4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The highlight of the week is Wednesday 2nd February when we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple by Mary and Joseph. They were fulfilling the requirement for first born males to be brought to the Temple. It is a meeting point of the Old and New Testament as Simeon calls Jesus “a Light to enlighten the gentiles“ It is this description which gives the day the name of Candlemas. The introduction to the celebration reminds us that it is “Forty days since we celebrated the Nativity of the Lord”. One of the Joyful Mysteries we reflect on when praying the Rosary.

Covid-19 Latest Advice

The notifications from the Bishops Conference and our Bishop are on the noticeboards and can be read at here and here. Face coverings – no longer a legal requirement but encouraged at choice. The Sign of Peace is now reintroduced. As always respect other people.

Growing Up Catholic

Next Sunday Children in Years 3 & 4 will meet with Parents following the 10am Mass to commence their preparation to become Communicating members of the Church. Please remember them in your prayers.

The Synod Journey

Communion, Participation , Mission. The local discussions are now complete and even if you were unable to attend the Wednesday Evening meetings you can still return your comments to the Diocese. Do book in for Bishop Richard’s presentation on Wednesday 9th March 7.30 -8.45pm. It is hoped that post that meeting we can have it played in our hall.

Mass Schedule

Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the People of the Parish

Wednesday 2nd February The Presentation of the Lord Candlemas Mass 10am

Friday 4th February Weekday Mass 10am

Sunday Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Mass 10am

Nunc Dimittis

The Canticle of Simeon. Prayed every Night Prayer / Compline

At last all powerful Master

You give leave to your servant to go in pea

According to your promise

For my eyes have seen your salvation

Which you have prepared for all nations

The Light to enlighten the Gentiles

And give  glory to Israel your people