5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes & World Day of The Sick

This feast takes place on this Friday, 11th February. We will have a parish Mass at 10am for this intention. It is also an important Day for St Bernadette’s School because of its original connection with the Sisters Of Nevers and having St Bernadette as its patron. The message of Pope Francis may be read here.

Mass Schedule

  • The Fifth Sunday Mass at 10am – Mrs Higgins’ intentions
  • Wednesday Mass 10am St. Josephine Bakhita int. Mary Hayhurst RIP & Deacon James McEwan RIP
  • Friday Mass 10am the feast of our lady of Lourdes and The World Day of the Sick.   Int. – for those who are unwell
  • Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 10am Racial Justice Sunday

Growing Up Catholic

Parents with children in Years 3 and 4 – meet after Mass this Sunday – Session 1 We gather as God’s family. We are united. We belong here. All are welcome.

Parents with children in Year 5 meet next Sunday (13th February)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation Session 5

  1. God chose me
  2. I grow close to Jesus
  3. I learn about rules of love
  4. I disobey the rules sometimes
  5. Being sorry: Asking for forgiveness
  6. Reconciliation: Let’s celebrate

The Word of Life Leaflet

To assist in your prayer and reflection on “Anyone who come to me I will never drive away

Ave Maria

O Mary, Our Mother,
We come to this place,
Where you who are sinless,
Appeared full of grace

As Bernadette waited,
There came to her sight
A radiant lady
Surrounded in light

She gave her a message,
Let penance be done
And pray that all sinners
May turn to Her Son
Ave, ave, ave, Maria!