother of him who from nothing made
Sinking we strive and call for thee to aid
Oh by that joy which Gabriel brought to thee
Thou virgin first and last let us thy mercy see.

Christ The King

We arrive at the conclusion of the Church’s Year and the reading of St Luke’s Gospel. As it unfolded we have heard how Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem to complete his mission, teaching us on the way how to be disciples. In Year A we will listen to St Matthew’s Gospel with its own way of portraying Jesus. The call to Holiness and Discipleship will be repeated as we begin to celebrate the life of Jesus revealed to us, the one whose “kingship“ is recognised in our acclamations – “thy kingdom come” and “for the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours”

The Word Who Is Life

An introduction to the Post Pandemic Pastoral Plan will be held after Mass this Sunday. If you are unable to stay you can read the document below. Bishop Richard is going to visit the 12 Deaneries in 2023 to listen to our reactions.

The Synod Process

Prior to the inter-Continental stage we are invited to respond to the UK by December 14th. You can read the text and the question here.

Let There Be Light

Necessary electrical work on the Church Lighting is being carried out this week. This will mean that those who have suffered in the outer darkness will be able to read their missals and hymn books again. The work will not affect Hall users. Reminder: do your best to save energy by not using unnecessary lights- e.g. Lobby, cloakrooms, kitchen

St. Bernadette’s School

Open Days for prospective Reception Year Children -September 2023 as advertised.

Next Sunday Is The First Sunday Of Advent

He is King, he is King
He is risen from the dead and he is King
Ev’ry knee shall bow ,ev’ry tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is King