The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St Bernadette’s School

There will be a governors’ meeting on Monday. Some new Governors to be introduced

Thursday Assemblies for the beginning of the new school year , handing on the Mission Statement and a cross for each year.

Mass Count

There will be a Mass count over the next four Sundays.

Next Sunday

Next Sunday will be The Day of Migrants and Refugees

Mass Schedule

  • Wednesday St Matthew Mass 10am Int. The Collins Family
  • Friday Our Lady of Walsingham Mass 7.30pm Int For Ann Carroll (SVP INT)
  • SUNDAY 26TH IN ORDINARY TIME MASS 10AM  INT. For Migrants and Refugees

Flu Injection

Fr John Had his on 18th September 3.30pm

Our Lady of Walsingham, Norfolk

Called England’s Nazareth where since the Middle ages Mary has been venerated at home with the family. You can visit the Shrine on line  There is a statue associated with pilgrimage of Mary seated with Jesus at her side.

“Heavenly Father,

Who from the very birth of the Church in our land

Did make us the dowry of Mary

And loyal subjects of the prince of the Apostles :

Grant us your grace

To continue steadfast in the Catholic faith

Ever devoted to the Virgin Mary as our Mother

And ever faithful

In our allegiance to the See of Peter