Eighth Sunday In Ordinary Time

 The invasion of the Ukraine has been to the forefront of minds this week. This has been reflected in our Masses in time of war and conflict and the media reporting the events. There have been the calls for prayer from the Pope , the Cardinal, the Bishop and too the Eastern Rite Ukrainian Eparch. Please click here for further details. We  hold in our prayers our Brothers and Sisters in that troubled region.

The Season of Lent

This season which prepares us for the Passion ,Death and Resurrection of Our Lord over 6 weeks .These days are called from history as the Forty Days. They give us the opportunity to arm ourselves with spiritual “ weapons “ – self control , self denial , good consciences and a lively faith.

They begin on Wednesday -Ash Wednesday -when as a sign of beginning to follow Jesus closely and to seek forgiveness of our sinfulness and lack of honesty we have the Ashes marked on our forehead. This is done at the Masses – 10am and 7:30pm

It is also one of the 2 Days of Fasting in the year, Pope Francis has invited us to observe our Fasting for Peace – more information here and here.

In St Bernadette’s there will be a Liturgy with the Ashes at 2pm

Growing Up Catholic

This Sunday Year 5 on the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Next Sunday 6th March Years 3 & 4 Reviewing Session 2 and commencing Session 3. We offer ourselves and all that we have.

For Information

Synod Webinar with Bishop Richard as he reflects on the consultations from around the Diocese – next Wednesday Evening. If you might have difficulty accessing this webinar please let Father John know.

The Bartimaeus Project Tuesday 1st March “speak Lord your servant is listening “ -God’s Revelation join via zoom. For details see website  www.bartimaeus-project.org. Look at the Poster in the Entrance.

Mass Schedule

  • 8TH Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Sunday Mass 10am Int. for the people of the Parish and Peace
  • Tuesday 1st March St David , Patron of Wales
  • Mass 10am Shrove Tuesday
  • 10AM AND 7.30PM
  • Friday after Ash Wednesday
  • Mass 10am

The Ministry of Reader

The Rota is now on the Noticeboard. Thank you to those undertaking this Ministry.

If you are willing to undertake this Ministry and would like an audition please speak to Fr John.

Oh the word of my Lord

Deep within my being!

Oh the word of my Lord

You have filled my mind!