26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday is the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. It is nothing new in that it has been observed each year since 1914 .Nothing changes. In fact as we hear on BBC South East almost daily the number of people landing on the Kent Coast as for example on Thursday 21 boats crossed the Channel with nearly a thousand seeking asylum in the UK.We will pray for those displaced.

Pope Francis has sent a message to accompany the day.

King Charles III has sent a message to the Catholic Community expressing his gratitude for the Prayers and Condolences on the death of the late Queen Elizabeth and also for the members of the Royal Family over the past weeks

Forthcoming events

  • Marriage Anniversaries Mass,
  • Blessing of Animals
  • Visit of Relic of St Bernadette – Arundel & Worth Abbey. Detailed Program on Notice board
  • Clergy Conference and Meet Up this week

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am – 26th Sunday
  • Tuesday Mass 9.30am. St Vincent de Paul -Deceased members of the Martin Family
  • Friday Mass 9.30am- St Jerome – Giorgina Bertocini
  • Saturday HMP Lewes
  • Sunday Mass 10am

The National Anthem verse 2

Thy choicest gifts in store

On him be pleased to share

Long may he reign

May he defend our laws

And ever gives us cause

To sing with heart and voice

God save the King