Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

After the storm…

After the storm comes the calm. I hope all is well with no damage to your homes and you have been able to have a relaxing half term. Before long the Season of Lent will commence and an opportunity to emerge from any “spiritual hibernation“ as we journey to Easter. A reminder about last year’s Palms. Do bring them along next Sunday so that they can be burned to provide for Ash Wednesday March 2nd.

For a Synodal Church -Communion , Participation and Mission.

 There will be an Evening Webinar with Bishop Richard on Wednesday 9th March See details please click here. We are currently exploring ways in which more people can join this webinar. Further details to follow.

Mass Schedule

  • Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. For the People of the Parish
  • Wednesday Mass 10am St Polycarp. Int. Michael Curley RIP
  • Friday Weekday Mass 10am Int.The Holy Souls (Wall box )
  • Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Sunday Mass 10am

Growing Up Catholic

Year 5 Group Next Sunday following Mass

Years 3 & 4 Group -6th March 

The Bartimaeus Project

A new project encouraging Catholic faith!

See the poster in the hall or visit WWW.BARTIMAEUS-PROJECT.ORG

The Adult Formation which came up in our Synod Discussions – just what is wanted!

Maintenance Issues

We have lost 2 Fence Panels – one in the Driveway ,the other in the Presbytery garden.

Repair work has been arranged for the flat Roof leaks. – by Our Lady’s Statue and in the Hall.

Hall Chairs. The number of these is decreasing due either to adults seating on stacked chairs or even standing on them.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion for those who are unwell or incapacitated at home during this week. Please notify Fr John if you know of anyone wishing to Receive Sacramental Holy Communion. It is now easier to visit Care Homes etc. after LFTs.

Last Year’s Self denial Project 2020

The sum of £40.20 was given in the wall box for the Migrant Fund. Thank you.    

Let there be loved shared among us

Let there be love shared among us,

Let there be love in our eyes,

May now your love sweep this nation;

Cause us O Lord to arise.

Give us a fresh understanding,

Brotherly love that is real,

Let there be love shared among us,

Let there be love