Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

As October comes to an end and the clocks go back we renew our devotion to Mary, the model for our discipleship, by our praying with the Rosary, remembering with Saint Bernadette her shrine in Lourdes , St Philip Howard with the Rosary in his hand and the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation at West Grinstead. Now November approaches our thoughts turn to those who “have gone before us”, our loved ones, our colleagues and the Faithful Departed, praying for their peace and that “they may rise in glory”

Preparing for the sacraments

Application Forms are available in the Entrance. If you know of any families with children or young people

Due to be prepared please kindly alert them. Introductory meeting for Holy Communion Parents Monday 7.30pm

The Word who is life

Bishop Richard has published the Pastoral Plan – A look to the future in a Post-Pandemic Setting 2022.You may read it here

After Mass on Sunday 20th November we will have a look at its contents. At a future date the Bishop will be meeting with people from the Parishes of the Deanery. This may take some time as he has 12 Deaneries to visit.

Youth Club

For those in Year 7 and up meeting fortnightly in St Mary’s Hall on a Wednesday evening.

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time 10am
  • Tuesday November 1st All Saints’ Day a holy day which Catholics observe by participating at Mass – Mass at 9:30am and 7:30pm
  • Wednesday November 2nd All Souls’ Day Mass 9:30am
  • Friday November 4th St Charles Borromeo Mass 9:30am
  • Sunday 6th November (32nd in Ordinary Time) Mass 10am
  • Sunday 6th November – Blessing of graves 3pm
Zacchaeus was a very little man

And a vary little man was he

He climbed up into a sycamore tree

For the Saviour he wanted to see

And when the Saviour passed that way

He looked into the tree and said

Now Zacchaeus, you come down

For I’m coming to your house for tea.

Hymn 857