3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday of The Word of God

Each Year the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time is set aside to focus on the place of the Word of God in our lives .It is an essential part of our Act of Worship in that we listen attentively as it is proclaimed and it inspires us to pray to God especially with the Psalms as a starting point. You may be aware that it is a key element in the Diocesan Plan. This Sunday the Readings at Mass remind us of the place of Scripture and of “the table of the Word “ – the Lectern or Ambo from which the Scriptures are read. Today Pope Francis will confer the Ministry of Reader on women and men to emphasise the importance of the role in “ lifting the word off the pages “ to minister it to the people gathered to hear it. Why not explore in our Useful Websites section -click CBCEW – further information about this topic?

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Week continues to Tuesday and Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham reminds us that enabling deeper bonds and understanding consists of fostering friendships, reflecting ,prating and witnessing together. He remarks that in the 50 years since the 2nd Vatican Council we have travelled a long way. “There is still a long way to travel together and the more we know about ourselves and one another, then the more open we are about some of the challenges we face”

The Synodal Journey

Pope Francis inaugurated the Synodal Journey with three phases, : diocesan, continental and universal.  As he puts it “ One listening to the others and all listening to the Holy Spirit “ On Wednesday Evening at 7.30 pm we will have the third meeting focussing on the theme of Mission and exploring the implications of synodality and participation. There is an opportunity for any one to submit their ideas via the Diocesan Website. Do sign up for the Bishop’s presentation.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am INT for the people of the Parish
  • Tuesday The Feast of the Conversion of St Paul & the conclusion of the Week of prayer for Christian Unity.Mass 10am
  • Friday St Thomas Aquinas Mass at 10am
  • 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sunday Mass 10am

Growing Up Catholic – Preparing for The Sacraments

  • Sunday 30th January  After Mass  Year 5s  Revise Sessions 1-4 ,Introduce Session 5
  • Sunday 6th February After Mass Years 3 & 4 Session 1 We gather as God’s Family

The Word of God Sunday

   Lord you give the great commission

   Heal the sick and preach the word

   Lest the Church neglects its mission

   And the gospel go unheard

   Help us witness to your purpose

   With renewed integrity

   With the Spirit’s gifts empower us

   For the work of ministry