25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

To assist in our prayer at this time there is a leaflet for everyone with prayers including Psalm 121 and the Nunc Dimittis.It has been noticeable how many people have made a sign of the Cross at the Lying in State.   During the hours of coverage it does help to have moments of reflection along with memories. Remember to observe the one minutes of silence on Sunday at 8pm and on Monday the two minutes of silence at the end of the Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey at 11:55 am.

Eternal rest grant unto her and let perpetual light shine on her. May she rest in peace.

Messages of Condolence. Please kindly add your own. There are plenty of pages.

What is Evangelli Gaudium Sunday?

Formerly known as Home Mission Sunday it takes its title now from the words of Pope Francis when he wrote about the Joy of the Gospel and how we share it with others. Some of the names of the way we do it such as evangelisation and catechesis describe our mission in our parishes and also in the Synod Process. You may find viewing a video will help you understand this better (click here). To help in the work there is the opportunity for a second Collection

Visit of the Relics of St Bernadette to the Diocese

To register a visit at Arundel Cathedral or Worth Abbey please click here.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 18th September Mass 10am
  • Wednesday 21st September Mass 9.30am St Matthew , Apostle & Evangelist
  • Friday 23rd September Mass 9.30am Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Sunday 25th September (26th in Ordinary Time) Mass 10am

Mass Intentions

 When you wish to have a Mass offered for your intentions, for family members, those who are unwell, deceased members or nay other needs, there are some envelopes in the Entrance for the details.

Our Lady of Walsingham

This feast will be celebrated will be celebrated on Friday. This is an ancient devotion to Mary associated with the House at Nazareth where Jesus grew up in the family. The location is in north Norfolk .You can visit the website of the National Catholic Shrine by clicking here.

The seed is Christ, the harvest his

May we be stored within God’s barn

The sea is Christ’s, the fish are his

May we be caught within God’s net

From birth to age, from age to death

Enfold us Christ within your arms

Until the end, the great rebirth

Christ be our joy in paradise