Easter Sunday 2022

The Easter Proclamation spreads around the world – Christ is risen! A time of joy for believers and new hope. We have experienced the season of Lent of reflecting & examining that we be prepared for the momentous events as Jesus fulfils His destiny. As the concluding moments of his ministry have been relived in Holy Week, the significance of his sacrifice and gifts for us has been revealed . With the joy of Easter with us, now is the time to realise how we are called to live out our being baptised.
May the Risen Lord fill you with joy and hope. Alleluia!

The Mass Schedule

  • Easter Sunday Mass 10am int. For the people of the parish
  • Easter Monday Mass 10am int. For Fr Anthony Hale CP & Fr Jude McHugo CJ RIP
  • Easter Tuesday Mass 10am
  • Easter Wednesday Mass 10am
  • Easter Thursday requiem Mass for Nazareno Amicucci RIP 12.30pm
  • Easter Friday Memorial Mass for Mary Berry RIP 11.30am
  • Second Sunday of Easter Mass 10am int. For the people of the parish


The next part of the diocesan mission. Please read here for more details.

Bishop Richard’s Triduum Podcasts

The podcasts can all be found below

Growing Up Catholic

The Year 5 group meet next Sunday (24th April)