The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The image of Moses having his arms supported in order to keep him praying is a vivid description of how we may feel with our own prayer life. We know it is necessary to keep our faith and friendship with God alive. There are ways of being able to pray well which are readily available for us and refreshing our methods can make all the difference. The Monthly Word of Life leaflet (free) is a way of praying and exploring a verse from Scripture. There is another method of praying with the words of Scripture called “Lectio Divina” which is a way of reflecting on how the words nourish our relationship. Before the month of October ends remember a few tips for praying with the Rosary – do not feel obliged to rattle through 5 decades in one go – choose one of the events in the life of Jesus and take time to reflect on it in company of Mary.

Remember to include prayer in your Examination of Conscience.

Relic of St Bernadette

Saturday to Monday next weekend, will either be in Arundel Cathedral or Worth Abbey. Do read the Programme on the Board or click here. Discover the person blessed with visions of Mary and the message which is conveyed by Bernadette.

Sign Up For The Sacraments

For year 3s and upwards, Holy Communion and for year 9s and upwards, Confirmation. The introductory Meeting for parents of Year 3 will be on Monday 7th November at 7.30pm in our hall.

Mission Sunday

Next Sunday us observed throughout the Church as a day to identify with worldwide Mission of the Church and the donate towards its continuing development.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the people of the Parish,
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am St Philip Howard, Patron of the Diocese. Intention For our Bishop, the Clergy and Christ’s Faithful
  • Friday Mass 9.30am Weekday Mass Int.May Rovery RIP foundation Mass
  • Saturday 8.30am Mass HMP Lewes
  • Mission Sunday Mass 10am

Sunday Mass 10am Intention for the people of the Parish,

Annual Mass Count 2022

AdultsChildren (0-16)
September 18396
September 25497
October 24010
October 9394

The Mysteries of Light or The Luminous Mysteries

In 2002 Pope St John Paul II added these to the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

  • The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
  • The wedding feast at Cana
  • The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
  • The Transfiguration
  • The institution of the Eucharist

St Philip Howard

The more we suffer for Christ in this world the greater will be the glory in the next

St Philip Howard. Earl of Arundel (Etched above his fireplace in the Tower of London)