Twenty fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Education Sunday

We celebrate the work of Catholic education in order to enable it to continue to flourish with the support of the whole Catholic community. Sacrifices have been made and continue to be made to establish and maintain our catholic schools. You may not realise that the governors and others have to provide 10% towards the continuing development and care of the schools. This is so that young people may receive religious education and Catholic culture at primary and secondary levels.  We thank teachers, support staff,  governors,  diocesan education officers and advisers who have found their vocation in Catholic education. it is necessary to promote our schools by active participation, responding to consultations, letting elected representatives know your views and encouraging young persons to teach in Catholic school

The theme of this sunday is “ form and flourish “ – a reminder to all of us of the importance of education  in the mission of catholics in the mission of the church.

Rather than taking our schools for granted,  it would be lovely if on such a Sunday, the 100 pupils or so,  could be present with their families,  in school uniforms. Then we could have a real insight into what commitment we have. You can find out more about Education Sunday by visiting here.

The Season of Creation

Sustainability is a keyword appearing in the Media, in publications and in the build up to COP26. There is material about being Guardians of Creation here and news from The Environment Group in our Diocese here.

A joint message “FOR THE PROTECTION OF CREATION “ from Pope Francis, the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew and Justin Welby can be read in full here.

Is there a Parishioner who could advise on the decarbonisation of the church,  the hall, and priest’s house? There is a booklet on the subject prepared for Dioceses.

Have you filled up with E5 yet? Another step forward?O

Opposing the Assisted Dying Bill 2021

This Bill comes to the House of Lords in October,  we are asked to express our opposition to the Bill. To assist in understanding what is being advocated do read the letter of Bishop John Sherrington here.

Pope Francis’ Pastoral Visit

Pope Francis goes to Budapest this Sunday at the conclusion of a Eucharistic Congress – 1000 Children will be receiving Holy Communion at the Mass for the first time. You can watch on the Vatican website.

He then visits Slovakia for a number of days. Again you can follow him.

Mass Schedule

Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • Sunday Mass 10 am Int. For the People of the Parish
  • Tuesday. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Mass 10am Int Fr Mario Sanderson RIP
  • Wednesday. Our Lady of Sorrows. Mass 10am Int. The Holy Souls
  • (Friday Mass to mark the lifelong involvement of Bernadette Connor in Catholic Education ) Worth Abbey
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the people of the Parish.

Our Lady of Sorrows

The Stabat Mater has been set to music by many Composers and performed by various choirs – “ The sorrowful Mother was standing in tears by the Cross “.

The Exaltation of The Cross

The sign of the Cross is the sign of our Salvation. At the veneration on Good Friday we are reminded what was achieved.

Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim,

Till all the world adore his sacred Name.

Led on their way by this triumphant sign,

The hosts of God in conquering ranks combine