19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Holiday Time

We hope the Summer warmth returns so that we can enjoy these August Days. It is a time to catch up with ourselves, our friends and, at the Lord’s command, to take time for reflection.

Deacon Ivor Pelling RIP

Deacon Ivor Pelling ministered in St Joseph’s Parish before retiring with his wife Joan to Patcham Village. He died peacefully on Thursday at the age of 90. May he rest in peace.

Mrs Jacqueline Lance RIP

The Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Friday 20th August at 2pm. In that a large congregation is expected, may I recommend coming on the 5b bus to the stop (The Long Man of Wilmington) due to the limited parking in Braybon Avenue.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 8th August 10am Int – for the people of the parish and the faithful departed – Deacon Ivor Pelling, Jacqueline Lance, Sheila Benham
  • Wednesday 11th August 10am – St Clare of Assisi
  • Friday 13th August 7:30pm – St Maximillian Kolbe
  • Sunday 15th August 10am The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Synod 2023

It’s an invitation for us, as Catholics, to ‘walk together’ and every member of the Church has the right to speak, and the obligation to allow those charged with the work of discernment the freedom to do so.For the first time, the Synod Office in Rome has produced a comprehensive process which encompasses the stated aim of the Holy Father that the Church in today’s world should have a vision of missionary communion orientated to evangelisation. Please read the rest of this article by clicking here.

The Art of Dying Well

This site based at St Mary’s University Twickenham has much helpful information. There is a Podcast well worth listening that can be found here.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you!

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mrs Jacqueline Lance RIP

On the morning of Thursday 29th July she was called home to be with God for the Eternal Life. Known to many children and parents she served as Headteacher of St Bernadette’s Catholic School for many years before retiring. Latterly, through ill health she has been supported by family and friends. As we join her mother, Betty, Michael, her son and Josie, her daughter, in commending her into God’s hands, we give thanks for her years of service in Catholic Education and pray that she will rest in peace.

Fighting Modern Slavery

A sample of the latest Newsletter is available on the diocesan website and a sample may be seen on the noticeboard. A recent three part television documentary has also dealt with some of the issues.

Anniversaries Mass

The Diocesan Mass for couples with special Anniversaries is on Saturday 9th October at 11.30am in St Joseph’s Guildford. See here for further details.

The Word of Life Leaflet

The August leaflet will be available in the courtyard after Mass. It provides a verse of Scripture with a commentary for prayerful reflection during the Month. Ideal for travelling, waiting areas, and when not “busy“.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 1st August 10am (18th in Ordinary Time) ~ The people of the parish and those who are unwell
  • Monday 2nd August 10am ~Terrence Sweeney RIP (Foundation Mass)
  • Wednesday 4th August 10am (St John Mary Vianney – The Curé d’Ars)
  • Friday 6th August 7:30pm (The Transfiguration of The Lord) ~ Charles Bernard Hull RIP
  • Sunday 8th August 10am ~ (19th in Ordinary Time) ~ The people of the parish

Redundant iPads and Laptops

These are urgently required for the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group. Please contact josie@gdwg.org.uk

Parish Funding

Thank you for your offerings for the support of the Parish. Some are able to do so by Standing Orders, gift aided, others are placing your donations in the basket on the table within the Church. Thank you for your generosity.

John Chapter 6

O bread of heaven, beneath this veil.

Thou dost my very God conceal

My dearest Jesus hail.

Each loving soul by thee is fed

With thine own self in form of bread

St Alphonsus Ligouri (translated by Edmund Vaughan)

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Step 4 Guidance from the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

This is available to read either here or on the Noticeboard in the Entrance. Local Conditions in Brighton and Hove mean that the restrictions continue in force until the present surge disappears. Face coverings and hand sanitising are to be observed. With help on Saturday, Phase 1 of restoring seating arrangements has been carried out and you can choose to select a seat with a kneeler or to take a chair a metre plus apart in the two wings.

One new permission is that congregational singing – through your face covering – can return in a gentle way. Let’s try the greetings and Preface dialogue first.

If you have any questions please do contact Fr John

World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly 2021

Pope Francis has inaugurated this Celebration commencing Sunday July 25th.

Do visit the CBCEW website – click 9

Pope Francis’ Message –“I am with you always “

“I am with you always”

Dear Grandfathers and Grandmothers,

Dear Elderly Friends, “I am with you always” (Mt 28:20): this is the promise the Lord made to his disciples before he ascended into heaven.They are the words that he repeats to you today, dear grandfathers and grandmothers, dear elderly friends. “I am with you always” are also the words that I, as Bishop of Rome and an elderly person like yourselves, would like to address to you on this first World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly. The whole Church is close to you – to us – and cares about you, loves you and does not want to leave you alone!

You can read the rest of this letter by clicking here.

Cardinal Vincent’s Message (British Sign Language Version)

Prayers for Grandparents and the Elderly

Prayers for Grandparents and the Elderly can be found here.

Pastoral Responses

– If still with you make contact. If not pray for them


Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 25th July Mass 10AM – int. for grandparents and the elderly and those suffering with Covid-19 and other conditions
  • Wednesday 28th July int. Olive Rose Hull RIP
  • SUNDAY 1st August 18th Sunday in OrdinaryTime – int. for the people of the parish

Saints of the Week

  • St Joachim & St Anne – Grandparents of Jesus
  • St Martha –with her sister and brother close friends of Jesus
  • St Peter Chrysologus –encouraged continuing learning of the Faith
  • St Ignatius Loyola -founder of the Jesuits. Based his spirituality on the Trinity, Christ and the Eucharist

The Sunday Gospel

For the next five Sundays we leave St Mark’s Gospel and focus on Chapter 6 of St John’s Gospel.

“ I am the bread of life.

You who come to me will never be hungry

You who follow me will never be lonely.

I will raise you up to eternal life “

John 6:35

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Guidance for step four has now been published. It consists of detailed information for everything connected to the practice of Catholics together with a statement from the Catholic Bishops of England – “Sunday – It Is Our Day”.

Bishop Richard has also written “The wearing of face coverings is a protection for others. I urge most strongly that face coverings continue to be worn during the course of celebrations.”

Please do take time to read these communications

Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage 17th – 24th July 2021

Our Diocese normally journeys together as pilgrims to the Holy Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, this will not be possible this year, so we have arranged a number of events in the UK and Lourdes instead, which can be followed online Saturday 17 to Saturday 24 July.

Bishop Richard will celebrate the Opening Mass of Welcome at Arundel Cathedral on 17 July at 11am. For further details and a full itinerary please click on the Virtual Pilgrimage 2021 tab on the diocesan website.

Mass Schedule

  • 18th July Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the people of the Parish
  • 19th July Monday. Year 6 Leavers Mass St Bernadette’s
  • 21st July Wednesday Mass 10am St Mary Magdalene Int. For those who are unwell
  • 25th July Sunday Mass 10am Int . For Grandparents and the People of the Parish

Saints of the Week

  • St Apollinaris –evangelise the Emilia -Romagna area
  • St Lawrence of Brindisi – Capuchin Friar
  • St Mary Magdalene – Witness to the Resurrection
  • St Bridget of Sweden – worked for the return of the papacy from Avignon to Rome
  • St Sharbel Makhluf – of the Maronite Rite, had a stroke while celebrating Mass

Holiday Time

We wish Students and Parents a healthy Summer Break. To all the staff in our Schools a big thank you for all you have done during this academic year. Do unwind and have a rest.

Next Sunday

Pope Francis, now thankfully home after his operation, has asked us to celebrate next Sunday for Grandparents.

Saint Thomas More

“Saints are the teeth of the Church.” – Their bite keeps us alert to our calling

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Our Patronal Feast Day

The Sunday nearest to July 9th is celebrated as our PATRONAL FEAST DAY when we honour not only our Patron St Thomas More but also the anniversaries of the opening of our Church and its Consecration. The Church was blessed and opened on 9th July 1963 by Bishop Cyril Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark – who also Ordained me a Priest on the 24th May 1964 – and Consecrated on 10th July 1983 by Bishop Cormac Murphy O’Connor (later Cardinal). St Thomas More was executed on the 6th July 1535

In the Prayer of Dedication we are reminded that in the building “There is reflected the mystery of the Church“ made up of living stones, the people of God. It is our task to grow together as a community and to grow to full stature as followers of Christ

Sea Sunday

Today is Sea Sunday, when the Church prays for all those who live and work at sea. Today’s second collection is for Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea), the Catholic Church’s official maritime welfare agency. It supports seafarers both practically and spiritually. For an appeal talk from Bishop Paul Mason, and a video showing some of what Stella Maris does, please visit www.stellamaris.org.uk/SeaSunday . This collection is vital to enable Stella Maris to continue its important work. To donate, please visit
www.stellamaris.org.uk/donate or text ‘SEA’ to 70460 to donate £5. Stella Maris is dependent on voluntary donations, so please give generously. Thank you!

Pope Francis

The Holy Father is recovering after an operation .We keep him in our prayers along with those unwell who have asked us to pray for them.

Mass Schedule

  • SUNDAY 11TH JULY PATRONAL FEAST 10AM INT for the People of the Parish
  • WEDNESDAY 14TH JULY St Camillus of Lellis 10AM
  • SUNDAY 18TH JULY 16TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 10AM INT For the People of the Parish

Saints of the Week

  • St Henry – German King and Roman Emperor. Worked to establish peace in Europe
  • St Camillus of Lellis -Founded an Order to care for the sick (Matthew 25: 40)
  • St Bonaventure -Franciscan, Theologian, the Devout Doctor.

Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage 17 – 24 July

Our Diocese normally journeys together as pilgrims to the Holy Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. Due to Covid-19, this will not be possible this year, so we have arranged a number of events in the UK and in Lourdes instead, which can be followed online Saturday 17 to Saturday 24 July.

We will share a number of different events during our ‘virtual’ week. Some elements of our programme will be livestreamed from the Grotto, and some will be livestreamed from churches within our Diocese. Bishop Richard will celebrate the Opening Mass of Welcome at Arundel Cathedral on 17 July at 11am.

It will be possible for a small number of pilgrims to attend the Closing Mass at Christ the Prince of Peace in Weybridge on the 24 July in person. For details of how to book and a full itinerary please click here.

Words of Saint Thomas More

“And if we unfortunately faint by the wayside (as God knows we seldom do anything else) and like lazy rascals scarcely follow Him a long way behind, let us immediately say to God : 'Take me by the right hand and lead me on the way."

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Changes on the way

The first is that the communal response in preparation for Holy Communion is now replaced by the normal procedure. As you approach wearing your face covering, the Celebrant shows the Host and says ‘The Body of Christ’ to which you reply ‘Amen’, you then step to the side and consume the Host.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 4th July 10am – int for the people of the parish
  • Wednesday 7th July 10am – int foundation Mass
  • Sunday 11th July – Patronal Feast Day

Saints of the week

  • St Anthony Zaccaria -trained as a Doctor, inspired by St Paul’s writings, Founder of the Barabites, a religious Order
  • St Maria Goretti – a 12 year old, attacked by an 18 year old , stabbed and later died after receiving Viaticum – Holy Communion for a dying person.

The Word of Life

The July leaflet to help with your prayerful reflection on a verse of Scripture will be available this weekend

Cardinal Newman Catholic School

Pupils from Cardinal Newman school are calling on Boris Johnson to tackle the climate crisis and ensure those worst affected are put at the heart of this year’s climate talks. In a stunt outside Brighton Old Pier on 22 June, pupils from Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Hove, held a banner reminding the government that “The ‘Eyes of the World’ are watching” ahead of the UK hosting world leaders the UN climate conference ‘COP26’ in Glasgow this November. Read more by clicking here.

The Open Cloister at Worth Abbey

FINDING STILLNESS: The Open Cloister @ Worth Abbey Tuesday 24th-Thursday 26th August 2021
An experimental hybrid retreat where you are invited to come and stay at Worth or join the retreat online.
For further information or to book your place online go to this web page.
Enquiries: toc@worth.org.uk

New Website for Families

There are fantastic Mass resources for families on the new Colour and Shape website. Please visit by clicking here.

The Art of Dying Well

The Centre for dying well at St Mary’s University is a helpful resource around questions of death, dying and bereavement Find out more by visiting this website.

From St Thomas More’s Treatise on The Holy Eucharist

“Let us not lose this time therefore, suffer not this occasion to slip ,which we can little tell whether ever we shall get it again or never. Let us endeavour ourself to keep him still and like the two disciples of Emmaus – tarry/ stay with us good Lord.”

Written in the Tower of London

The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St Peter and St Paul are remembered every 29th June. We hear about them as the Founders of the Church through the Gospels , the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters in the New Testament. They both died as Martyrs in Rome and pilgrims there visit their tombs in St Peter’s Basilica and at St Paul’s Basilica Outside the Walls. This week, because of my absence may I suggest, if you are able to attend, the 10am Mass at St Mary’s?

Just to let you know I need a little more treatment before I can be back in action. Thank you for your supportive prayers,

Fr John

Letter from our Bishop

You will read that it is now permitted for the Priest to announce “The Body of Christ “ for each Communicant who responds “Amen”. See noticeboard.

Mass Schedule

  • 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (27th June) 10am – int. for the people of the parish
  • 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (4th July) 10am – int. for the people of the parish

Saints of The Week

  • St Irenaeus –“lover of peace“ theologian who contradicted the Gnostics
  • St Oliver Plunkett -Archbishop of Armagh. Brought to England and executed at Tyburn
  • St Thomas the Apostle – “My Lord and my God“

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is beginning again in our Diocese this September. The course is designed for teachers in Catholic schools, for Catechists and for anyone who would like to grow in understanding as they live their Catholic faith. The CCRS offers a very flexible and accessible way of learning, it includes some online content and is made up of eight modules: six core and two specialist modules. Each module involves ten hours of course time and an assignment. For more information or to register your place please contact our formation advisor jon.harman@abdiocese.org.uk

Death By Appointment

The Assisted Suicide debate has been pushed centre stage once more, with Baroness Meacher’s Assisted Dying Bill introduced into the House of Lords. Bishop John Sherrington, Lead Bishop for Life Issues, has already outlined the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Bill – a Bill that could make assisted suicide legal in England and Wales.

On Monday 12 July at 7:30pm, Baroness Ilora Finlay and Robert Preston will look beyond the headlines to help inform your view. From law, to clinical practice, social attitudes, end of life care, public safety and the experience of those jurisdictions, they will carefully explore the evidence in a manner that recognises and respects that others may see the matter differently.

This virtual event will take place via Zoom and is supported by the Bishops’ Conference’s Department of Social Justice. You can register for your free place here.

Deadline for Applications for ‘Settled Status’ for EU citizens

Our Diocese includes individuals and families from across the world. As a diocesan community we greatly value the presence, gifts and contributions of our brothers and sisters, who have to come to live in the UK.

A reminder to EU nationals, who have been resident since before December 31 2020, that the EU settlement scheme deadline is June 30 (next Wednesday). The UK Government requires that ‘a timely application’ is made to ensure people can continue to work, rent accommodation and access healthcare here. Individuals who hold permanent residence or a European Residence card as an EU national or a family member must also register for settled status (or to naturalise as British Citizens). You can find out more on the Government website by clicking here.

Health and Safety Checks

This week a number of checks will be made on Gas and Electricity ,Fire Extinguishers and Risk Assessments. If you have any concerns please contact Fr John.

The Open Cloister at Worth Abbey

FINDING STILLNESS: The Open Cloister @ Worth Abbey Tuesday 24th-Thursday 26th August 2021
An experimental hybrid retreat where you are invited to come and stay at Worth or join the retreat online.
For further information or to book your place online go to: www.worth.co.uk/retreats/online-retreats
Enquiries: toc@worth.org.uk

St Peter and St Paul’s Hymn

One taught mankind its creed, one guards the heavenly gates .

Founders of Rome, they bind the world in unity:

One by the sword achieved, one by the cross his fate ;

With laurelled brows, they hold eternal royalty .

The 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Day For Life

The annual day raising awareness about the meaning and value of human life from conception to natural death. More details can be found here.To view resources about the issues and help to cope with them. There will be a zoom event soon to equip ourselves for discussions on another attempt to change the law on Assisted Dying more details of this event can be found here.

There is also a special collection – preferably by card – please follow this link.

Refugees Week

Refugee Week comes to a close this Sunday but there are plenty of activities and initiatives taking place after this date. Refugee Tales is an outreach project of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group inspired by the experiences of men held in immigration detention at Gatwick, and the work of GDWG in 20 years of visiting. Please visit this link for further details.

Scripture from Scratch – An Online Course

The Bible is a great treasure of the Christian world, and source of revelation of God’s word. While we may have our favourite passages, the language and the images behind those words may be foreign to us. And even if we work through the process of trying to understand a biblical book, we may not really believe that it has something to say to us today. This course introduces some key elements to understanding the Bible and explores some of the traditional preconceptions we have about the Bible itself – more details can be found here.

Saints of the Week

St Aloysius Gonzaga – a Jesuit who nursed in the Jesuit Hospital in Rome during a plague of which he would die

St John Fisher & St Thomas More –English Martyrs canonised in 1935. The builder of our Church Fr Fooks was present in Rome for this event.

St Etheldreda (Audrey ) Abbess of Ely. Died of a tumour in the neck because of wearing necklaces in her youth

St Thomas Garnet – Martyr. Educated at Collyers School in Horsham. Because of them being Catholic his parents were put in Horsham jail

St John the Baptist – celebrating the Birth of John. He prepared the way of the Lord

St Cyril of Alexandra –Presided at the Council of Ephesus and condemned the heresy of Nestorius.

Mass Schedule

  • 12th Sunday in OT (20th June) Mass 10am
  • 13th Sunday in OT (27th June) Mass 10am

There are no weekday Masses this week

Sussex Day – 16th June

Advertised as celebrating the heritage and culture of Sussex – what was not mentioned was the Feast day of St Richard of Chichester. See last week’s news.

Patronal Feast of Saint Thomas More

With the extension of restrictions until 19th July maybe we could aim for Sunday 25th July?

How Does The Garden Grow?

You will notice recent rain and sunshine has caused clumps of grass to flourish along our driveway. It would be very helpful if you could come along equipped with a fork to dig them out and take them away. Thank you!

A Prayer of Saint Thomas More

Give me good Lord, a full faith, a firm hope, and a fervent charity, a love to the good lord incomparable above the love to myself : and that I love nothing to thy displeasure, but everything in an order to thee. (written before his execution whilst a prisoner in the Tower of London)

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

After what seems a long time we move on to the Time when we explore the teaching of Jesus mainly through the Gospels Sunday by Sunday .This will include what he did , where he travelled to and what he taught through St Mark’s accounts. The shortest of the Gospel at times it reads like a travelogue.

After the season of Easter and the “ theological Feasts “ the stole and the chasuble of the Celebrant change from white to green . Green is the colour associated with growth , vibrancy and sustainability and of course with all the discussions about care for our common home .We have the teaching of Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter Laudato Si , available from the CTS Bookshop. During the while I am self isolating I am grateful to Fr Rod Jones OSB for celebrating Sunday Mass for the Parish and will be in action soon.
Fr John

G7 Summit

The Bishops have written to the Prime Minister and the Leaders meeting at the Summit in Cornwall stating that decisions must be “Sustainable and just” Read the letter here.

Worth Abbey

The Community have elected Fr Mark Barrett OSB Abbot for an 8 year term of Office.Keep him and the Monks in your prayers. For more details please click here.

Contactless Giving

Contactless Giving – Parish Zoom
Wednesday 16th June at 7pm-7.45pm

The Diocese is running an online Zoom event with a presentation and Q&A from the contactless giving company Dona. Dona will be providing a demonstration of their contactless product and will give parishes the opportunity to ask questions. Dona are one of two contactless giving providers the Diocese recommends and following the event they will be offering a 25% off promotion until 13th July. This online meeting is a great opportunity to find out more about contactless giving and to see how contactless giving devices work. You can register for the event here.

From The Corpus Christi Pastoral Message of Bishop Richard

“On this Corpus Christi Day, therefore, I offer a deliberate invitation to return to the public celebration of Mass. Come once more to be with your sisters and brothers, gathered around the altar to meet with the Crucified and Risen Lord, truly present in the gift of the Blessed Sacrament. I call on you to extend this invitation to those whom you know who have not yet returned to the Parish Community”

Mass Schedule

  • 13th June 10am 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (int for the people of the parish)
  • 20th June 10am 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time (int for the people of the parish)

Please note that there are no weekday Masses this week

Saints of The Week

St Romauld – challenged in every aspect of his life he founded the Camaldolese Benedictines who unite monastic and hermit life.

St Richard of Chichester -Patron of Sussex. Born at Droitwich. Graduated in Law at Oxford. He became Chancellor to Archbishop Edmund of Canterbury, and then Bishop Of Chichester. He did much to reform the diocese and organised a Synod. Like A&B he urged parishioners to visit the Cathedral and help maintain it with offerings. The Pope asked him to preach a Crusade and he journeyed along the South Coast to Dover -via Patcham ? In Dover he fell ill and died at the age of 56. His body was brought back to Chichester where it was entombed until the Reformation. To this day at the spot of his shrine he is still honoured and for Parishioners of Chichester there is a Mass in the cathedral on the 16th June.

Saint Richard’s Prayer

Thanks be to thee O Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits which thou hast given us
For all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
May we know thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,,
And follow thee more nearly.
Day by day Amen

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

This Sunday, 6th June, is a moment for us to rejoice in the wonderful gift of the Eucharist. It also marks the anniversary of the first time I received Holy Communion and thus was able to participate fully in the celebration of Mass the heart of our worship and membership of the Church. On Maundy Thursday Evening we gathered to recall the Last Supper as Jesus entered on his journey to the Cross and Resurrection. This Feast is the opportunity for us reflect on the dynamic and richness of the Eucharist. Described as “the source and summit of all Christian life” we find divine life and unity of the people of God both expressed and effected. When at Mass the Eucharistic Prayer is proclaimed we find the unfolding of the central features of our Faith. In places where the Blessed Sacrament is adored and carried in procession our appreciation of this Gift is experienced by reverence in our attentive hearts and externally.

Thanks be to God,

Fr John

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter

The Parish Website

Our thanks to the Webmaster, Ron Gordon, for maintenance on the site. Weekly items can be found under NEWS and items back to March 2020 can be found under ARCHIVED News.


We are now in Ordinary Time Week 11

Feasts and Saints of The Week

  • St Ephrem – Syrian, Deacon ,Poet, composed instructional hymns for Public Worship
  • St Columba (Colmcille)- Born in Donegal , founded monastery in Derry , First Abbot of Iona.
  • The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus- “ from his wounded side flowed blood and water “ image of the selfless love of Jesus
  • The Immaculate Heart of Mary- “Mary treasured all these things and reflection them in her heart”